When My Soul Awakened: My Quest for the Metaphysical Truth of Remote Viewing

Hello, welcome, and thank you for taking time to read my first post! I know deep down that this blog
will change your life for the better, even if you don't believe or understand it now; eventually you will.

In the early 1990's, I had been watching the development of Remote Viewing ever since I stumbled upon a
web site that claimed to teach that the future could be seen and viewed with a certain degree of probability.
Although I was skeptical, there was something about the Remote Viewing phenomenon that resonated with
me because of two earlier life-experiences. Thus, I continued to just watch the website and see if what was
being said and claimed would actually happen. After all, anyone who claims to be able to see the future and
gives specifics, will eventually be proven to be telling the truth or not.

Somewhere between 1989 and 1990, I went to the local library, which was unusual of me to do so back
then. I don't recall looking for any particular book, just something interesting to keep me busy while I
worked alone as a midnight security guard for a Jewish casket making mill. As I was walking down an aisle in
the library, I looked up and saw a small raggedy paper-back book that seemed to be shimmering or glowing
faintly. It certainly caught my attention. The book was a beat-up version of Robert A. Monroe's first book,
"Journeys Out Of The Body."

I began reading it as soon as I got home that same afternoon. The experiences this man had were
absolutely astonishing and captivating. I didn't stop reading until I reached the final page. As I looked up,
the first rays of sunlight were just creeping over the edge of the window sill, ushering in a new day and for my
spirit and soul, a new way. I was still wide awake and full of energy! It was much more than just a new day.
Robert Monroe's book energized and resonated with every fiber of my being. All of the ideas and thoughts
that had been swimming around in my mind for years suddenly had a companion. Even more so, many
companions, I wasn't alone in the way I perceived life and spirituality; there were other souls out there who
felt and knew deep down what I did. All of those unanswered questions were coagulating to take on form and
shape. Needless to say, I was extremely excited and could hardly wait to tell my new wife, my mom and
sister and everyone else I knew! Unfortunately, I soon found that my excitement and understanding was not
so easily shared with others.

Prior to this day, as a child growing up in moderate middle-class America, I had been raised as a Lutheran
Christian for thirteen years. Just as I began going through puberty, my parents had been persuaded by a
friendly, yet zealous neighbor, to convert to “Born-Again” Christianity. The next several years were replete
with the teachings of the rapture, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon. The simple and festive religion I knew on
Easter and Christmas was now gone. In its place, a daily battle with the devil himself and legions of demons,
hell-bent on destroying mankind to spite God, became a matter of daily and even casual conversation. That
is, as long as you were born-again, and thus “saved.”

The next several years were coupled with an inward personal spiritual battle, while struggling to define an
outward identity as a teenager growing into manhood. The path was dark, bumpy and filled with endless
dead-ends. I would rebel against my parents and “their” religion as I went off to party with new found
friends; only to then find myself discussing religion while we were drinking, toking, tripping and listening to
Black Sabbath. Twenty plus years later, with hindsight being 20/20 of course, I could now see the duality of
those struggles continuously swaying back and forth. In a sense, I felt that my teenage years were robbed of
something extremely precious and irreplaceable. I was lost. My friends were lost. We were all lost in this
tug-of-war struggle for our spirits and souls. We were all blinded by the dichotomy that relentlessly pushed
and pulled at us all. Before we knew it, we were young adults with no clear focus and no light outside of the
dogma of Christian fanaticism. As time passed, most of my friends held firm to that promise of salvation,
waiting and waiting for the rapture, the tribulation, the second coming, and the End of Days, Armageddon.

I too held fast for a time. Meanwhile, I began to actually read and study the bible for myself. I began to
compare the original Greek and Hebrew translations. I questioned why Christians had so many
denominations; after all, were we not reading the same bible? No, we weren’t I soon discovered. There are
over a dozen different versions of the bible with about a half dozen widely being used and accepted as "The
Word of God."

