What's your 2014 Chinese Astrological Forecast?

Happy New Year!!!

Now that we're officially in the Year of the Yang Horse, this is a great time to revisit our astrological signs and take a peek at what the year has in store for us. The information here is only based on the astrological animal of the year that you were born, so this will be a very general forecast. A proper Chinese astrological reading also takes into consideration the animal signs of the month and hour that you were born and is therefore more precise.

Nevertheless, this article should offer some valuable insights for the year, so let's get started!


If you've been following Flying Star Feng Shui, the prosperous #8 falls in the South which is the palace of the horse which is a great indicator that 2014 will be a strong and successful year. However, astrologically, the Grand Duke element means there's a chance of minor glitches in your plans this year. But fear not, the General Star in your chart will see you out of any sticky situations. The Golden Lock Star's appearance usually means great financial opportunities, so keep your eyes open!


There is the Sun Star popping up in your chart and if you think about the sun, it chases the rain away and it makes things bright and cheerful again. With these great opportunities, most of the time they're financially related. The Sky Emptiness Star, however may have you feeling a little isolated from those around you. Still, it's very likely it's just your mind and that you're not really that disconnected.


I hope you like to travel because with the Sky Horse star in your chart, there is great potential for travelling this year, and very likely to be work related! Just like the Sheep you may feel isolated and lonely especially if you're travelling. So remember, if you’re starting to feel lonely, just reach out (email, phone, video chat,..)!


There's a great outlook for relationships this year, specifically the romantic kind, due to the Red Matchmaker Star. If you're a single rooster there's high potential you will meet someone. If you’re in a committed relationship this is a good year to take that extra commitment plunge. If you’re married this is a good year to rekindle passions you may have lost along the way. Your wealth is also very strong, so network - offline and online - to boost your career opportunities.


This could be a strong year if you play your cards right. The Three Stages star in your chart means you'll receive recognition for all your hard work. If you're currently in business it's a great year to think about diversifying. If you're not currently in business, and especially if your personal chart shows Indirect Wealth, research potential ways of increasing your income through a side business. Perhaps even think about taking that business full time down the road.


Your social life will see a huge boost. I also suggest you network professionally. Just be mindful of what's called the Consumer Star which means a lot of money being spent. If you have a budget this is the year to stick to it. If you don't have a budget this is the year to start one. The presence of the Robbery Sha Star means there will be those around you who don't necessarily have your best interests at heart. So be mindful of who these people might be, distance yourself from them and situations that could put you in a position where your reputation could be tarnished.


You're likely to have huge plans going into 2014. However there is the potential of biting off more than you can chew and in the end feeling a little dejected. Because you also have what's called the Sky Cry star, there's also potential for you to be more sensitive than usual. If you don't normally reach out to your friends and family for emotional support, this is definitely a good year to do so.


You're in for a strong year! I see the Dragon Virtue Star which usually means a long-standing situation you've been trying to deal with will finally see resolution. You also have the Emperor Star which means if you find yourself in situations where you're in a bind, you're going to get that help from others, even people you don't know. There is potential to fall victim to gossiping and backstabbing and think carefully on any major financial investments because there’s also potential for you to lose some money this year.


Your main strategy this year should be to tighten up your plans. The better your preparation the more you will achieve. Be realistic in terms of what you can handle, then take it from there. There will be petty people around you so be mindful of that. It's not a huge affliction but at the same time it is a pain. Better for you to distance yourself from these situations.


You are blessed with Sky Happiness this year and that usually means happy events (i.e. marriage, graduation or birth of a baby). If you're a student this is a great academic year. If you're working it bodes well in terms of career progression. The only warning I have is for married Rabbits, as the Salty Pool usually means potential to stray from your wedding vows. If temptations arise, you may need a stronger resolve to stay on the straight and narrow and not get pulled away.


2014 will throw challenges your way but not anything you can't handle due to the Sky Relief Star assisting you. This is a great career year so definitely watch out for opportunities. There will be periods of loneliness, perhaps even relationship challenges with prominent females in your life. It could be your sister, your aunt, your mother, even a grandmother. So be mindful of this, and if such issues do come up, definitely deal with them as opposed to burying your feelings.


This is a great year to be a student. If you're working right now, you could take a course to sharpen your skills, making you more marketable. You will find periods where you feel you're not being supported by your bosses or even your colleagues, and you will face a heavy workload this year. Stay focused and you'll pull through. There is a high chance of communication breakdown. Be aware there will be instances where people misinterpret your good intentions.  

So there you have it, a bird’s eye view of the energies each astrological animal can look forward to in 2014. Keep in mind that in order to boost your chances of success even further, it’s important to make sure your feng shui at home / office / business also supports you in your goals. Here’s wishing you much love, laughter, health and prosperity in the Year of the Wood Horse!

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Comment by Safrina Kadri on February 5, 2014 at 6:07am

Yikes. I think I just mass emailed everyone on the Time Sensitive Group. I didn't see the "add discussion" button at the bottom of the page.... :( sorry!

Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 5, 2014 at 6:07am

Safrina, oh no, no penalties... many thanks, just post as an article as you see others posted there, and the publishers can consider it for the magazine/website.

Comment by Safrina Kadri on February 5, 2014 at 6:01am

Hi Trevor! Oh! My bad. Sorry, first time posting. :) Thanks for the tip! I'll post it there ( no penalty for double posting I hope? ) :)

Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 5, 2014 at 5:58am

Hi Safrina - as the Chinese New Year Festivities go on to 15th feb, you may wish to post this article in the Time Sensitive Group (Link : http://community.omtimes.com/group/time-sensitive-material ) so that the publishers may consider it for the magazine website

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