Why Many Indigos and Sensitive Souls Just Sit - and What You Can Do to Help Resolve This Concern, By Jill Miller MA and Rémi Thivierge MSW RCSW RMFT

Are you a sensitive soul - very sensitive and intuitive? Or are you an indigo -- very intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, and strong-willed? If you fit either of those descriptions, you are a part of a group of spiritually advanced souls who have great capabilities to help heal our planet, yet you may be finding life on earth quite difficult. This article is for indigos and sensitive souls, as well as for their parents and other adults who are involved with them.


As a sensitive soul or indigo, you may have found yourself anxious or deflated, or frustrated in school and/or work. Many end up, often incorrectly, labeled as ADD, ADHD, or as having depression, anxiety, and/or bipolar disorder, psychotic, among other labels.

We have noticed over the years that many sensitive souls and indigos simply sit through their lives, many refusing to participate or give their gifts in a meaningful way, while many others simply feel very stuck. This is understandable, given the various forms of negativity you are sensitive to and may be carrying around from the world around you.  We'll discuss some of these issues below.

However, life is calling - ask yourself if it's time to get out of your chairs and do what you are here to do. Life doesn't get easier as you sit - it gets harder, and when you live in ways that are contrary to your life purpose and mission, the universe can send you increasingly challenging situations to wake you up if you don't listen and act. If you'd like to understand yourself better and gain some tools to do this, read on.

As human beings, we are very complex, with many levels and layers, many of which are hidden from us but cause profound impact on our lives. In our experience, here are some of the things that could be affecting you without your knowledge, and which can be cleared by various techniques we can help you with and teach you. These are issues beyond those most people know about, such as low self-esteem, being affected by family conflict or divorce, and so on.


DNA / ancestral trauma: We carry in our bodies and energy fields the impact of what has happened not only to us, but to our ancestors. For example, research has found that people's DNA changes when they're traumatized. This gets passed on to their children during the pregnancy through their DNA.

For example, the children of survivors of the holocaust were more at risk for anxiety and depression than the rest of the population. We can be affected by difficulties from a number of generations ago, but have no clue that this is happening to us. One example Rémi worked with was a woman whose ancestors were given a powerful curse 2000 years ago, and this affected every generation.  We're not aware of these causes whatsoever. As a result, these issues continue to affect us, and can't be healed. Clearing these traumas frees not only you, but your ancestral lineage as well, past, present and future.

Secondary trauma: This is energetic negativity we pick up from those around us and the environments we are in. For sensitive souls and indigos, who are sensitive to this whether they realize it or not, we can pick up and carry difficulties of those around us as if they were our own. For example, others' anxiety, depression, or anger may rub off on you.  Recent research has shown that emotions and other energy are contagious.

We can also pick up negativity from where we live, such as from previous owners or tenants. We can also pick these issues up from where we work or go to school.  One example of that is a high school that's right next to a cemetery.  This is an example of a school that was planned by a group who were completely unaware that there was such a thing as entities or other negative energies in the environment. We can also be affected by negative energy on the land - from nearby power lines, from someone dying in a fire forty years ago, from a native village dying from smallpox when Caucasians first arrived to America, and so on. This results in feeling "off base" in a variety of ways and can cause great difficulty, without our being aware of the cause. 

Baggage from previous lifetimes: This is a very big issue for most of the people we work with. We all have "been around the block" as souls, and have experienced a wide variety of difficult and even horrifying experiences which we carry with us until we transform them. For example, we may have a fear of stepping forward as a healer in part because we were killed or tortured in a previous lifetime because we tried to help to heal the chief of our tribe, and he died.

Many sensitive souls and indigos vowed many lifetimes ago to serve humanity. If it's hard for you to move forward, you may have past life memories of how you failed in this task over and over again and unintentionally hurt others instead of helping them. This can keep us paralyzed from going forward in service this lifetime.