When I was 19 years old in 1985, I decided to start in the beginning with the first book of the bible,
Genesis. To my utter amazement and dismay, I found contradictions and verses that referred to God in the
plural more than once. I asked my pastor, my elders, and my friends. No one had any clear answers. Gold
and precious stones were mentioned before Adam and Eve even knew what to do with such things. Adam was
referred to in the singular and the plural. The contradictions and mistranslations were so numerous; it took
me a year to move past the first six chapters of Genesis. Afterward, I took a break and focused on my work,
my future wife, and physical life in general. Mentally and physically I was happy, healthy and always on the
go. It was easy to push aside the emptiness I felt spiritually.

I was a young man now, newly married, and in college. I used the knowledge of the sciences, humanities,
history, mythology, and mathematics to further my studies and research to somehow, someway understand
and wrap my mind and spirit around these seemingly insurmountable, unanswerable questions. This forced
me to expand my knowledge further. I began studying world religions, the apocrypha, and the lost books of
the bible. I read The Book of Enoch and the Gnostic books that were banned from consideration to be
canonized into what modern day Christians refer to as their holy bible. In doing so, I found that the majority
of Christians have no idea how, when and why the modern bible came into existence. Forward I went,
continuing my studies, both for my college degree, and for my personal spiritual quest for truth.

The day after I went to the library and found Robert Monroe’s book, my soul was finally wakened. My
spirit “knew” the truths of those words. Jesus taught the very same things; unfortunately, the churches did
not. Some churches were simply ignorant, others made a choice. Various churches have purposely
propagated the the devil and instilled fear in their congregational flock. The shepherd needs sheep just as
much as the sheep would always need a shepherd. The Roman Catholic church has been doing the same
thing for 1500 years; so why stop using a system of controlling the masses (no pun intended) that has proven
itself to work just fine? Thus, generation after generation fell into the same trap of that dichotomous
tug-of-war. Fortunately, there are the few who never rested or settled for unanswered contradictions. They
were the few that questioned, they wanted answers and information. Albeit, many suffered torture and death
for doing so, there are always the few who will not fear the face of death when they "know" truth is within.

By the time I read “Journeys Out Of The Body,” Intel had already developed the i486 microprocessor chip;
and the first multimedia computers were being developed and deployed by 1989. That same year, the
Internet officially came online to the general public and the World Wide Web was soon to follow in 1991.
Intel, IBM and AMD were fighting to produce faster CPU’s. The Information Age was upon us. While all of this
technology was amazing people and changing the landscape of living rooms across America and modern
business practices across the globe, another amazing phenomenon was being developed. The major
governments of the world were covertly working on top secret projects that had capabilities so far reaching,
that they make the modern Internet of the 21 century look like child’s toy.

Although the covert U.S. projects wouldn’t be known to the general public until 1995, their beginning dates
back to Nazi Germany during World War II. Adolph Hitler began relentless research into metaphysical
phenomenon. After Germany fell, the Russians managed to capture much of that research, from Hitler's "Nazi
Occult Bureau.” Over the years, some of these documents and information eventually made their way into
allied hands. By this time, the United States learned that its enemies and allies alike, were delving into what
could loosely be called “paranormal research and reconnaissance,” and found that they were completely
ignorant and in the dark. Obviously not wanting to fall behind any aspect of intelligence and knowledge, the
CIA launched their own projects to collect and gather as much intelligence on such activities as possible.
Simply put, the United States was blind and it was decided that this was unacceptable.

Therefore, in 1972, a CIA scientist by the name of Sidney Gottlieb managed to secure a huge monetary
federal grant to initiate and begin a research and development project dealing with the unknown
metaphysical intelligence our friends and enemies were working on. The one project that eventually became
of primary interest, is now known as “Remote Viewing.” The CIA does not like to take the blame for any
failure whatsoever. Therefore, they used a middle-man to cushion and protect themselves, legally and
otherwise. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was placed in direct charge of the remote viewing project,
using the code name “Grill Flame.”

The original definition, according to the Department of Defense for Remote Viewing, is as follows: “The
learned ability to transcend space and time, to view persons, places, or things that are remote in the
space-time continuum; to then gather and report information on the same.”

