We all go through periods where our intuition isn’t the best. Wires get crossed and we get the wrong message, we have difficulty tapping into our intuition, or we get an overload of messages that we don’t know how to sift through. Astrologically, you can see when those periods may occur and get an idea of how to handle them.

The planet ruling intuition is Neptune, so the first place to look at is your natal Neptune. You’ll want to track hard aspects made to your Neptune (aspects are when two points are at certain distances away from each other) by the transit (moving) planets. The hard aspects are the square (3 signs away), opposition (6 signs away, or in the exact opposite position), and the conjunction (in the same exact spot).

Aspects by transit Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will be short-lived since they move quickly, and you only have to worry about them impacting your intuition for a few days. All you need with them is a little patience. The Moon moves even faster, touring all twelve zodiac signs in less than one month, so transit Moon aspects only last for a few hours. But the transit Moon will make hard aspects to your natal Neptune several times every month, which the other planets won’t do, and the few hours those aspects are in effect can be very difficult intuitively. It can even be uncomfortable to tap into your intuitive side. If the aspects occur in the middle of the night, you can have stronger dreams, insomnia, or nightmares.

The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) move slower, so their impact can be much greater. Hard transit Jupiter aspects to your natal Neptune can make you lazier with your intuition, and you purposefully avoid listening to your intuition, so you have to resist that urge. You can also experience a flooding of intuitive messages with Jupiter, and this requires you to sift through them. Zone in on the message that’s strongest and ditch the rest to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Hard transit Saturn aspects to your natal Neptune can zap your intuition. Saturn is restricting, limiting, so it can feel like your intuition is gone, and no matter how much you try to tap into it, you find nothing. Saturn wants you to be more practical, so try to focus on the mundane and the details. You can get flashes of intuitive insight when you do that.

Hard aspects by transit Uranus can make intuitive messages come in spurts. You can get a flurry of them all of a sudden when you least expect it, and then have nothing when you’re trying hard to get a message. With Uranus, you need to be flexible, and take it as it comes to you. Go with the flow, and open yourself up fully.

Transit Neptune making a hard aspect to your natal Neptune can ramp up your intuition in a big way, but you can get lost in a cloud of mysterious messages. You have difficulty focusing on exactly what you need to be focused on intuitively. You can also be prone to focusing on what you want to hear, rather than what you’re actually hearing. With Neptune, you need to work on having better focus and not getting stuck in that cloudiness, and not letting your own wishes make you ignore what’s right in front of you.

When transit Pluto makes a hard aspect to your natal Neptune, you can be powerfully connected to your intuition, and use it as a way to get more control over yourself and life, but it can be a struggle. You might be inclined to fight with your intuitive side, resist it even. With Pluto, you need to transform your connection to your intuitive side, and transform the way you access you intuition to make it stronger.

You can also track hard aspects by transit Neptune to your natal planets to find more times when intuition may be difficult to deal with. To natal Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the impact will be similar to above, but the effect will likely be stronger when impacting your natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. You can lack confidence in trusting your gut (Sun), can confuse emotions with intuition (Moon), let logic cloud your intuitive judgment (Mercury), get caught up in dreaminess (Venus), or have too much intuitive energy (Mars). Work on having more confidence with the Sun, settling your emotions with the Moon, separating reason from spirit with Mercury, being more practical with Venus, or controlling your energy with Mars.

Difficult times happen, including difficult times to access your intuition, but they don’t have to ruin your intuition completely. Pay attention to Neptune, and you can get through.

About the Author:
Nic Gaudette, an astrologer of over 10 years, founded The Dark Pixie Astrology and The Dark Pixie Numerology, websites geared toward beginners to help them learn. She's written articles and horoscopes for websites, apps, and books, and regularly contributes to the website, Astrology Weekly.


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