Why your thoughts may not be creating your reality

One of the fundamental laws we experience when we incarnate on Earth is the law of gravity. As we physically develop in the waters of our mother’s womb, we blossom from formlessness into form as gravity gains its pull. In fact, it’s gravity that helps us descend into the birth canal as our due date approaches.

Though we live within the law of gravity, many explore experiences which seemingly defy it. From parasailing, to underwater endeavors, to floating in anti-gravity spaces, humans are clearly interested in having more freedom than the law of gravity allows. And what about those outlaws: the highly evolved spiritual masters who have levitated, walked on water or bent spoons with their minds? Third dimensional laws didn’t impede these amazing feats! 

As metaphysics becomes more popular in the main stream, a fundamental spiritual law that most will be taught is that our thoughts create our reality. But do they?

Who’s thoughts are creating the reality for the brainless embryo which is developing within the mother-to-be who doesn’t yet know she is pregnant?

Our thoughts alone do not create our reality. Most of us can identify a compulsive worrier and see that this law doesn’t seem to apply.  Likewise, we can name more spiritually evolved individuals who’ve died of cancer, or experienced some other undesired aspect – like crucifixion, perhaps. And, within the spectrum, we can find a range of human experiences which includes negative people with challenging lives and positive people with joyful lives. With these examples, this spiritual law seems more like a suggestion.

As very complex beings living in a multidimensional universe, there is no one law that rules or dictates every one of our lives. 

As human-spiritual beings we are working with an interesting array of factors – including math. Math? Though we trust that math is a Universal truth, interestingly enough there is debate about whether or not zero has value, and whether zero to the zero power equals zero or equals one. Why does this matter?

Spiritual truths, like math, are simply parameters or thought-forms. Both are useful tools to find a common thread of communication and understanding in an infinite Universe; both help us live within a structure. But do we want to be bound to a simple filament within the vast firmament? What if zero to the zero power equals zero and equals one?

One would think that by indicating that spiritual truths are thought-forms, we do indeed create our reality with our thoughts. In the grander scheme of things, the “cosmic we” does. However, the Cosmic We isn’t easily accessible to the average incarnated human, and most human thoughts come from the vibrationally-challenged construct known as the ego.

Our upbringing and environment contribute to our reality’s patterning, while our actions, emotions and beliefs are major factors in its creation. Even more significant are our Soul’s intentions, which can be revealed through astrology, numerology, “Human Design” or other illuminating systems.

In addition to having countless factors and impulses, we exist within a matrix of form. This construct has been agreed to by a collective; a "greater" body of consciousness which includes all beings and the cosmos, otherwise known as the Cosmic We. This structure has "laws" –  or guidelines, really – which the Cosmic We have established. For the most part, we have agreed to the "terms of use” and abide by these agreements. 

Yet, as egoic human thoughts are a much smaller formations within the larger matrix, we are thinking inside a massive box and thus do not have complete freedom to create with thoughts alone. Generally speaking, thoughts are "light" and fleeting and must be “densified” to take form. Repeated thought-forms, emotions and habits add density. As well, the densification ability grows exponentially with the advancement of the soul – until it becomes null and void, that is.   

Newer souls on the human-spiritual journey operate from a vibrational patterning that differs greatly from an advanced soul, thus their thought-impact will also differ. Principally, newer souls with a “quieter” vibrational tone are not able to manifest with thoughts alone.  Spiritually awake individuals – which happen to be the majority of people attracted to the New Age movement – find resonance and results with this method of manifesting and this is why “our thoughts create our reality” is considered a spiritual law by most. 

However, advanced souls are charting new territories. Beyond the matrix, there is another realm (infinite realms, actually) in which thoughts are mere flecks within the void. As we ascend into higher realms of consciousness, the void becomes more prominent and thoughts marginal. The newer paradigm – the one which the Cosmic We is now embarking into – has more "space" within it. We are expanding and experiencing more of the void, the emptiness. We are discovering the nothingness as well as the value of zero, where both realities co-exist harmoniously. In this more refined state of consciousness, we are releasing judgments, forms and laws, and transforming into newer, more fluid expressions which are not as dense or rigid as the old structures.  

In the emptiness – where “no thing” exists – laws become irrelevant. 

For those trying to find their way within the form, while energetically vibrating in the void, this lawlessness can be quite confusing. Additionally, whether aware or not, the spiritually expanded being usually incarnates with a significant “mission” and often cannot separate his or her sense of self from this undertaking.  With limited access to highly advanced earthly teachers as guides, the spiritual master hopelessly relies on basic metaphysics for direction. The master may not remember that the mission, which essentially is united with the Soul, is a force field in and of itself.  This field is the pathway to Source, and works within a grander collective. In essence, the mission-Soul field resonates with the Cosmic We to such a high degree that the human self is practically extraneous.  Thus, trying to create a personal reality from an egoic thought-form is like trying to stop the sun from rising by closing your eyes! The sun is in alignment with its divine mission; its thoughts don't matter, it simply Is.

Of course, the grander mission-Soul workings are also not confined to laws either. Like individuals, they are operating within the balance of agreements and free will. It is important to note that this idea is not meant to bind anyone, or be intellectually dissected or manipulated by the ego. Fortunately, it can’t be; it’s simply a spacious thought-form of the void, which is unattainable by the ego. Yet, with this lightly painted picture, you may understand why your thoughts alone are no longer (or may never have been) creating your reality. 

As you continue to experience expanded states of consciousness where thoughts feel less relevant or influential, you can remember that by binding to the belief that your thoughts are creating your reality, you are not only staying within the limited matrix, you are allowing your ego to build cells within it. Perhaps it is time to stop thinking, tune into your divine mission and allow it to flow through you. 

Here are ten ways to direct your energy as you co-create your reality in the new, more expansive paradigm:    

  1. Discover your Soul's Purpose  Find a master numerologist, astrologer or other expert to help you understand the cosmic patterning of your life. 
  2. Examine your beliefs
    What do you hear yourself repeating? What feels like non-negotiables in the major areas of your life? Ask why.
  3. Recognize your desires
    What do you want and why do you want it? Do these desires come from your ego or your Higher Self? 
  4. Tune in to your emotions
    Pay attention to your moods. What makes your heart sing? What makes you angry? And, more importantly, can you learn to refrain from being swept away by your feelings? 
  5. Notice your habits
    How do you spend your time? What do you value and how do you contribute to those values?
  6. Understand your upbringing
    What messages did you get while growing up? Did you feel abandoned, shameful, or valued by something you did or how well you behaved?
  7. Protect your environment
    Try to limit the people, food and other energies into your space to those which are vibrationally uplifting and clear.
  8. Observe your thoughts
    What are the energetic impulses of your thoughts? Are they fear or trust based? What is the foundation of the thought? Is it about the past, present or future?
  9. Practice presence
    Learn to be in the moment and simply experience What Is.   
  10. Explore the emptiness
    Learn to quiet your mind. Practice yoga, meditation or other techniques to increase your experiences in the void.   

Veronica Lee is an intuitive, speaker and writer. Her purpose is to anchor the frequencies of Love Consciousness to the collective at this time of great global awakening. She honors both the human and spiritual aspects of life and brings a wealth of experiences from each of these realms. Find more insightful articles on her website at www.Sacred-Offerings.com

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Comment by Veronica Lee on March 1, 2013 at 8:47pm
Thanks, Dawn. This was trickier to write in that I was trying to "listen" to the concepts as they were coming through and translating them into viable words. :-)

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