Project "Grill Flame," via military and political decisions was restructured and renamed several times
before it became public in 1995. Because the political history is somewhat long and politically complex
here, I will keep the transformations succinct. The CIA began losing political backing while running the
project through the DIA for various reasons. In 1983, General Stubblebine then ordered the Remote
Viewing project to be renamed "Center Lane" and came under control of INSCOM, the U.S. Army
Intelligence and Security Command. A new unit was then created to teach five people from the
military and Department Of Defense. This unit's control was transferred back to the the DIA's Science and
Technology Department in 1986, and code-named "Project Sun Streak." After the program was exposed, the government had no choice but to "declassified" the project in 1995. However, prior to declassification, the name was changed for the last time publicaly to "Project Star gate."

Quite literally, theses various covert projects developed protocols to teach people how to travel through
space and time using their minds. The past, present and future are all available to explore. As far-fetched as
this may sound, the protocols are already developed and refined so they can easily be taught and learned.
The entire universe, other universes and dimensions are within mankind’s power to go to, explore and
interact with. This ability is universally available to anyone who wishes to put the time and effort into
learning it, with one small exception. One must believe that he or she is more than just a physical entity. In
other words, atheists need not apply. On the other hand, an individuals personal religious and/or spiritual
beliefs are inconsequential. It simply does not matter what you believe; it just matters that you believe that
you are more than a physical entity.

David Morehouse was a highly decorated U.S. Army officer who wound up working covertly in Army
Intelligence. He was a military remote viewer operative in the Sun Streak Program for 19 years. After
making a decision to write a book to expose the covert Remote Viewing project, and make that information
publicaly available, the CIA inundated the Internet and other media with huge misinformation campaigns in
order to discredit and slander Mr. Morehouse. Coupled with that, the U.S. Army just happened to charge him
with all kinds of various charges simultaneously. Despite numerous attempts to stop him, including attempts
on his life and his family, David Morehouse prevailed.

Fortunately, the U.S. government spent tens of millions of dollars to research, study, learn and refine the
protocols to teach and learn Remote Viewing. These same protocols are now available to the public via
David Morehouse's book, “Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual For Coordinate Remote Viewing.”
There are other operatives who have since come forward and released their own books, several of them are
friends and former colleagues with David, and just as capable and formally trained.

This is just a fraction of the information available, especially in regards to the history of the U.S. projects
and the history of our ancient ancestors. All have oral and written records, stories, and what most
would consider mythology. Mankind has always looked toward the heavens and the gods with wonder and
awe. Some found ways to transcend their physical limitations one way or another, and in many different
ways since the beginning of the human race. Mankind is now at a precipice in knowledge and ability. That
ability is now readily available. Remote Viewing is so well structured and studied, one only has to learn
the protocols. It has taken mankind all this time and a world war to finally bring it to the eyes and ears of
anyone who has an ear to listen. (Sound Familiar?)

In closing, I am going to share a fundamental truth that is very difficult to accept, but it is just as true for
you as it is for me. But first, a word of warning. There are people out there who claim to know how to Remote
View and more importantly, claim to be able to teach you. If your spirit and soul are roused, then by all
means go for it and learn. It took me well over a decade to figure out and discern who I believe and who I
don't. To help you out, I will list a few more names and resources at the end of this blog for you to begin your
own personal research. I live by a few simple rules that I consider consider fundamental truths. One of
which is the following: "To Know something requires direct personal experience; as opposed to having faith
or believing in something, which requires trusting the experience of another." Please do not believe me. Go
out and do the work and research it requires for you to "Know" that what I am sharing is true. In fact, this is
going to be a common rule you will have to know in order to understand the dynamics of Remote Viewing.

There is so much controversy surrounding this subject, the people and agencies involved, I wouldn't take
anyone's word for ultimate truth until I did my own research.