Anger toward God/Spirit: - This is very common among indigos and other sensitive souls - "This is a stupid game and I don't want to play," "I'm on the wrong planet," "Why should I serve, I don't even want to be here." Clearing this anger frees us to enjoy life here. We have more power than we know to create lives that work really well, no matter what has happened to us in the past. Our anger and refusal to take action to try to heal and improve stops us from doing this.

We also work with additional types of blockages other than the ones discussed here that most healers don't feel comfortable talking about, have never heard of, or don't believe in - such as curses, energetic implants, and entity attachments, extra-terrestrials, and so on.  In our experience these are very real and can cause great damage.

We have had great success doing transformational work for all of the above issues for ourselves, our clients, and workshop participants. Our role on the planet is to assist people to find and heal these various blockages so that sensitive souls and indigos can go forward much more easily to bring their gifts into the world.


Transformoing negative issues takes a variety of forms and addresses all levels of negativity that people carry. These methods include healing visualizations from ancient Asia, and cutting edge methods from the West. As a result of our doing decades of healing work on ourselves, we've come to be more and more open and sensitive and can now download information from above. Spirit guides us on what negativity is involved for people we work with and what's needed to help resolve the issues.

In our workshops, we also teach people on how to do this work for themselves and others. Some of these foundational methods include grounding, protecting and cleansing our auras, opening our cord that links us to the universe, clearing the negativity in our DNA, clearing luggage in our Akashic records, which is the history book of our past lives, and so on.


We also help you get to know who you are at soul level and why you are here - your unique life purpose. In our experience, it's crucial to know the "divine blueprint" for your life which gives you focus for your gifts and your powerful energies in productive and joyful ways. Knowing and living your divine blueprint opens the gates for blessings and boons that you can't imagine until you've lived it.

We can also help you see the divine blueprint of your family relationships - why you chose to be born into your family of origin, and how these relationships can help you in your growth and mission. Life changes very rapidly when you see and experience it from the level of the soul, including why you decided to be born in a particular family, and why you chose a variety of challenges. What can look like a terrible situation can have hidden gifts and blessings for you if you understand what is happening at the soul level and have the tools to transform it.

Part of our soul mission is to take our healing methods to the people and places on our planet who have experienced some of the deepest levels of suffering - war, enslavement, disempowerment, extreme poverty, and natural disasters - such as India, Haiti, Africa, and the areas in Europe that suffered under Hitler. We envision a world where all trauma and negativity is gradually transformed.

Some of you may choose to join us and use your gifts and your power to help make a worldwide difference.  We offer a training program for those who are interested. You can get information about our global projects at www.phoenixvision.org.


Contact us if you're interested in our healing work, in learning the healing methods so you can assist others around you, or in helping with our international work. Workshops are available in person as well as online. 

Our writing is aimed toward sensitive souls as well as indigos, who are very intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, and strong-minded.  If you wish to learn if you or your loved one are a sensitive soul or indigo, you can choose to fill out the questionnaire at www.indigosoulwork.com


Rémi Thivierge MSW RCSW RMFT is a healer and trainer with 35 years experience based in Vancouver, Canada. He's focused his life on exploring methods that are as powerful and quick as possible to help heal major difficulties that most practitioners are unable to help with. He has written a book on this topic entitled "Profound Healing for Indigo Children & Youth... and Other Sensitive Souls". Along with his practice helping sensitive souls, indigos and their families, he's used his methods to help heal homeless men, people in Haiti after the massive earthquake in early 2010, and people in India, Tibetan Buddhists, as well as people from the lowest caste, known as untouchables or Dalits - because they're scorned and ignored by the rest of society. For more information about his work, you can go to www.indigosoulwork.com. He can be reached at info@indigosoulwork.com.

Jill Miller M.A. is a transformative counselor, guide and healer with 18 years experience. She works worldwide with indigos and sensitive souls, helping them find their soul purpose and the divine blueprint for their lives, helping clear what stands in the way of them giving their gifts to the world, and finding their joy in the process. She also has training and experience in guiding rites of passage (Vision Quests) for youth and adults, energy healing, and coaching through life transitions and emotional and spiritual transformations. For more information, go to www.soulradiance.com or email jill@soulradiance.com.




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