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The old year is dying. 2011 is on its way out! The question is: “Will you let it die?” In other words are you willing to release the sometimes unhappy memories of what was or perhaps what was not? Can you let go of any disappointments or any seeming personal failures?

We can say that we made mistakes of one kind or another but really they were not mistakes at all. They were simply choices or decisions. Some of those choices we would not make or repeat…


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Why Should I Forgive? The Origin of a New Year's Resolution

I’ve been asked why I’m passionate about teaching forgiveness. It’s because all religious, spiritual and metaphysical roads I’ve traveled have led me here, to this one Truth borrowed from A Course In Miracles: I forgive others for my own peace of mind.

In my late twenties I read the Bible, the Old and New Testament, for the first time. Although I was impressed with the transformation of God’s consciousness from the Old Testament God of anger, judgment, vengeance and war to the New…


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Angel on the Threshold

you so wanted to be yourself

life had told you, « you will be saved »

but now you stand on the wire

suspicious of the road you paved

you so wanted to be so rich

that all problems you'd be rid of

life responded, « work through them first,

true wealth comes from rising above »

you so wanted to rush forward

but you were still stuck at the dam

life instructed, « don't miss the mark



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Path of Heart

We all have some sort of insecurity.  We may not want to feel our insecurity and therefore replace feeling our insecurity with doing or owning things.  We may buy into beliefs such that with enough knowledge, degrees, status, money, friends, and things our insecurities will go away.  This is a never ending game, since “enough” of something today may not be sufficient tomorrow; as our circumstances change, so do our needs.


You may know people whose doing and having solution…


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Yarn Therapist - STREETteam : EcoChallenge 2012 : Recycled Bottles

Can you imagine life if everyone actually wanted to save our resources and automatically found other uses for everything that we purchase or bring into our home?  The path to creating change is made with small actions creating huge reactions.  There are many products to choose from, but none as accessible to the masses as plastic bottles (PET).  (More information on PET bottles).  Designers have finally rose to the challenge of working to create a more sustainable…


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New Year’s Un-expectations!

 As the year comes to a close, it is a common habit to review what the past has wrought and what the future holds. Self study, particularly at this time of the year is always good, taking a meditative look at the lessons learned in the past year and resolving to try harder to not give into the negative patterns of the mind.  But many people, in making their list of New Year’s Resolutions, set themselves up for failure by the nature of their…


Added by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari on December 22, 2011 at 12:39am — No Comments

HH STREETteam - Connecting Communities with Yoga with Living Fit Today

Connecting the Community Through Yoga

Jerry Jefferson

Swaying palm trees, boats traveling the intercostal waterway, soft green grass covered with graceful bodies in Triangle Pose. West Palm Beach Yoga Day once again beckons the citizens of south Florida to downtown West Palm Beach for a family day filled with clean, healthy fun for free. Each year, certified yoga…


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The Love Energy of Christmas

Have you noticed as Christmas approaches a certain energy descends on us? Like a mist it silently drifts into our minds and hearts urging us to, connect deeper and appreciate those we love more or act on things we don’t like in our lives, or reflect on times gone by with those who are not around us anymore.

Each year as the decorations go on sale, the weather gets colder and the days shorter, I notice people acting slightly differently including myself, almost in response to a…


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SACREDspace : January 1/2 2012 - Yoga Vidya

The Synthesis of Yoga

Yoga is an integral, all-embracing system. Most people find a combination of the different paths of yoga most powerful:

• Hatha Yoga develops the physical body

• Kundalini Yoga augments the energy body

• Bhakti Yoga sublimates the emotions

• Raja Yoga trains the mind

• Jnana Yoga enhances intellect and intuition

• Karma Yoga helps integrating everything into daily life.