Finally, the CIA has said that the Remote Viewing projects are now dismantled. So ask yourself a question,
"Would our government stop working on a project that works so well?" You can only believe they are, or
they aren't; at least until you have a direct experience that proves it one way or another to you personally.
In fact, there is information out now that is discussing the ability to "Remote Influence" people. I won’t
speculate as to how far reaching such influencing could go, but I will say this; "One of the key lessons a person
must learn to know as "Fundamental Truths," are the following: You are…

1. Omnipotent: Having virtually unlimited authority and influence.
2. Omnipresent: Being present in all places at all times. (The Past, Present and infinite Futures)
3. Omniscient: Having infinite awareness, understanding, insight, knowledge and wisdom.

If this sounds like you are a god, you're on the right track in a limited perception of how mankind views
God. As your awareness grows and expands, it becomes apparent that all things are interconnected and one.
The common denominator from a scientific perspective can be likened to Energy. All things, living and
otherwise are comprised of Energy, simply in one form or another. But either way, the most basic
fundamental commonality that all things have, is Energy.

When we look at Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity

E = MC²

Energy is equal to Mass, which is what all things physical are comprised of, multiplied by the speed of Light
squared. Since all Energy and light can be measured in waveforms, the part of who we are, that is not
physical is pure waveform energy. This is a very limited 4th dimensional physical description on how all
things that exist are interconnected via our waveform energy signatures.

Although a Remote Viewer needs to accept and understand that everybody shares a "god-consciousness,"
the ego cannot be allowed to cloud perception; because a pebble on a road shares the same energy, thus, it
shares the same "god-consciousness." The very planet we reside on is alive, has perception, is composed of
energy and shares the same exact "god-consciousness" that we all do, whether one perceives and realizes it or

Obviously, there is so much more to learn before one can start wrapping their brain around such
concepts. This blog is just a taste, if even that, perhaps just a whiff of all that is out there to learn and take in.
However, please don't be discouraged; it is impossible to understand it all. After all, we are discussing the
very nature of life and existence, the universe, other dimensions, time-traveling and traveling out-of-body.
These are ideas and concept that have been explored and argued by the greatest minds of mankind since we
came into existence. Fortunately though, what we can learn and "know" is now more accessible and
communicable than anytime previous in the history of the human species. Look at Remote Viewing as a tool.
Ultimately, because it's an ability that is available to everyone, it should be just one more sense of perception
that is used to explore, experience and thus, learn and know truth.

May Love, Life and the Light of Truth Energize Your Life,

Steven R. Walker (AwareOne)


Reference People to Research:

Sun Streak Remote Viewers

David Morehouse
Mel Riley
Lyn Buchanan
Joe McMoneagle

Earlie CIA Researchers

Dr. Russel Targ
Harold Puthoff

High Ranking Advocates

General Bert Stubblebine

The Monroe Institute
Robert Monroe (wrote 3 books)
1. Journeys Out Of The Body
2. Far Journeys
3. Ultimate Journey

Courtney Brown, PH.D
1. Cosmic Voyage

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Comment by inet on May 30, 2009 at 8:43pm
Thanks for the post, it was very interesting read. i too have the monroe program. simply love it. my experience with it have been great. cheers inet
Comment by Steven R. Walker on May 29, 2009 at 6:29am

I am far from mastering Remote Viewing. As I stated in my original post, I've been the closely watching and keeping tabs on this phenomenon for 15+ years. Finally, last year I found the man who realized that Remote Viewing had so many other positive applications other than what the military and government wanted to use it for.

David Morehouse, who was trained and worked in "Project Sun Streak," began working on a book that was eventually published out of Canada in 1995. With his book, "psychic Warrior," he brought Remote Viewing to the attention of the public and the world.

Thankfully, last year in 2008, he published another book that delves deep into the history, science and art of the Remote Viewing protocols. The very protocols that the U.S. government spent tens of millions of dollars refining are now available to all of us. I am still reading this book, and trust me, this is not just an ordinary non-fictional book in an easy to read narrative. However, as I began reading it, I KNEW that I was reading truth. Everything I've previously studied over the years began coming together with each page I turned. One particular fundamental truth that I came to understand many years ago is a primary phrase that David Morehouse uses over and over again. The first time I read it, I was stunned: "Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything."

