OMTimes Writers’ Community is not the usual type of social network. It is operated with the sole purpose of providing a convenient way for authors to submit content for possible publication in OM Times Multimedia Magazine., its Social Media and subsidiary broadcasting outlets.

The disclosure of intensely personal information is not appropriate here, as it might be on other social networks. We are a professional publication.  As such, we ask that you conduct yourself in a friendly, professional manner.

All posts within this Community Network are deemed to be submissions for possible publication in OM Times Magazine, in all its various formats.

Before making a submission, it is highly recommended that you read through our General Submission Guidelines’ and visit our ‘TRAINING’ area, which will provide you with valuable additional information.

Please also familiarize yourself with our Copyright and Reprint Policy’ and ‘Terms of Use.'

1. PLEASE RESPECT all editors, administrators, and fellow Community members.

2. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ACTIVELY – AT LEAST ONCE PER MONTH - either in your own personal blog or in each of the groups you belong to.

3. JOIN ONLY GROUPS THAT YOU PLAN TO SUBMIT WORK TO.  Joining multiple groups is fine, but please keep in mind that submitting in all of them at least once per month is important. Please consider your personal time constraints before joining more than one or two.

4. CHECK IN ON CHAT.  This is an excellent way to get to know other authors within our Community. Meet new friends, engage others, stimulate your mind, and have fun!

5. OM TIMES WRITERS’ COMMUNITY LOGOS AND GRAPHICS ARE COPYRIGHTEDand may not be reproduced without express written permission from the publishers, and the original artist.


6. NO COMMUNITY MEMBER MAY ACT INDEPENDENTLY AS AN OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON for OM Times Magazine, or for our associated organizations for ANY reason. Administrators may occasionally act on behalf of our team at the express request of the publishers only, and only for the task at hand.

7. PLEASE CONDUCT YOURSELF WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF HONOR, integrity, and dignity within this Community. The following behaviors are considered inappropriate:

• TROLLING:  Any member suspected of having joined OM Times Writers’ Community for the sole purpose of directing traffic to their own personal profile page, or to an outside website or business will be suspended pending investigation. If trolling is proven, that member will be removed.

• ADVERTISING:  All members have the opportunity to share their outside endeavors on their own personal profile page or in Featured Author Spotlights within groups only. Members who attempt to advertise within the Community, or solicit our members to their own website or services will be suspended. If anyone sends you a sales message of any kind, please alert OMTimes Media,  Lisa Shaw, Kathy Custren,  immediately! However, if you would like to consider advertising with OM Times Magazine, contact us at - you will find our rates and packages very competitive.

A fine line exists between seamlessly offering valuable sponsored content and deceiving people into believing that a form of paid advertisement is, in fact, organic editorial content. As far back as 1968, the Federal Trade Commission commented on ethics surrounding native advertising, and just this year reasserted its message: publications and brands need to differentiate between objective journalism and advertisements clearly.


• HOSTILITY TOWARD OTHERS:  Everyone has the divine right to believe what they wish. This is a safe space to discuss ideas. We believe that the beauty of Unverified Personal Gnosis is sacred, and encourage this to be shared, as it will help all our members learn and grow. When you share ideas, please do so kindly, and with respect for others.

• EXCESSIVE FLIRTING, PROFANITY, OR PORNOGRAPHY:  We believe in and encourage, artistic license, but please keep your language and content clean and courteous to others. You will receive a request to stop immediately if you’re going too far.


8. WE PURGE INACTIVE, ABANDONED ACCOUNTS TWICE PER YEAR.  If your account has been inactive for six months or more, it will be assumed that you do not wish to submit any more work to OM Times Magazine. The account will be purged (not banned).

9. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO BE IN THIS NETWORK.  While we make every effort to keep ‘adult content’ in the realm of artistic license, and at a minimum, this is a legal issue that we must adhere to.

10. GUIDELINES ARE BORN OF NECESSITY.  It is not our intention to be militant, or overbearing in our approach to operating this Community. However, we feel that it is our right, and our responsibility to guard against insensitive actions committed by people of questionable integrity.

Our first defense is to do our level best to screen new members thoroughly, both for our own protection and for our members. Also, these guidelines are regularly updated and are made readily available here for viewing at any time. We hope that in doing so, we have made it clear that we do not tolerate the fraudulent or disruptive behavior.

These guidelines are subject to change to reflect the growing issues within our Community, and we make a definite point of announcing such changes as they are made.

However, the full responsibility of staying informed and aware of changes lies with each Community member.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us at:

Or write to:

OMTimes Media, Inc.

825-C Merrimon Avenue
Suite 301
Asheville, NC  28804

OMTimes™ is a Trademark of OMTimes Media, Inc.

©2009-2013 OMTimes Media

All Rights Reserved

Your understanding and full cooperation are greatly appreciated!

Last Update: 05/1/2017

Please note: as of our 2017 Roadmap Conference, members are who have not been active in the writer's community for a year, or more are considered non-contributing and will be subject to removal. If circumstances change to where you wish to be an active, monthly contributing member, you may apply for membership. We are grateful to all members for being active contributors to OMTimes!!

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