Asanas – yoga…


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A Word For Joy

I am happy among children's eyes

I am very worried and happy

among the crazy and the hopeless

they recognize me, right away

I'm home

And there is nowhere I would rather be

alive or dead

than in this world

Inside this skull I hold and ponder

unending space expanding if I understand correctly

at an accelerating rate,…


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Creating Consciousness in the Year of the Dragon (pt 1)

Creating Consciousness in the Year of the Dragon

 "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls butterfly."  

~Richard Bach

Congratulations!  If you are reading this you survived 2011 and are now ready to prepare yourself for the “Year of the Dragon.”  Much has been foretold of Armageddon and the end of planet earth; however, we must…


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OM Times Jan 1/2 Editorial - Creating Consciousness in the Year of the Dragon (pt 2)

In the first of the month edition we took a look at 2012 as the Year of the Dragon and the changes that might be associated with that energy.   The dragon brings change and this shift is visible nearly every time you open a newspaper or turn on the TV. It can be seen in the breakdown of many old structures such as those that underpin governments, churches and corporations, as well as in families and individuals. It is also evident in the ecological breakdown of numerous Earth systems, a…


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The Fear of Judgment

The Fear of Judgment

by Judi Lynch

It might be said that the fear of judgment is the root cause of all the anxiety over religion. Follow the rules we have set, or you will be judged. These teachings must be adhered to or a fiery hell will be your punishment. This is a big part of what I was taught in church growing up. On the flip side, there was this awesome man they talked about who did miraculous things which gave us all hope for salvation in Heaven. That…


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Are you Charlie Brown?

Many of us grew up with either reading the Peanuts comic in the newspaper or watching the now traditional cartoons at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since its creation in 1950 until its creator died in February 2000, many life lessons were portrayed through these simple yet timeless stories. When you think back over the various cartoons you can see where the lessons of growing up and life in general were played out. We always felt sorry for poor Charlie Brown, good guy who never…


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Occupy Wall Street and Oneness

History has a long list of protests. “Us against them” is a natural reaction but also a call for division, a polarized position that often brings some form of violence. As man tries to keep a system in control, dominate a person or impose an idea, he often uses violence. The sense of division is then exacerbated, the gap between both parties widens and chances for an equitable solution diminish. That’s the unending chain of violence, the tit for tat, the eye for eye that has been ruling the…


Added by Sophie Rose on December 15, 2011 at 1:25pm — 3 Comments

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Expert Says Parents Need To Start Taking Action Against Child Obesity

Claire Hegarty a leading Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert who helps people all over the UK to lose weight and become slim through a powerful hypnotherapy technique called Trance Band that allows the person to believe they have a real gastric band fitted inside of them says parents need to take action now to stop their children suffering through obesity.


According to research one third of children are now obese or overweight and if we do nothing about this serious health…


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The Breaking Forth of the Light

The Breaking Forth of the Light

By Cristina Smith

In the depth of winter, I…


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OM Times : SACREDspace : Studio Spotlight - West Palm Beach Yoga Day

In 2002 I would have never thought yoga would be a daily word in my vocabulary, becoming a teacher, nor organizing Florida’s largest free annual yoga event .

I was seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis, mostly from back issues.  My job was extremely stressful and I was overweight. Every few sessions, my chiropractor would recommend I try yoga. “Yoga is not for me”, I said “that not “real” exercise”. This was  coming from a place of no first hand experience and from labeling I heard…


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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

It is terribly ironic that the holidays, which is meant to be a time for celebration, joy, family, loved ones, connection, harmony and contentment, brings sadness and depression to so many people. Why is this the case? Perhaps because those who suffer from the holiday blues are seeing their world through the eyes of the past, focusing on the disappointments, the losses, the rejections, the abandonments of the past and bringing them into the present, and feeling their devastating emotional…


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Inspiration for the Mystical Traveler

The Work

Everything you create begins as an inside job.

Embrace the love you’ve corralled deep within.

Remove all the stops. Dissolve your self-control.

If you need a banner headline to inspire you, try this one:

Love those who need it most and serve those who seek most sincerely.

Now get to work.

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