You Don’t have to be a Psychic to Find a Good Psychic

Psychic readers, counselors, healers and other practitioners have spent many, many years extricating themselves from a history steeped in misunderstanding, fear and even down right fraud. From the days of burning witches to more modern scandals and fraud claims, the decision to publicly declare yourself a psychic practitioner is not always an easy one.

The same history makes it equally hard to decide to consult a psychic, and perhaps even harder to choose one. Fortunately, being a psychic in a good part of the modern world no longer carries quite the stigma it used to, or at least not a death penalty, which means that there are likely to be a large number of psychics and other intuitive practitioners working in your area and advertising openly.

This can also lead to perhaps an overwhelming number of psychics, methods and modalities to choose from, leaving a person who is “shopping” for a psychic feeling confused and not sure how to decide which one might be best for them. Since these services can be fairly costly, it is good to do your research and make sure you know what you’re getting into before you make the investment. The good news is there are a few things to consider that can help you sort out who you would like to talk to.

What You Are Looking For?

Nearly every practicing psychic works differently. This means not every psychic is willing or able to answer your questions about your love life. Others might be better at helping you make career decisions or help you find your life path. Still others can help find missing persons or objects, or communicate with spirits. People who do healing can work in countless modalities, from energy healing to emotional and spiritual healing.

Start by asking yourself what it is you want to talk to the psychic about. Are you looking for love advice, general life advice, or something else? Are you curious about astrology, tarot, guardian angels, or animal totems? Does it matter to you if your psychic is male or female? Younger or older? Sorting out these things in your own head will not only help guide your search, but on a more metaphysical level, it can quite literally point you in the right direction.

Where Do You Look?

You can often start your search as simply as looking in the Yellow Pages, although in reality, it’s probably more likely that you will start your search online. Typing “psychic” and the area you live in into the search engine is likely to net you hundreds of hits, as well as give you more to filter through and confuse yourself with. You can narrow down the results further by including some of the attributes you came up with when thinking about what you are looking for in a psychic. You can search for “experienced astrologer” or “psychic medium” and get a bit more specialized search results.

In your online search, ideally you should choose psychic practitioners who have a website or at minimum a Facebook page, where you can read a bit about them, their experience, their philosophy and how they work. Trust your own intuition on what feels right or wrong for you. Everyone works differently and everyone feels a different level of comfort with different modalities and schools of thought. It’s good to get an idea if you think you could even carry on a conversation with this person, let alone listen to them on a personal or spiritual level.

Metaphysical, pagan and other “New Age” bookstores, wellness centers and even whole foods stores often have psychics and healers who work out of their shops, teach classes, or otherwise maintain a connection to the shop. Talking to the shop owners about what you are looking for can be a great way to find exactly what you are looking for. They are often well versed on what the psychics do, have probably even had readings themselves, and can tell you all about them.

Psychic Fairs

A psychic fair is an excellent place to “shop” for a psychic. There is usually a small fee to get into the fair, but you can often find anywhere from 5 to 20 different psychics participating. Most of them will have handouts explaining what they do, and at larger fairs they may even have someone at their table booking appointments and answering questions. If the psychic is available when you walk by, say hi, chat with them a little bit, and see how they “feel” to you. You will know, or have a “gut feeling” when you meet someone connected to you.

The best psychic for you may not necessarily be the one with the fanciest signs and the most gemstones, crystals and candles on their table. Many people like to go all out with their displays and even their clothing for what they feel is the best effect at a fair, but this does not necessarily mean they are more experienced or better at what they do than the person who has a less decorative appearance. Talking to them and taking the time to go around and check out each person at the event will help you decide who you think you would be most comfortable with.

Gather up brochures, business cards and other handouts while you’re there, and look through them all at home, if you can’t make up your mind at the fair. Call them and chat on the phone or ask if they would mind meeting just to talk.

Avoid asking them to demonstrate for you on the spot. While some might offer mini readings or something similar, to give you an idea of how they work, “being psychic” is not always just an on-demand skill or a side show trick. It may take a certain degree of focus and stillness or a few minutes of sitting and talking with you to get the connection needed to give you a truly meaningful message. Depending on how they work, some psychics might find it quite easy to pick out a family ancestor or guide with you right away, while others might just feel pressured and worried about it and not be able to pick up anything quickly.

Trust Your Own Intuition

Everyone has some degree of intuition. Some people just work more to develop and work with it than others. When you decide to consult with a psychic, you likely already have some degree of trust in the process itself, and probably no small amount of intuition of your very own. Listen to your “gut” or the little voice inside your head. If someone doesn’t “feel” quite right to you, move on to the next one. If you find someone you hit it off with right away and can chat freely with, this is more than likely the person you should choose to work with. Trust and openness in both directions will improve your results and help you find what you are looking for.


Tricia Griffith is an artist, writer and former veterinary assistant living in Maine. She has worked as a psychic and spiritual counselor for more than 20 years and draws much of what she writes about from those experiences. She has written on the arts, virtual worlds, spiritual & metaphysical topics and animal care. She maintains a blog at

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