The death experience, feared and ignored by the world, is a central natural part of our living rhythms and overall health. Absent a physical body the mechanics of a continuing existence is essentially the same as now upon transitioning from a seemingly solid “world” to a more fluidic environment, retaining developed qualities and powers of retention that will serve us in an eternal continuing existence.

The Death Experience

There is no more important question to answer than what happens at physical death. The inner spirit world is not recognized by Science, and Western Christianity gives only lip-service, fearful of communicating with “the dead”.  But the biblical Jesus identifies “the dead” as those living in this world in darkness. “The living” are those cognizant of and obedient to the greater mind, “God”.

What we can expect at physical death is related to our effort in this life to look for answers from higher sources and make personal effort to better ourselves. When we shed our bodies we will be freed from the collective physical world imprisonment that confined us to a fixed identity, our new experience fluidic as our mind outwardly projects our very own thoughts in a rapid fashion.

Those who have worked to tame or otherwise develop and train their minds through ancient and current religious and metaphysical practices will have a degree of control over their new surrounding. They intuitively will know how to control and manipulate the curious new reality facing them by more carefully exercising the mental thought process and controlling new raw emotional impulses they are experiencing.

The average man who made no such effort may encounter distress and confusion over the constantly changing dreamlike images and sexual and erotic energies confronting him and be drawn back into the physical world, incarnating immediately as a baby, born into the first human body that can be located.

The Incarnational Cycle

Physical death is not the death we imagine where we are no longer cognizant; we merely exit one room for another, such as when entering a dream. Our actual experiencing of death will be delayed, happening as we reenter the world as a newborn baby, whereupon previous life memories are replaced with new memories useful and necessary to the new emerging life as a person. Loss of memory of the former life amounts to death of the personality, yet the returning awareness will be cognizant but unaware of what is happening in front of him.

Most people will land somewhere between the extremes, entering the spirit world cognizant to bring stability of mind to what is happening, and will function and communicate. Resident spirits in this reality new to former earthlings will reach out and attempt to aid the disoriented new residents in the stabilizing process. New entrants will find they have choices. They can rest, living in an environment of their choosing, and be brought to classrooms, virtual classrooms that look as real as our physical classrooms, but the reality will be more like a dream, objects not so solid as we find them here. If the new student puts his fist on a desk it will stop with a thump similarly as here. But if he’s not fully focused his fist will go right through the table as though it’s not there at all, for his degree of focus and cognizance determines the quality of the virtual visual presentation.

Commonly such a person will come to see that he wasted a precious life on petty things, missing the big picture of what really matters. Death awaits us always while in the physical world; ignoring it is folly. Yet it is of equal folly to dwell on the past blindness.  Missing the target on the life just lived does not mean we cannot progress just after death in a less than physical spirit body. Focus and effort can bring same result. In such case, a new heavenly resident  may find joy in being helpful to confused spirits populating his new inner world, and he’ll have opportunity to plan and make choices for a more productive new incarnation.

Building Our Paradise

Our physical world is solid and hard, or seems so, for no other reason than the way we exercise our focus and cognizance. If we are wise and seek out the ancient wisdom-knowledge we will come to see the world as just belief, there really being no solid objects — they are illusion created by mind. The world and everything that is a part of it builds from imagination. All created things are temporal, no belief a true belief. So, what to believe? We must come to see and understand the power and usefulness of beliefs, even while knowing that no belief is true.

Mind creates thoughts, and thoughts build into beliefs, and beliefs are a vehicle toward coming to understand our true natures. The world being belief, we must visualize it as language, a way of joining a dance of the cosmos, building symbols (forms and words) for communication within our grand sphere of mind.

On earth and in heaven we will build a paradise utilizing the forms and sensations created and experienced within our many past incarnations as memory of these past lives resurface — for nothing is ever actually lost. The endless cycles of reincarnation will have ended as we come to see the rock solid and fluidic natures of our surrounding abode and learn to move about within the different planes (physical and astral world, mental planes, etc). Our goal and purpose is twofold: Learn and help others along. Our progress will be fast and our reward great.

About the Author

Arthur Telling has written and published numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is author of nine books, including his newest novel titled “THE INCARNATION: Cleopatra’s Story of Jesus”, a revelation of truth and myth and who wrote the New Testament Bible derived from inner sources. His website:  www.arthurtelling.com and Facebook page “Philosophy for a Modern Era: www.facebook.com/philo30

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