We have all had those days. You know, the ones that test your patience at every turn. You have a long list of things that absolutely need to get done and a motivation level hovering at historic lows. You push forward anyway but are met with roadblock after unbelievable roadblock. That's when you know it's time for a fresh perspective and here's one to consider.

You're walking into a mountain lake. The water is crystal clear and sparkling in the sunshine. You stand there for a moment with your bare feet buried in the wet, sandy bottom and set your intention to connect with the watery worlds of creation and creativity. You ground yourself to the powerful energy of the Earth. You feel the healing begin almost immediately. 

There is a kayak floating next to you. You hop in, grab the paddle and set a course for a small island in the middle of the lake. As you approach you notice two Blue Herons fishing in the shallows. Normally they would be easily spooked and take flight as soon as they felt an outside presence. Today they look up at you lazily and decide the fish are more important. As you pass them, your paddling settles into a rhythm. You become mesmerized by the sound of the waves splashing on the rocky shore. By the time you complete the loop around the island you have completely forgotten about the days drudgery. You stop in the middle of the lake, lean back into the seat of the kayak and relax, gazing up into a blue sky mottled with the exact type of puffy white clouds that spark wild imagination. Suddenly the answer to the problem you were trying to solve earlier pops into your head effortlessly and you smile. You have just tapped in to your Zenergy and you have recreation to thank for it.

The word recreation is defined as a pastime or diversion affording relaxation and enjoyment. But there is a second definition almost hidden in the word itself. That is "the act of creating anew." By stepping away from the drudgery and choosing something different, you just re-created yourself. Now that adds a very Zenergetic dimension to the word.

It also begs the question why is our society so hard work oriented? Working hard towards a goal you are passionate about is one thing. Working your fingers to the bone just to survive is quite another. As the cost of living continually rises, the first solution always seems to be to work longer and harder. What do we do when those long, hard hours at work no longer fulfill us? In the greater picture they may even seem meaningless. Do we stay because the pay is reasonably good and allows us to live a somewhat comfortable life? Or do we stay because fear keeps us from pursuing that "impossible dream"? While we ask ourselves these questions there exists in the background the persistent feeling that there is so much more to this life.    

Fear is a remnant of an old paradigm and it runs rampant here in the third dimension, also known as our physical world. You may have noticed that world is slowly unraveling. Don't let that upset you. We want the fear based world to unravel so we can replace it with love. Love fuels the impossible dream. And we can choose love over fear any time. We can apply that choice to any situation in life and feel the profound difference between the two.

We are all a part of something much bigger than our minds can fathom. There's an entire universe of magical light within and all around us illuminating our path. Now is the time for us to remember the magic, discover our gifts and share them with passion. More and more of us are starting to wake up to these truths. We are starting to realize that fear in any of its forms - jealousy, anger or hate - is a waste of time and more importantly, a waste of energy. 

Follow your heart. Search for your purpose. Maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Play as in re-creation. Recreate yourself in love and watch the impossible dreams come true. 

Howard Thurman said,"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because the world needs more people who have come alive." 

Tuning in to your own personal Zenergy will help you come alive. Remember those Blue Herons fishing on the lake? Be like them. They are at peace and focused on the present moment. There are no distractions. Soon you will start to see the signs.

The universe is always sending signs to keep you on your path. They may come in dreams, song lyrics, repeating numbers or even Deja Vu. The signs are much like the signal from a radio station. They're always there. You just need to match the frequency. You'll know when you do by the unmistakable feeling you get when the signs show up. The feeling of being connected to your own limitlessness and the endless possibilities of life. An all knowing, peaceful and loving force that instills in you the belief that you can do anything, go anywhere and be anyone your heart desires. 

Jon Von Knight is one of the billions of energetic beings who chose to be here on this beautiful planet earth during these unprecedented times. He is the author of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace. A series based on the true story of an Angel on Earth who happens to be his best friend. He would love to hear from you!   



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Comment by Jon Von Knight on December 3, 2015 at 7:33am

Very Grateful, Shelly!

Comment by Jon Von Knight on December 2, 2015 at 8:18am

Hi Shelly! Thanks so much! I have added the bio. I wasn't sure where to add but I figured it out with some help from the "Ask the Editors" group. Thanks again!

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