It is important to understand that the difficult period will pass. As the human race, we’ve been through such changes before.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we continue to evolve – for the purpose of the ongoing expansion of what we truly are: consciousness.

The way we evolve is through our experience. Whatever we experience, contributes to what we know about ourselves.

When things get tough and we are lost in our fears, we tend to forget that our experience, no matter how hard – is the first step to the upcoming change.

All right. But what does it really mean, and how does it affect our daily life?

On a personal level: When we are not aware of our development through experience, we are often overwhelmed by the unexpected changes in our life, facing challenges we don’t understand, attracting numerous obstacles and problems. We often feel we lack happiness – which manifests as stress, deteriorating health, addiction, loneliness (whether we are in a relationship or not), anxiety, lack of purpose, dissatisfaction with our lives, and dissatisfaction with ourselves and/or others.

On a global level: Empires which rise and blossom – fall. Fortunes which flourish, crash overnight. Mindsets – such as whole civilizations – develop and then disappear.

Civilization after civilization, generation after generation we have been faced with problems that are not easy to solve when we apply our sensory logic to them. 

Soon technology will provide humans with all we need: 3D printers are already available, labs producing real leather will soon lead to labs producing real food, vehicles, houses, etc. Money will disappear, not needed, not wanted anymore. What will be our next currency when all the money is gone? What will happen when everyone can have everything they want, at any time they want?

It used to be that our evolution was thought of as a means to ensure that, as the human race, we survive. Now evolution more and more is referred to as the expansion of consciousness – a way to experience ourselves on different, more advanced levels than merely through our five senses.

Whether we believe it or not - what we think, we become. No other power in the world has as profound an effect on our life journey as the power of our own thoughts. 

And it isn’t a new concept at all. Through centuries there were individuals, or sometimes even entire societies, whose primary focus was on such progress.

Those individuals (or societies) were often described as being “ahead of their times” or “highly evolved”. To this day, researchers and archaeologists keep finding artifacts, structures, tools, or written messages, which speak of highly developed minds that created them.

Conscious Change is what is needed in our evolution:

The first step is always tough, as it requires purging what doesn’t work: the systems we built, the way we treat others and ourselves, the way we treat nature.

The next step is to understand that the difficult period will pass. As the human race, we’ve been through such changes before. Each step of our evolution began with “composting” what didn’t work and developing new ways of thinking and living. We may also observe such cycles in our own life: whenever there is a change, it involves deconstructing the old before something new can be built.

When you look around and see the problems piling up in our society nowadays, consider the situation to be the process of “detoxing”, “purging”. Yes, it is obvious to most of us: if we pursue the old way of thinking, soon there will be no place for us to be able to thrive, to exist.

Thriving is our true nature. We need to thrive in order to exist:

It isn’t easy to turn off negative thinking and look ahead with positivity. However, to be able to consciously evolve, we need to do exactly that. And – as it has been done before – we can do it again.

Positive thinking can move mountains. Positive thinking has helped millions of people to liberate themselves from slavery, defend against invaders/occupiers, or survive in concentration camps. They believed in a better tomorrow, and it has become their reality.

Changing our life situation, building thriving communities/societies – all of this begins with a positive attitude.

Positive attitude gradually changes the way we think. When we fail at something – let us remember that we can get up and try again. We can do it.

We know how to use our minds, and we can look inside our hearts.

We know how to be strong, courageous, and wise.

We know how to be humans in the most beautiful way.

About the author: Johanna Kern is a transformational teacher, filmmaker and multiple award-winning author of “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create A Great Life”, “Secrets of Love for Everyone”, “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, etc. She practices and shares the Master Teachings of HOPE, helping people to find their own power and progress in all areas of life. Her story received international attention, winning praise by readers in North America and Europe, and endorsement by three world-renowned experts: Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Jerry Solfvin, Ph.D., and Brian Van der Horst.



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Comment by Johanna Kern on June 19, 2020 at 2:12pm

Thank you OMTimes! <3

Comment by Omtimes Media on June 19, 2020 at 1:18pm

Thank you for your article submission,Johanna. This article will be published on the JULY B Digital Edition and later published on the website.

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