Gifts, you have heard that they are there but do you know that you already have them? It has been said that gifts only come from on high when you choose to become the charge of a certain Deity or another but, if you are paying attention, you find them on your own. Being connected to your Higher Power, what ever name you choose to acknowledge it by will amp up your gifts and maybe even make you aware of some new ones.

What kinds of gifts are there you may well ask. Let's see what we can find.

There is the gift of Prophecy; this gift is usually one of detail and in the future. Some other words for it are future sight, precognition, premonition, foresight and pre-scentience.

Serving is another gift. You might feel that you do not care to serve others or that it is not a gift. The gift part is the fact that this action brings you out of yourself. It affords you the opportunity to be more than your physical self. Service is not a gift or activity of ego, but one of heart and empathy. It is an uplifting gift both to the receiver and the server.

A gift shared by many is Teaching. One may teach on many levels and at the same time. Actions teach, speech teaches, example teaches, guiding, not manipulating, but showing where to look but not what to look for teaches. All of these are gifts for the searcher AND, if the teacher is an aware one, there are lessons for them to learn as well.

Exhortation is the gift of speaking to enlighten others, the ability to say the right words so that the listener is edified and brought out of shadow of ignorance into the light of understanding.

Giving is another gift that is very commonly seen but is done often for the wrong reason. If giving is done to stoke ones ego, then perhaps you should reconsider your offering. The most sacred acts of giving are done in anonymity, out of the spotlight.

The gift of Leadership speaks to those who can show the way rather than steamroll over the followers. This gift is one of confidence and 'power to' rather than 'power over'. The gift of Leadership is a large and heavy gift and those who excel at it make it look effortless and easy.

Mercy is the gift of total, unconditional, kindness and compassion with no agenda on the behalf of the merciful person. It is the true kindly forbearance shown to all in the path of the giver.

Second Sight or pre-cognition almost the same as the gift of Prophecy, but a bit less dramatic, except to the person involved. It tends to run in the vein of a certain event or answer one or two questions. It can be broad and far reaching but is usually not. It seems to depend on the 'asker' , and the 'seeer'.

Another gift that is often overlooked is to be Plant-wise. Someone with this gift is a person who is really good at growing, using and communicating with the plants. Their gardens flourish and are abundant in their crops.

A person gifted in the same way with animals is said to be Animal-wise. Those with this gift are able to work with animals in all ways. Some seem to be effective with only one species and others seem to be able to work with any non-human. But both types are true gifts.

The ability to Travel Astrally is another gift and is rather new to the general public. It is the ability to consciously leave ones body and journey through the astral plane in order to retrieve information or to take a message. It differs from an out of body experience in that an out of body event is usually done spontaneously rather that consciously.

l Projection is the intentional act of havingthe spirit leave the body, whereas an out-of-bodyexperience happens involuntarily (such as whiledreaming, or in a near-death experience).

Other World Sight is the gift of being able to see/feel/hear energies from other realms. People with this gift can usually communicate with the energies and figure out how to help them either be satisfied that their mission is complete and they are released from service or to help them realize that they need to pass on into their after life. This gift takes a lot of patience and courage.

The gift of Healing is just what you think it is,the ability to heal oneself or another with particular practices. One traditional way is a laying of hands, very much like Christian Faith Healing. There are many different types, traditions and modalities of healing but they all bring about the same result, a lessening of dis-ease.

Another unrecognized gift is one of Philosophy. This gift emphasizes the sacredness of all life. It brings to the realization of our part in the great web of creation. It does not separate Spirit and Matter - it offers a deep spirituality that celebrates all physical life. It brings us the truth that all is one.

One of our gifts that all can develop is the deep connection to Nature. This is a connection that goes beyond noticing the weather and animals. This gift comes with certain practices that create the unifying feeling of being at one with, not only Nature, but with our ancestors, our own bodies, and our sense of Spirit, with plants, trees, animals, stones, and ancestral stories as well. There are eight seasonal celebrations that can help you become attuned to the natural cycles, and help you to structure your lives through the year, and to assist you in developing a sense of community with all living beings.

Another gift affirms the fact that life is a Journey. There are celebrations of rites of life's passages that help you on the journey. There are celebrations of the blessing and naming of children, of marriage, of death, and of other times of initiation. Celebrating these milestones in your life consciously and with awareness, by creating ritualistic and symbolic ways to mark your passage from one level of your life into another gives your life deep meaning and direction.

An exciting and rewarding gift is the one of exploring other realities. There are many techniques for this exploration of other states of consciousness. Some of these techniques are used by other spiritual traditions, and include such activities as meditation, visualization, shamanic journeying, the use of ceremony, music, chanting and sweat-lodges. You may use one or many, depending upon your desire to explore. One is not more powerful than another and the choice is yours.

An under appreciated gift is the one of your own potential. Your own path of self-development is a wonderful and exciting journey that invites your creative potential to flourish. Your psychic and intuitive abilities are already within you if you choose to exercise them. Your journey, if you dedicate your self to finding your Self, will foster your intellectual and spiritual growth in wonderful and unexpected ways.

The last gift I offer here is the gift of manifestation. This gift it teaches you the art of opening yourself to the magic of being alive, the art of bringing ideas into being, and the art of journeying on your own quest of wisdom, healing and inspiration.

What gifts will you choose to embrace? They are all there just waiting for you so start now to open those wonderful things that will enrich, uplift and move your life forward into its highest good and best outcome. Chessie

© 2013 Chessie Roberts, all rights reserved

Chessie Roberts is a Singer/song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Lecturer and the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe, crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential, self improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her ability to put things into an easy to learn package allows participants to fine tune their healing intentions, identify personal goals and clarify the path they wish to devise in order to heal themselves and grow into their own Spiritual Evolution. You can find Chessie's programs and products at and her music at

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