Yogic Chakras and Astrology| Chakra-Astrology relation

As it is well known to all the yogis that, “Chakras are centers of spiritual energy.” It is correlated as nerve plexus with the modern science. However  its not just nerve plexus. Spiritual subject are beyond science. Here; lets approach yogic chakra and Astrology with their relation.

Besides our ‘outer birth chart’ relating to the physical body is an ‘inner birth chart’ of the astral body that reveals the life pattern of our soul. The main factors that make up the astral body are the seven chakras from the root to the crown. The chakras have detailed astro­logical equivalents in Vedic astrology, which has its own special way of examining the astral body through the birth chart.

Our inner Sun of Prana moves up and down the spine and the chakra system along with each breath, traversing our inner zodiac along the way. Each breath constitutes a day for our inner Pranic Sun, with our inhalation as the day time and our exhalation as the night time. This is the astrological basis of Yoga Pranayama techniques that aim at moving the awakened or spiritually energized Prana up and down the spine during the practice. If we can do this, then each one of our breaths will have a great power for activating the chakras and arous-ing the Kundalini, the serpent power that opens the chakras, and which itself is the awakened energy of our inner Pranic Sun...

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Comment by Roshan Baskota on August 22, 2012 at 10:45am

Full article goes like this:-

Yogic Chakra and Astrology relation

As it is well known to all the yogis that, “Chakras are centers of spiritual energy.” It is correlated as nerve plexus with the modern science. However it’s not just nerve plexus. It’s a huge mass of universal energy and experienced by only those who can literally activate the chakras through yoga or meditations. Spiritual subject are beyond science. However in the beginning level we must think of the spirituality from the physical body.

Astrology simply means the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs. Here we mainly talk about sun, moon, and planets .

Our body has two parts; External physical body that we see and inner minute spiritual body that we can’t. We all have different zodiac signs and birth charts that are calculated from the date, time and location of the birth. This outer birth chart is related to the physical aspect. Also there is inner birth chart in our body which we can refer as a astral body i.e  the intermediate between the intelligent soul and the physical body.  The seven chakras from the root (Muladhar chakra) to the crown (Aajna Chakra) are all responsible for the astral body.

Vedic astrology has explored the relationship between the planetary rulers and the chakras. Here relation of all six chakras with the different planets, solar and lunar sign and their action in our body  is given.



Solar Sign

Lunar Sign

Action in body


1. Third Eye (Ajna)




Will feeling and emotions


2. Throat Chakra (Visshuddha)



Gemini ‘

Speech and intellect


3. Heart Chakra (Anahata)




Love and heart


4. Navel Chakra (Manipura)




Energy, drives and passions


5. Sex Chakra (Svadhishthana)




Reproductive system


6. Root Chakra (Muladhara)




Elimination and support


Above table clearly shows that different inner zodiac signs related to corresponding chakra. And these chakras reflect the seven planets and the twelve signs that they rule. Mercury is related to speech and intellect, which relate to the throat chakra. Venus relates to love and affection and to the heart chakra. Mars rules the navel or fire center, our energy, drives and passions. Jupiter rules the reproductive system and the creative energy, our potential to expand. Saturn rules elimination and support. Rahu and Ketu, in their role of shadowing the Sun and Moon, relate to the ida and pingala, the left and right nadis.

Sun and moon can be related with different physiological processes in our body. When we breath in during meditation, it starts to wake up the chakra system. Our inner sun of Prana moves up and down. Exhalation is the throwing out of CO2and other impurities that body do not require. This is related to moon which symbolize the darkness or the impurities of body. To completely activate the kunadalini exhalation of impurities (moon) and waking up of inner pranic sun (Energy) is required.

There is a yoga practice called Surya/Chandra (sun/moon) breathing. Ancient yogis have practiced this yoga thousands of years as a means of bringing balance to both hemispheres of the brain, bringing the brain into alpha wave, and permitting the two energy channels of Ida and Pingali to travel around each of the chakras via the subtle energy body. Ida and Pingali originate at the root chakra and weave around each chakra before crossing behind the nostril area. This specific breathing technique has many benefits, including preparing the mind for meditation and allowing the flow of kundalini to emerge. This gives a little hint that pingala and eda are related with sun and moon.

Roshan Baskota is a student of BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) and is always in search of modern correlation of the Ayurvedic terms. He is engaged with Ayurveda, Herbs and Yoga related topics. And he discusses about these topics in his personal blog roshanbaskota.com.np. His main aim is to make whole world healthy and happy through Ayurveda. Roshan may be contacted at info@roshanbaskota.com.np

Comment by Omtimes Media on August 17, 2012 at 11:50am

Hello there, we love your article , we would like tom publish it on the magazine, but we can't refer the public to another website from the multimedia edition. I would suggest you to post the entire blog here, and add a small bio (60 words) and the website where people can visit and learn more.  This format  right now, does not fit the magazine, multimedia or website. namaste!

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