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new writing endeavor

Check out for my Prescott, Az articles and other articles. If you become an Examiner please put me as your referral. Miranda Leng thanks everyone, how are you all? I am kind of dormant on Om Times at the moment as have new iron in the fire. Best wishes to you all for the holidays and beyond

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HH STREETteam & SACREDspace Studio Support the Yoga FREEDOM Project

BENEFITING: Somaly Mam Foundation

EVENT DATE: JAN 01, 2012



Uniting the yoga community to raise awareness and funding to put an end to sex trafficking!


SACREDspace Studio TN, the Yoga Freedom Project and Off the Mat NY have partnered up with The Somaly Mam Foundation ( to create a global yoga month in January 2012 to raise awareness and funding to help bring an end to sex…


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SACREDspace : December 2011 : The 411 on Yoga & Conscious Parenting

Yoga can very easily become part of a conscious parenting roadmap to complete wellness for parent and child. Intentional Conscious Parenting shares ideas on raising children in an intentional way with a focus on inner connectedness, trusting our intuition, connecting with our angels, mother earth, celebrating each child's uniqueness and bringing out their inner creativity.  Discover what the…


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Health & Wellness : Dec 2011 - Giving is the Best Way to Receive

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”     ~Kahlil Gibran           


Have you ever wondered why it feels good to give and help others out or if there are actual measurable benefits for the giver as well as the receiver?   Do we lose true altruism if all parties benefit?  Want to feel better? Live longer? Dodge a bad mood? Lift yourself up?  It’s easy. Go help someone else!




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Let go?

Have you ever had an encounter with raccoons?  I am fascinated by raccoons.  I became interested in raccoons when I was camping in Oklahoma.  They visited our supplies one night and had a great feast.  We had made sure our supplies were secure. They kept testing our resolve the following nights.


I started admiring raccoons. I even painted a raccoon to express how much I admire their nature.  They are smart, curious, creative, and focused.  These are also some attributes that…


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Are you Spiritually Stuck?

As you know, each one of us has psychic and healing abilities.  Like all other endeavors in our lives, if we choose not to use them we will forget how to use them.  Perhaps there has been a time in your life when you were very intuitive but it frightened you and you wanted to shut it off.  You would still receive messages, have a feeling but now instead of paying attention to it you likely brushed it aside, allowing your ego to convince you it was all your imagination.  You may have wanted…


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What Is Your Emotional Type?

To pin down your style of how you relate emotionally, it’s important to know your emotional type. This is the filter through which you see the world, the default setting of your personality that you revert to, especially during stress. It represents your basic tendencies. You can build on these by making the most of your best traits and adopting traits from the other types that appeal to you.

In my book, “…


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How to Mindfully Manage ADHD

Even though it was only diagnosed about fifty years ago it seems that most people today have either dealt with or at least heard about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Now there are variations of this disorder including AD/HD and ADD but basically the key behavioral signs in children are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Adults with ADHD often exhibit signs of depression, mood swings, anger and relationship issues, poor time management skills, and procrastination.…


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You Are Safe

Within my bubble of protection

I look around and see

A storm of turmoil brewing

For all of humanity

There is struggle, hurt and pain

As fears, rapidly compound

Everywhere I look

There are unhappy people found

With a blink in vision

I choose to look again

And see a different story

One without an end

Each of us adapting

From somewhere far within

We begin to learn and grow

We heal the past and win

At last we recognize…


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Join the Celebration

"Ritual and ceremony can bridge our past and our present elegantly, making it possible for folks like you and me to travel through life, honoring the good and bad times we’ve been through. They can help us become human “well-beings,” ready to take on more life and liberty and ready to pursue our happiness.- Carl Jung

December brings the beginning of winter with the winter solstice marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. To the ancient agrarian societies this day…


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Relationship Survival - destination loneliness

When you think of the word survival what picture comes to mind? Mine looks like a lone battle against something that brings me pain, where I am just existing and managing to get by each day and I am certainly far from happiness and peace. 

In relationships (and the clue is in the word!), relating through words and body language is our only means of staying connected to our tribe, community and indeed those close to us. We have to be able to relate to belong and feel felt by…


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Potential (OM Times)

Our most very basic ability, hands down, has to be our human potential.  Before we can even BE, we might give insight to the fact that we are here for some purpose or reason.  Whatever that end result happens to be or…

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Birthday Musings

I usually look back when my birthday happens and tell you what I've learned that previous year and the character strengths they have created. This year isn't any different and I hope you enjoy this year's list of strengths I've experienced.

  • I have learned that no matter what odds seem to be pressing you down, you can (and I think must)…

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« Vigilance » is the second of a series of short segues that I have composed in order to combine already existing pieces into one larger, continuous whole.

Each of the segues highlights a quality or an ability cultivated along a difficult journey, contributing to the successful completion of the challenge.

Again, I won’t reveal the title of the parts, nor of the completed collage, hoping to keep the surprise…


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Future Visions

Future Visions

by Judi Lynch

Being acutely aware of your soul’s connection to the Universe is rapidly gaining new respect and understanding. In a way that has little to do with religion and more to do with unity, morality and spiritual responsibility. The transformation we have been experiencing as the new era kicks in has gained both momentum and recognition by leaps and bounds. Because of our spiritual and…


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True Meditation Just Happens

When most people think about learning to Meditate, they think about learning “to do” something. Why do we always think that we have “to do” all that just naturally happens, all that just naturally flows? Learning “to do” Meditation, and then thinking we are not “doing” it right, being self critical to the point of self-condemnation, is totally anti-meditation.  What you are getting out of this so called meditation is the opposite of…


Added by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari on November 20, 2011 at 2:03am — No Comments

How much is that Lucky Cat in the Window?

How much is that Lucky Cat in the Window?

You see them everywhere you go, especially in Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants.  In the West they just seem like decorative objects in the shape of a cat that waves at you.  To the Asian cultures these cats, known as Lucky or Beckoning Cats, represent much more.  They carry a certain energy…


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Back to Basics: Hope and Trust (OM Times)

It has happened again, an early-morning jam session in my head and heart that needs to make its way into the material world.  There are basic things we need to keep in mind that can really help us.  A friend asks…

Added by Kathy Custren on November 17, 2011 at 11:00am — No Comments

Mind Turtles

God, make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear. ~ Ruby Dee…


Added by Maria Khalife on November 15, 2011 at 1:14pm — No Comments

Top 10 Secrets for Graceful Aging

Top 10 Secrets for Graceful Aging

The Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest, most comprehensive

examination of aging ever conducted. Since the 1930s, researchers have studied

more than 824 men and women, following them from adolescence into old age,

seeking clues to the behaviors that translate into happy and healthy longevity.

The book "Aging Well", by Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist, George Vaillant

has acquired…


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