All human activity is predicated on what we believe about God.  Even in the most remote regions on Earth, indigenous cultures alike retell fantastic stories of something much larger than themselves woven into the tapestry of their lives.  Our thoughts, whether consciously or not, loosely formulate around the essence of this mysterious force we cannot see, but have been told exists. 

Bible-lightbulb With the popularity of The Bible series on the History channel and increasing interest by the media in general, it seems now is the appropriate time to re-open the dialog, “What is God?”  If this seems ridiculous to you, then stop and look at the ridiculousness of human behavior in the 21st century.  Though technology has surged forward exponentially in the last century, it seems the same struggle and strife found in the Bible and throughout recorded human history exists at similar levels today.  So what’s going on?  Either the faithful following the Law of Love do so only when it’s convenient, or perhaps there’s something more.


Consider that all you know about God has been passed down to you via historical documents and culture and conditioning.  As a child, you may have been instructed to obey a condemnatory God, existing beyond our reach at the apex of the heap that metes out reward and punishment based on your blind obedience.  These beliefs have allowed mankind to replicate a hierarchal, power-over structure rooted in exclusivity.  But is there an apex?

The belief in a separate God is the co-conspirator to our social, economical and political structures. Rather than recognizing our neighbor or neighboring country as a necessary component to our own well-being, individuals, collective groups and nations play economic and literal hitman and we seek to compete with our neighbor for the abundance our home planet abundantly and freely provides.  Over three billion people are left in poverty and despair with band-aid relief, lacking adequate food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and education—all in the name of Democracy, Capitalism, and even God.

When you walk into a forest or eco-system, who is in charge?  When we contemplate God, all the Omni- words come in to play.  Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent…  Does God as Creator direct Creation from a disconnected Heaven or is Creation imbued with the same qualities as the Creator so that the acorn grows into a tree under its own power?  Or birds journey migratory patterns utilizing their own internal guidance systems—what we call instinct. 

By self-definition, Creation is infinite possibility or more accurately infinite expression.  By that same self-definition, Creation exists in perpetuity.  Its own power source, Creation produces more of itself, the third dimension as part to the whole. 

Breaking it down further, third dimensional existence is subject to the Law of Conservation which states that the sum of all energy is constant; energy neither created or destroyed, merely changing form.  When life “dies,” its form seems to disappear into formlessness for a time (death), recycling into different form as it re-couples with the rest of Creation.  This cyclical pattern is referred to as the Circle of Life.  When this is truly understood in its entirety, you see that Creation is form and formlessness—a paradox just coming to light in human consciousness.


serengeti-sunset-stu-porter As Creation is self-sustaining as a whole, each part, or fractal is also self-sustaining in the role it fulfills.  A rose is a rose; the Serengeti, the Serengeti; the Milky Way galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy.  The caveat being that each fractal would necessarily exist in mutually-beneficial, self-similar relationship with other fractals.  Thus, once again it is seen there is no separation.  Think of the Universe as a giant quilt.  It would appear to be random when comparing arbitrary sections, but viewed in its entirety it is a single blanket, as if homogenous in nature.  Where is the apex?

What if the world has got it wrong and the Creator is not separate from us, but IS us, as part of the totality of Creation?  If humans wish to continue acting out the story of separation, taking a predatory position at the apex of the heap here on Earth, we will continue to harm each other and our home planet.  Any human construct requiring blind obedience with no room for inquiry is itself blind, ensuring its own, and our own, demise with its built-in self-destruct mechanism.

Are you ready to deconstruct everything you’ve been told about God by your culture by going within under your own power and try again?  If you truly believe we are all one, the first thing that will become abundantly clear is that peace first begins with you, not your neighbor.  If peace begins with you and there are nearly seven billion “you(s)” on the planet, who is in charge? 

Are you smiling yet?


Dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, Christine Horner is the founder In the Garden Publishing and is the author of the recently published “What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil.”  Her website is  This article may be reprinted in its entirety with full attribution.

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