BY NANCY OAKES


     Imagine you are on a journey, riding the “SOUL” train. You have a large ”my life” suitcase in which you have packed clothes and personal items you will need for your journey. However your suitcase is also full of unresolved dreams and outdated systems that have not been serving you.   You have held on to all this stuff from your past basically because, it was given to you by people you trusted like loving parents and peers.  You are beginning to realize that some of the things you packed in your suitcase are not really yours at all but belong to many other people. Perhaps, you think, you should have left a lot of it behind.   Some of the items did not fit in your suitcase but you felt obligated to force it in, so your suitcase is very heavy and bulging. 


     Maybe you agreed to take this “SOUL” train ride because your life was not working and frankly you were not sure you were at home any more.  Things seemed unfamiliar to you and people with whom you were in relationships with were becoming more like strangers.  You felt like you were speaking a different language as it was becoming harder and harder to express yourself or be understood by your family and friends. Therefore, you decided to open your heart and mind to all possibilities. This meant taking a big risk, traveling hopefully to a real way of living, surrounded by people who resonate with you.


     Arriving at the station you’re surprised that the conductor and the train have been waiting for you.   The conductor is aware that you do not have a ticket and that you do not know where you are going but assures you that you will arrive right on time.




     A smiling, friendly face of another passenger beckons you to a seat beside her and you soon learn she as well does not know her destination.  However she says the conductor has been driving this train for eons and she understands that it has never failed.  As you chat, her story sounds a lot like yours, as she tells you of how lost and alone she felt searching for love and the meaning of life.  Suddenly the conductor appears and says, “May I store your suitcase whereas everything you need will be provided, you have been holding on to it for such a long time.”  The bulging suitcase was also obstructing the aisle and upon its removal the other passengers were able to come and meet you.  Each passenger had a unique story. Some people had scars and wounds of events in their lives and some were searching for a spiritual connection.  Everyone was curious about what their world would look like with abundance, joy, happiness, and peace.  Suddenly you begin to feel quite safe, and you knew in your heart you are on the right train.




     As you travel, the train stops to pick up more passengers from different races, genders and cultures, however everyone is able to communicate in a clear universal language.  Because the language is based on universal love, all the stories are heard and understood and a great healing occurs for the passengers.


     Now the train is full of people with many different needs including essentials like food and water and it is obvious the conductor cannot attend to all these people by himself.   You and several other passengers get up out of your seat and volunteer to help serve other passengers providing what they need to complete their journey.   As the train travels on the conductor disappears to be about other things because he feels all the people are sharing and caring about each other like a big happy family. Glancing in occasionally he witness the miracles happening in the passengers as they learn to respect and love each other.   


     Soon the train stops and the conductor explains it has arrived at one of its many destinations.  As the train travels on there are many more opportunities to help Mother Earth, humans and all life forms.  If you choose to exit to the left off the train you will be joining the activist to save the butterflies.  It seems the Monarch butterflies are in danger of extinction whereas many of the trees which were their homes have been cut down, and they are confused about where they live.  It is a very intense training but extremely rewarding for the survival of the next generation of butterflies. The conductor continues if you exit to the right of the train you will join with those who are passionate about saving the whales.  Many are captured and placed in small tanks in amusement parks where they die from unhappiness.  Tears swell up in your eyes as you hear the story of a beautiful creature that could go extinct-your heart begins pounding within your chest and you know you have arrived at your destination.   You are so excited you forget your suitcase, and run to the information center to sign up for training to save the butterflies. You look over your shoulder to see several people you recognize from the train signing up to save the whales.         




Just before the train pulls away the conductor gives you a big hug and thanks you for stepping up to rescue a sacred creature.  You are reminded that the “SOUL” train is eternal and you made the choice to ride it.  The spiritual answers are within, and humanity is capable of doing great and wonderful things.  Throw away the extra baggage and travel light with love you will arrive perfectly. 



Nancy is the CEO of the “Spiritual Life Style Wellness Center.”  She is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band.  Nancy is currently involved in the study of psychology, and cultural anthropology.  Her first book is available on amazon.com The Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe. Nancy is an ally for the “Third Gender” LGBT communities. When our hearts are filled with love and we embrace all sacred creation humanity will witness the shift to a higher consciousness, and arrive in the new world. You can contact her at her email address nancy.oakes1@aol.com aboutme.com  www.lovetothelight.weebly.com

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Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 2:27pm

Thank you

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 4, 2014 at 1:33pm

Amended ..

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 1:16pm

I changed the lower case m on monarch to upper case. It now reads Monarch. I added which in the sentence about the trees being the Monarchs home. It now reads-whereas the trees which were their homes.....

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 1:14pm


Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 4, 2014 at 12:52pm

OK, it needs to be amended on the community article that you posted here. Tell me when you have done it and which paragraphs the amendments are in, and I will substitute the amended article in the system and delete the old article. You can use the edit button at the top of the article. Thanks Nancy

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 12:39pm

Dear One-In the sentence where I mention the Monarch butterflies-should that be capitalized?   And where I mention the trees were cut..... it would be clearer if it said....whereas the trees which were their homes.  Thank You so Much Trevor

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 4, 2014 at 12:34pm

It has gone to the Publishers, but if it is a material edit, it is not too late to amend it if you do it shortly. Let me know what you have changed...

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 12:23pm

Trevor, Can I make one small change in my article at this point under edit? 

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 4, 2014 at 12:09pm

Thank you. 

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 4, 2014 at 11:16am

Thank you Nancy. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi-media editions of OM Times

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