September 2011 Articles (40)

LOVE Comes First (OM Times)

You have probably heard the old riddle, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  It is the kind of question that can set your mind into a spiral.  As we think of what needs to be first (the object that reproduces life, or the being that produces the object), there is something that trumps them both.  Love.…


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October 2011 - The 411 on Yoga & Cancer

SACREDspace Studio - the 411 on Yoga and Cancer

Most of us will never hear the words, “you’re biopsy came back positive – it was malignant!”  However, chances are that someone in your circle of family or friends will be affected by this deadly and indiscriminate disease.  Hopefully you will revisit this article for suggestions on…

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Celebrate the Harvest

To the ancient agrarian societies whose lives revolved around the harvest, the year was seen as a great wheel that turned through the seasons, and with the end of October came the death of the Sun God. The shorter days and long cool nights haled the coming of winter, the season of hunger and death. The full moon of October was often called the blood moon because this was the month to kill and salt down livestock, for only the choicest stock was kept to be fed and coddled through the harsh…


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The ART of Cancer

The ART of Cancer


Q : What do you get when you cross a designer, artist, yogini, social activist with cancer?


A: You get a conscious voice who realizes, in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, that there is “nothing to fear but fear itself!” My personal battle with breast cancer provided me with an opportunity to get involved in the healing process and dig deep! As the result…


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my prayer and daily affirmation

my home is my sanctuary of God

my body is my temple of God

i will not allow for any negative energy

to violate my sacred space.

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There are a lot of mixed ideas about what constitutes a

valuable psychic reading. I felt it would be a good idea if I explained the way

that I work with clients. When I am first contacted for an appointment either

by telephone or e-mail I ask that the person desiring a psychic reading think

about or even write out the questions they wish to have…


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The Warning Signs of Addiction

A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. ~ Clarence Day



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Silver Threads - Life is an Action!

Reflection: “Truth is given, not to be contemplated, but to be done. Life is action, not a thought.” F.W. Roberston


Thought, Introspection…


Contemplation, the act of scrutinizing, surveying and observing is an important aspect of many of our daily events. Just about every act we perform in what may appear to be repetitive, autonomic routines, requires or required at one point in time…


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Corruptible? Correctable!!

I awoke this morning with these two words rolling around in my head. It is an excellent subject that needs to be worked into our awareness with a bit more focus.

The human body, right down to its very cellular and genetic structure, is a very corruptible thing. We are very fragile. The slightest difference or…


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6 ideas for living (a little) longer

Eating healthy? Yes but ... Playing sports? Uh ... The right thing to have a perfect lifestyle, we all know. However, difficult to deal with constantly. But because even the lazy have a right to live longer, here are a few suggestions too stringent to apply.

1 / We made love at least twelve times a month

If you need a real good excuse to motivate your partner is definitely it. In his book The Life and Times by Flammarion,… Continue

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Submission to CARE2 - Tribute to Those Doing Good Things ---> Liane Legey (go team)

Humanity Healing's Heart!


Liane Legey is a one woman dynamo.  Although I met her in the virtual world, she quickly became one  of my dear long lost soul sisters, a collaborator and a business associate.  

I have watched her create lessons plans, teach distant classes, manage a community of thousands (…


Added by deZengo on September 22, 2011 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

What If There is No Way to Have a Failed Life

What if it is only possible to constantly evolve into an ever growing awareness of who we are as constituent parts of the Divine? What if every single incarnation--rather than being a karmic reward or punishment for the life that preceded it--is actually one incremental stitch in the whole fabric of I AM? But we could only imagine that possible if we begin to see through the eyes of Oneness, rather than those of the duality trance state in which we all live. 

     The duality trance…


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Tell me Why- Declan Galbraith

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The Essence of the Soul

The Essence of the Soul

By Judi Lynch

Our souls have history and meaning and purpose and future. These ingredients give us our soul personalities that determine our life themes and journeys. As we are learning to grow and evolve, we constantly learn about our personal essence. We find out what brings us joy and pain and every feeling in-between by how we “feel” and how we react to those feelings. We are drawn to certain places, colors, people, events and happenings. We have…


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1Vie Alzheimer everyday with a person

Fighting against an amnesia-daily

Read the other chapters of this article:

2) What to do with this progressive amnesia?

3) With regard to the objects of everyday life

4) Marks, eating, drinking, sleeping ...

5) bright side relationship with the patient

6) Compensate disorientation in time and space

7) Techniques for guiding the patient to reality

8) Dealing with problems of knowledge (agnosia)

9)… Continue

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A computer touch ultra simple to serve seniors

Launched in France in 2008, Ordimemo is a tool, specially designed for seniors, which requires no technical knowledge, which combines the functions of communication, home help, information, entertainment, video-service assistance .

The product is very easy to use, with a touch screen, no mouse or keyboard at your fingertips, just!

The functions of the Ordimemo are multiple send and receive emails,… Continue

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Every Soul Is Potentially Divine

Man is essentially a process. That is the reason man is ever restless. He's always searching for the meaning and purpose of life in its totality. We don't see this phenomenon in other species of life that surround us. The infinite possibilities that are embedded in the very womb of his Being motivate him from within to search for the next. His continual search for finding newer meanings and higher purposes create all the restlessness inside of him.

Here is a story of how… Continue

Added by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari on September 19, 2011 at 11:59pm — No Comments

good health to all

20 Les symptômes du cancer femmes ignorent

1. Sifflante ou essoufflement

L'un des patients les premiers signes du cancer du poumon souviens d'avoir remarqué quand ils regardent en arrière, c'est l'incapacité de reprendre leur souffle. «Je ne pouvais même pas marcher à travers la cour, sans respiration sifflante. Je pensais avoir l'asthme, mais comment je ne l'avais pas avant?" est de savoir comment une femme qu'il décrit.

2. La toux chronique ou douleur thoracique… Continue

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Practicing Peace

Practicing Peace

By Judi Lynch

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

Albert Einstein

The complete practice of Peace on Earth is more than a dreamer’s vision of what could be. It is the future for the evolution of the planet and an intricate and necessary step in our soul’s existence. So many changes have been taking place lately, accelerating the ascension with brilliant clarity. Can everyone see it? Not yet! But it is… Continue

Added by Judi Lynch on September 18, 2011 at 8:46pm — 2 Comments

Seemingly Calm

Do not judge a book by its cover.  We may meet someone who is very calm in appearance and think they have it all together.  In reality they may be acting calm (poker face) as a way to appear strong and in control.  Some people express emotions with ease.  Many people hold back their emotions to appear proper, in control, look strong or avoid ridicule by others.


The defensive facade of appearing strong and in control takes lots of energy.   Such exhaustive defense mechanisms…


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