Writing on a Theme: Three for the Road Ahead

Writing on a Theme: Three for the Road Ahead


By Kathy Custren

Abstract: Three delayed writing prompts showed a concurrent theme. The combination produced helpful tips on using mindful choice on how to maneuver on the road ahead. Conscious living strategies for a more fulfilled and beautiful life.

It has been a very busy week, and there are more things to do on the road ahead. While the greater part of society focused on the maelstrom generated by the newest American president, and we can choose to take an energetic stake in that if we want, we individuals have our own daily grind. Part of my week has been put on ‘delay mode,’ where I have a number of “to-dos” that need to be done, eventually.


In the midst of reviewing the subjects I have delayed writing (shame on me!), there is a particular theme. The majority of the notes relate to making our way through a bit of chaos. While it is good to know my smaller world reflects the greater whole, seeing this repeated focus on the topic makes it all the more important to address.


So, here are the notes in the order in which they came:


A Case for Destruction – A Question of Growth

The brief topic here for the road ahead is that we are going through a time of trial and tribulation; yes, destruction in a way. It is not a matter of simple change here, as so many people are resonating with a major disruption to the way things have been going. Have we become complacent? (Shame on us!)


Alchemy focuses on the change we go through, and the removal of what no longer serves us. In my own experience, I had to make a schedule change for work, to provide better balance of both work and family time. Little me, making this one “small” change has a rippling effect on other people and places. So, while it felt right to make that change happen, everything else is still settling down.


This is also true for our larger world, when we think about it. Look at it without judgment for what it is. The pieces are still finding their own new ways to deal with the change. On both personal and national levels, not everyone is pleased with the changes. Not everyone can be happy with them, but we will get used to the new normal within the standards we put forth.


It is important to remember that we each do have standards, boundaries, and tolerances. Nobody can take these away from us. They can try to assert themselves, but the ultimate decision is ours to make. This is where our invisible light may grow out of the darkness, at this choice point.


The Beauty to Be Found in Bifurcation on the Road Ahead

In the midst of this chaos and destruction, as we are making these mindful choices, they usually can be as simple as yes/no. This yes/no, pro/con bifurcation helps us to sort through some of the most complicated issues out there. Use it wisely on the road ahead!


Take the time to sit down and mindfully sort through “all” that is going through your head and heart on a particular subject. Often, seeing it in these “black and white” terms can help us each sort through and/or solidify our position or thoughts on the subject. It is this division that defines order, or at least helps us sift through what is important.


We can then place a priority on those items, but we have to take the time to sort through them first. If you take the time to study any amount of Buddha’s teachings, he helps us sift and ask insightful questions in a variety of forms. Looking at each item from a number of different angles can help us find ways out of sticky situations and difficulties, if we apply ourselves to the task.


Honing our insight helps us to cut through the dribble that many people just throw up in the air. I hope that line makes sense, but that’s the way it came out, as best to describe it. When we are dealing with a ‘mess,’ and everything is up in the air waiting to be settled, then we need a way to maneuver. The choices we make, as in a game of chess, are those moves.


For example: What causes us to look at something someone says and determine its authenticity? What makes us call it fact versus fiction? We must have an overarching knowledge and understanding of what we feel is accurate. Bring in the facts, check our sources, sift through those pros and cons, and analyze where that ‘statement’ stands.


Alliteration: Mindfulness in the Midst of the Maelstrom

This was meant to be a creative, literary challenge, like I have time for that. Not so very long ago, it seems, there was a lot of time for being creative and making poems and song lyrics. But, something tells me that getting the word out about the road ahead and handling things in the middle of a busy time takes precedence over being artistic about its presentation.


It is like sorting through the email messages in your inbox. Maybe you receive a handful of messages and take care of each item as it comes. Congratulations on having an effective use of time, by the way! My inbox happens to get bombarded with various messages vying for my attention and/or energy.


This happens in both the virtual and real world alike, so each decision we make determines how we best manage our time and attention. With each action or inaction, we are left with the results. If we do not mindfully manage our mail, then it accumulates. This accumulation can add to the anxiety we feel as we look at the growing list or the higher pile, knowing these remain “undone.”


To many people, seeing a pile of old mail they may say, “just get rid of it.” Similar to this very compilation today, action is the key; not putting it off any longer brings us full circle to the destruction and regrowth mentioned in the first note. It is a reminder of how important it is that we mindfully move on the road ahead, and remove what keeps us from bringing our beautiful life into fruition.


About the Author

 Kathy Custren, OMTimes Magazine Senior Editor, is a mother who strives for balance with a deep respect for all. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with "Consciousness Live" on WordPress and the community page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook. Read more at Mindblogger: http://kathyc-mindblogger.blogspot.com

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