…how about we make the change ourselves?
We all hear talk about how the world is a cruel place to live, with pollution, war, starvation and neglect splattered all over the news. How it was a much better place before. And what a tragedy it must be for future generations… The truth is, the world won’t change until we actually make it change. We created the imbalance and disharmony. Humanity. And only humanity can fix it. This may seem too large and difficult a task to be fixed, at least here and now. So how?

Collective consciousness
The answer is collective consciousness. This phenomenon can be defined as the set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. Easily put, this means that states of being spreads throughout societies as a whole. And right now there is a lot of fear going around. And as we know, focus creates focus – and we get more of what we already acknowledge. The key right now is to eliminate fear and replace it with love and trust. This might seem like a load of gibberish, but a lot can be done by this change of state. When we look at our surroundings with love and trust, our surroundings change! Think about this simple example; If you are having a bad day, and someone pass you by with a sour look. You will only feel worse, wont you? But if someone walks by you and smiles at you, it can actually turn your day around – maybe that smile is all we need sometimes! So by practicing love and trust on a grander scale, we will begin to think of people and situations differently. And the people and situations will turn out differently, because of a grand scale change in our collective consciousness. When we practice love and start trusting, we will actually attract more love and trust into our lives. So states the Law of Attraction.

Starting points
There are plenty of simple, easy steps we can take to get this change started today. In general, it means changing our focus. The key is to focus on the aspects we want more of, as opposed to what we would like to eliminate. The Law of Attraction (and our minds) won’t care for the words “not” or “don’t”. If, for instance, we keep thinking “I don’t want all this cruelty”, the word “cruelty” has all the focus. Instead, we should think “I want more love and joy”. In this way, positive words are in focus, and thus what we will receive.  Here are some more specific steps to accomplish this:
Monitoring our language. This applies to both our thoughts and our spoken words. When thinking or talking about todays situations, focus on what is going well over what is not. Also, practicing gratitude can be of tremendous benefit. This keeps us focused on what is good and satisfactory. Additionally, eliminating gossip and negative talk behind people’s backs should be fairly easy. That kind of talk hurts both them and the ones uttering it.
Replacing judgement with understanding. When experiencing something we find difficult or unwanted, we should try not to judge too much. Others deserve to be treated with the same respect and understanding we would like them to give us. Sometimes, what we label as negative actually had good intentions set, but something went wrong along the way. People don’t always make optimal choices when struggling in life. Our judgement only makes them struggle harder. If we treat people with love and respect, they will feel loved and respected, and as a consequence better decisions are likely made.
Doing small acts of kindness every day. Smiling is free. Helping a neighbor spreads positive energy. Giving compliments makes both the giver and the receiver feel better. Kindness is contagious!
- Forgiveness. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. The carriers of anger and hate are the ones suffering. We all deserve better than that. Lets forgive for our own sake, and release those inner prison walls. As a consequence, others will be set free as well. And that is what we all deserve – to be free.

About the author:
As a certified coach with an educational background in Sociology, Change Management and NLP, Anne Mari Ramsdal aims to help people wake up to their true Being through writing, speaking and coaching, She also loves helping groups and organizations become more successful.
Connect with her at www.learnitlive.com/enlightenmentor or www.enlightenmentor.wordpress.com

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Comment by Anne Mari Ramsdal on February 17, 2018 at 6:52pm

Reading through old articles, I realize this one is more important than ever these days! Make love, not war! 

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