This Music on your Brain

Music as entertainment is the tip of the iceberg. Music is a hidden giant with far ranging impacts on our health and learning. It is easily accessible and inexpensive! What is wrong with this solution? Why it is not used more?

Music stimulates regions of the brain responsible for memory, language and motor control. That is scientific fact. It should be a staple in schools, rehabs and hospitals. It was required in ancient Egypt and Greece for its benefits on learning and behavior. Music has been used to clear negative emotions and stimulate virtues – in ancient and modern times.

Researchers investigated the effect of music on brain neurotrophin production, which is associated with the swell being of neurons. Young adult mice exposed to music with a slow rhythm for 21 consecutive days were tested in passive avoidance learning (how quickly they could avoid negative stimuli). The music-exposed mice showed increased neurotrophins in the brain and significantly improved their learning performance. The researchers concluded that music helps several central nervous system problems.

Studies are popping up all the time showing abounding with positive impacts of music. Music can replicate the effects of hormone replacement therapy in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to research published in Medical Hypotheses. Their study added that music also was helpful with neuropsychiatric disorders. From helping seniors to emotional issues, music is a free, accessible and easy tool to use.

Researchers observed that bird singing (with the Zebra Finch) doubles the numbers of its neurons.  In other studies singing improved the plasticity of nerves in birds – the more they sang, they healthier they got!

Music affects steroids levels such as cortisone, testosterone and estrogen, and it is believed that music also affects related receptor genes. Unlike supplementing the brain with hormone substitution drugs which can have devastating side effects, music is noninvasive, and its existence is universal and mundane.

Music can increase motor functioning in Parkinson patients, as documented in Behavioral Pharmacology. Music in ancient times was used extensively for disabilities. We are rediscovering this use!

We have been surrounded by music our entire lives, while being clueless that music exchanges energy with us on every level of our being! Listening and participating in music enhances learning, behavior and health! All these benefits and music can be enjoyable too! It is like a spoonful of music to make the medicine go down!


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Jill, Your article is lovely, and your message could change the world if enough people would listen. I have had the thought for years, as I watch minority youth involved in the wrong kind of music: They are damaging permanently their brains, and their ears. I am Cherokee, and have heard many of the ancient sacred stories of creation. One story is that a tone from the creator was the first element of creation on this planet, and  others.

Just think what kind of a change could happen in the lives of under privileged children who were exposed to violin and piano at an early age.  I am no music (,expert as you are, but I can see as you have explained in your article) the right tones played for these children, even a singing bowl, would balance them. Music is a unique language, a way of communicating not only with others but with ourselves. It is a powerful energy that the Western world does not understand (yet).  I am going to listen to all the links you have provided in your article. I love music, I celebrate with music, I go to mediation with music, I calm down for sleep with music. Thank you so much for sharing this article, you have a great assignment to inform the world of the beauty and positive affects of music on our lives, and I bet you love your work. Nancy Oakes-


thanks for your reply! You inow the ancient Egyptians and Greeks required children to be exposed to certain types of uplifting music - to increase learning and mold personalities and build virtues.The Cherokees used music to get information from "beyond the veil." It was a link to a place where there is more information I am so glad you have found that music can enhance your life at every turn. I bless you with sweet music at every turn! Hugs J!

Hi Jill - selected for one of the October multi-media editions

Thanks Jill

I spent several hours listening to your CD's and reviewing your work. So fascinating!  I plan to purchase several of your CD's.  I also reviewed Sherry Edwards, which I also found very interesting. I wanted to ask you a question about the Ascended Masters you speak of. Is it appropriate to ask at this site, or do you want communicate by email. My email is my website is ( under reconstruction, so forgive)

Did you happen to see my article on the dolphins and whales?

Much Love

Yes I would love to see your articles!! Also let's have the discussion so others can benefit as well. Sweet blessings Jill

Thank you, I was curious about the Ascended Masters you speak of. Can you elaborate on who you channeling. 

I am like a radio dial...who do you want to speak to? I can channel them all. I mainly channel when I write and perform about angelic music!  :)

Well I would love to hear you channel Mary Magdalene. Could we ask her questions? 


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This is Music on your Brain

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