Why Save The World? Because You'll Be Back!

Why Save The World?  Because You’ll Be Back!


By William Bezanson



Is the world really going down the tubes?  To my mind, and, I hope, to the minds of virtually all thinking persons, yes, the world is indeed deteriorating, collapsing, and self-destructing.  Read any newspaper, watch any newscast, observe any weather pattern, and you will very likely detect numerous items of data that will persuade you of the disaster that we human beings have allowed to start and to continue in our world.


I use the term “World” to designate the combination of “Earth” plus “Spirit”.  Thus, the World is a dynamic blending of a noun and a verb:  the relatively passive or slowly evolving physical planet called Earth, and the relatively active or rapidly changing non-physical entity called Spirit. The latter, Spirit, is the totality of all the spirits of living creatures on the earth, called the noösphere by Teilhard de Chardin. As with all things that are not totally black and white, the earth is not totally passive, nor the spirit totally active.  A good illustration might be the Yin-Yang blending of two tightly tangled circles of energy, black and white, having separate centres and at the same time merging and coupling into each other.


At least that’s my ideal view of the world.  Unfortunately, it’s falling apart.  Over-population, depletion of natural resources, tinkering with natural food sources, the creation of super-bugs, warming of the global ecosystem, and other such underminings of the supremacy of nature all point to disaster for the world and its inhabitants. We are already seeing nature push back, and we will very likely see much more of the same phenomenon in the near future.


So, what should we do?  Save the world, of course.  Many people and organizations are at the forefront of such a movement.  I am proud to write for OMTimes, to be associated with Humanity Healing, and to do my own small part to urge people to comprehend the big picture of how we are all responsible to save the world.


But Why do so?  Why not be hedonistic:  enjoy today, for tomorrow we may die?


The standard answer is “For our children and grandchildren!”


Yes, that is indeed a good answer.  But to my way of thinking, I look more closely to home.  My answer is “I work on saving the world because I will be back, and I want the world to be in good shape for me!”  Yes, I will be back, we all will be back, in subsequent incarnations.  My understanding of the dynamics of reincarnation, following the Rosicrucian teachings, is that the average periodicity of soul births is about 144 years.  So in my own case, I expect to be back in the late 2080s.   Wow!  If we could extrapolate the various trends going on currently from now to, say 2090, what a mess we will have!  What a sobering thought, to make it personal, to have a date to aim for, to visualize that each one of us will be back at some specific date: approximately 2080, or 2090, or 2100, or 2130, ….  Unfortunately, I can’t prove that period of births and rebirths; however, even if I am totally wrong, at least I am quite certain that I will be back, sometime, in my next life here in this world.  And so will you.  But visualizing a specific date makes the whole situation more vivid, more meaningful, and more urgent.


When I am reborn,  I will be associated with a new body, but my soul will be the same one that has always been mine.  I will have memories from this current life, perhaps of how I neglected the world.  Such memories may not be easy to access, but they will be carried forward to my next incarnation. Similarly for you, and for everyone.


So, Why save the World?  Because we will be back, and we will want it to be in good shape.


Now, some would say, “What a selfish attitude!”  Yes, it may seem selfish and arrogant at first glance.  But, let us examine that attitude.  Knowing the big picture, one’s attitude will evolve to a global, cosmic view of one’s responsibility.  Nobody, no super-human,  no extra-terrestrial alien, no deity is going to save us or our world.  We are totally responsible for what we are doing to the world.  We are generating the negative karmic energy that will compensate us for our own neglect of our precious, island home.  There is no other way out.


One of our chief responsibilities is to increase our own powers to influence humanity to heal itself, through education, example, persuasion, and other means.


So, I maintain that my attitude is not selfish, but altruistic.  As we enhance our own understanding, further our own spiritual evolution, and broaden our own cosmic view, we accept that we are responsible for our own actions, and we take corrective steps to rebalance our life situation in this world.  Our chief opportunity is education, teaching the massive number of non-big-picture thinkers of the impending doom that awaits our future:  a hell on earth.  An enormous educational campaign and cross-cultural dialogue is an essential and urgent process that we fortunate people must facilitate. And, yes, we are fortunate to have a broad vision, and now we muse share it, actively and passionately.


During my remaining years in this incarnation, one of my most significant responsibilities is to teach people of this vitally urgent and seriously important message:  We must save the world (earth plus spirit) because we will be back and we will want it to be in good shape.




William Bezanson writes a monthly Blog column for OMTimes, and books on systems design for usability and on world stewardship.  His latest book is I Believe:  A Rosicrucian Looks at Christianity and Spirituality.  A retired engineer, he lives with his wife in Ottawa, Canada. His website is www3.sympatico.ca/bezanson1 .

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Comment by William Bezanson on June 7, 2015 at 11:21am

Thanks, Shelly, for recommending this article.  I'm pleased to see that OMTimes opened a new section "World Vision" and included my article there.  Also, the editing was nicely done.  Thanks again.  / Bill

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