World Vision: Heart Words and Change


By Kathy Custren


We are in great need of a collective vision. There is an old saying: “As above, so below.” This is true now, perhaps, as much as it ever was in the past. Each of us, as part of the collective, bears a measure of responsibility for the world we see before us today. And we are just as honor-bound to both reflect and emit the right vibration in order to foster change.


Sure, it is overwhelming, frustrating, and drives more than its share of anxiety when we think about it. Thinking with our brains does lend itself to discernment. We look around in dismay at our planet’s problems and want to raise our hands and give up. Many have; they have resigned themselves to the idea that there is no use in trying, or that the problems are simply too big to manage.


Nature, tells us otherwise; it is always changing, and we change right along as part of this shared path we are on. Many of us think of our own road, envisioning just the scenery we can see with our own two eyes. This individualized vision can limit what we think as a group.


Others among us are gifted with a larger sight vision, where we see wonders and worlds beyond this dimension. Where some feel stifled by limitation, these visionaries see a plethora of possibilities. Communicating these possibilities can be a little challenging, but it all begins with language. To make things even more interesting, we do not all speak the same native tongue! It is time to find ways of communicating that go beyond ordinary language.


Where language processing requires brain power to translate or decode from one set of words or one alphabet to the next, we may find welcome relief in another type of language: one that utilizes frequency and feeling along with emotions and empathy. We find this embodied in the language of the heart.


World Vision: Language of the Heart


More than music, the language of the heart is something that truly crosses borders of misunderstanding. The language of the heart is what permits beings of a species the ability to truly empathize and understand both the shared joys as well as the pain and suffering experienced by another life form with very little being spoken aloud. Heart language is what resonates deep within our heart space; it echoes throughout creation, provided we listen.


Heart language does require deep listening for its resonant echo, for the vibrations are not always perceived audibly. It is the heart-based, “Namaste,” where frequencies associated with heart and coherence naturally flow in a way that brings people together meaningfully with other forms of life in creation. In fact, we may say that heart language is what calls the energies of the universe into play through us on this plane of existence.


Nature is a highly intelligent wisdom source, as it takes into consideration many possibilities and consistently brings forth its best into being. That means all of us, even when we humans manage to foul things up. We can rely on the basic natural energies, elements, essences, and egos to shift, change, and morph into something new and different. We carry these heart energies forward as a rich heritage within us, and can apply the lessons we have learned as the keystones of our shared understanding.


Heart Energies: New Language Words


When we think of words like ‘empathy’ and ‘coherence,’ a certain kind of emotional understanding comes over us. We may realize a sense of balance, or rightness, where even the oddest circumstance begins to make sense. When we FEEL these words, we definitely know we have reached a place of hearth, home, and harmony. As we achieve communication in relationships using our collective heart language, our understanding of these energies and resonances are bound to change into something more than they are now.


One thing we can rely on is that language is always evolving and changing. We find new words are created out of necessity, as is nature’s way. If we look upon these new frequencies without judgment and embrace them, they grow to find use and utility. With these heart words and collective heart language, we are in the midst of birthing a new, visionary world into being.


Heart Vision: The Changing Paradigm


What do we want this new world to be? Remember that each moment is a present, gifted to us to use to the best of our ability. This present moment is not like the one that just passed a moment ago. The mindful application of our collective vision, using our empathic heart language, will help us to create just the world we desire to see.


Remember also, that nature and the larger path of the cosmos has a way of bringing us just what we need at exactly the right time. There are always forces at play and changes underway; we may not always get to see them. Minds change in the blink of an eye, which is why focusing our heart language and energies on our basic needs becomes so very important.


Do we feel the need for a world without borders, and that every person might live in a way that honors our heritage and collective journey? Could we find even greater peace by treating each other, along with our animal friends, with respect as fellow co-creators and co-inhabitants of our planet, rather than as food and lesser beings? If we learn one united lesson from nature, it is that production comes when it is needed, and wanes when it is not required. Might we re-learn to welcome these natural cycles of availability, and assist each other in times of need? We need to place our power struggles where they truly belong, in balancing the extremes and negativity in our existence.


Many writings describe great times of change as either a ‘dark age’ or ‘apocalyptic.’ We may understand a dark time as being one of unnecessary waste, fear and high anxiety, which is rather appropriate and prevalent in our current times. Whereas, an apocalypse is defined as an unveiling, when light is shone upon the darkness.


For us to see the exposition of this new world vision, we must shine our collective heart light out into the world, and describe it into being by using our pervasive heart language. Consider that each of us is meant to be here, now, in this particular place and time. Provided we all come together and coalesce in cohesion, we can tune into the sensation where each of us feels right about how things are going.


We must listen deeply to our own vibrations, in connection with those around us, to be able to perceive the new shared vista that is to come and echo the same song. The many examples we have in our shared history of ancient masters are sufficient reference and encouragement to us to move forward with confidence where we need to go. We can do this!


Tune in to the “OM” of our new world vibration. ~ Namaste ~ Blessings!


About the Author

Kathy Custren, OMTimes Senior Editor, is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with her community page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and read more at

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