Humans have a strong desire to have freedom. Those who don’t have it want it. Those who do have it – or at least some acceptable version of it – will fight to keep it.

Perhaps this strong desire is what leads us to believe that we have free will. And that we have the freedom to create our lives as well.

However, we can’t discount the notion of the universe’s intention in the creating process. It’s a notion that Dr. Wayne Dyer explains eloquently in his book, The Power of Intention:  “There is what some call a future-pull in the DNA that’s present at conception in each of us. In the moment of our conception, when an infinitely tiny drop of human protoplasm combines with an egg, life in physical form begins, and intention directs the growth process… The intention of this universe is manifested in zillions of ways in the physical world, and every part of you, including your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, and of course the physical body that you occupy, are a part of this intent.”

Dr. Dyer’s description of intention sounds a lot like determinism, which according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is:
a: a theory or doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws
b: a belief in predestination

During a discussion about the quantum mechanics’ uncertainty principle in their book, Quantum Enigma, Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, point out, “In the worldview of classical physics, if an ‘all-seeing eye’ knew the position and velocity of every object in the universe at one moment, the entire future could be predicted with certainty. To the extent that we are part of this physical universe, classical physics rules out free will.” While they explain that the uncertainty principle denies Newtonian determinism, they are careful to add, “Uncertainty can allow free will by denying determinism, but randomness, quantum or otherwise, is not free choice. Quantum uncertainty cannot establish free will.”

Just as there seems to be a fine line between physics and philosophy, there seems to be a fine line between free will and determinism. It’s hard to tell who is really creating your life. You know you are capable of creating stuff. You can look around right now and see the possessions and experiences you consciously wished for – each thing or happening was once a thought you had.

The Paradox
Quantum physics serves as a compelling analogy. Experiments have shown that a photon exists as a particle and as a wave, depending on how you decide to observe it. It appears that we humans also exist in two states – the simultaneous states of free will and pre-destiny.

Dr. Dyer suggests a way to observe and make sense of living in this paradoxical situation, “You can fuse this dichotomy by choosing to believe in the infinity of intention and in your capacity to exercise free will.” He says that “all Spirit is concentrated at the point where you focus your attention. Therefore you can consolidate all creative energy at a given moment in time. This is your free will at work.” He concludes that “The truth is that we do not create anything alone; we are all creatures with God. Our free will combines and redistributes what’s already created. You choose! Free will means that you have the choice to connect to Spirit or not!”

Consider that rather than it being only your free will, it could be a shared will that you have with intention in order to co-create what comes to you and how it comes to you. You catch a spark of inspiration from intention and then interpret this as your own singular thought. It’s a sort of “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” question, isn't it? But, ultimately, what matters most is that you are, indeed, putting your free will into motion either way. You are free to choose. Do you act on the inspiration or not?

Also, either way, your creating ability is engaged because you are a powerful creating creature. No matter its true origin, as soon as you put the thought into the air, it is imbued with the authority to manifest. It has the potential to be created just as surely as you are sitting here reading this right now at this moment. Your singular free will is expressed by choosing to open your heart and your hand to receive the manifestation of the thought, as well as by choosing to know it's assured a place in your life.

The answer to the question, “Who is creating your life?” is that you are. And, furthermore, if you want to feel a stronger sense of freedom in the process, stay attuned to intention because the more consciously you are co-creating with intention, the more free will you are exercising.

Angela Loëb is an author, speaker and self-development consultant who loves to study, teach and write about mind mastery and life purpose. More at

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Comment by Angela R Loeb on April 14, 2013 at 9:42am

Thanks, Dawn. :)

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