I have over 20 pages of notes just from the first 6 chapters, and he's just getting started. The science and art of Remote Viewing requires complete dedication. It is more difficult and complex than the most advanced college course I ever had, and I graduated with honors taking invitational only classes. Mastering Remote viewing requires the same focus, effort, and energy that a college degree takes.

Rhiannon, I would say that I know quite a bit about Remote Viewing, and thus, am able to share that knowledge with you and everyone else, and I am very thankful for this. However, I am not able to Remote View a given target on demand yet. I still have a lot of practice ahead of me. One of the requirements to Remote View is to be able to meditate and bring your brain waves into Alpha State at will. I've used The Monroe Institute's "Focus-10" program to help with that. But I would love to learn TM-Sidhi from a certified teacher. I would also like to be able to bring my brain waves to Theta State at will. The ability to do this is out there without having to spend a lifetime learning and practicing, but it still takes practice and dedication.

So Rhiannon, I will continue to post my progress. This is my passion, and I couldn't be more excited now that I have found the real protocols that the CIA, DoD and Army Intelligence spent millions of dollars and decades of time refining. If you or anyone else on here is interested, please contact me. I would like to have a Remote Viewing Group.

Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything, just in different forms.

- Steven
Comment by Rhiannon H on May 29, 2009 at 4:10am
If you have mastered the skill of remote viewing, then why not begin in stages to teach it here. With the advanced beings that tend to this site, I am sure that there are many who could gain from this. All that comes from the Source should flow freely, without the obstacles of ego or the influence of finance.
Comment by Steven R. Walker on May 29, 2009 at 3:40am
It's not showing up, as far as I can see, but I believe Marc wanted to share a website named:


As it happens, this was the site I watched for 15+ years mentioned in "When My Soul Awakened."
However, if you happen to go visit it, a word of caution. There is a huge amount of information to read.

The one thing that has always caused a red-flag to be raised in my spirit, is when people want to charge large sums of money to teach you. I understand that many people have dedicated their lives to teaching, and thus, have to make a living too.
However, as far as information goes, Dr. Courtney Brown is offering an amazing amount of free information on his site: www.farsight.org

Once again, I would remind everyone to listen to their spirit and souls. That small inner voice, that instinct is usually correct. One of the fundamental universal rules that applies to us all says:

To "Know" something requires direct personal experience; whereas, faith is the belief in another person's experience.

You know, I would like to see a section on "Om-Times" where we can rate various websites, books and people for their truthfulness and trustworthiness. Basically, a way for all of us to share with each other our experiences with these various teachers and aids, whether positive or negative. What do you think?

- Steven
Comment by Steven R. Walker on May 29, 2009 at 2:59am

Remote Viewing was originally used by the government as a "psychic spy" program. There is no doubt that it has been used for negative and nefarious purposes. Many, if not all Remote Viewers, at one time or another, feel what has been called "The God-Complex."
Tapping into the collective unconsciousness and being able to view and interact with anyone or anything in the past, present and futures is a powerful tool. But just like any tool, what one does with it is what determines if one's intention is positive or negative.
The protocols used to teach people on how to Remote View doesn't require any specific "spirituality." It just requires you understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
Even though most human beings do not perceive that we all are interconnected, the truth of that connection will eventually prevail. The reason being, is because as man-kind continues to harm one another and life on the planet, they are going to come face-to-face with the truth they are harming themselves.
Thank you for your comment Tantra!
May the Positive Intentions of Your Spirit and Soul Be Filled With Energy.
- Steven
Comment by Tantra Bensko on May 28, 2009 at 1:46am
Thank you very much for this post. Excellent.

One thing that makes me wonder is what you say about Remote Viewers needing to experience the spiritual connectedness and such. Yet I feel there are some government influenced viewers who are giving some disinformation in their reports for an agenda that isn't very transparent but more undercover. The combination of being able to do it yet the deceptiveness to report only partial truths is a combination to give pause. They must feel what they are doing is the correct thing to do.

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