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Steps to Reduce Worry

Do you worry a lot? Worry is created from disconnect from higher Self and lack of faith and trust in the Universe.

Worry has many forms: worry about health, any form of loss, finance, rejection, being wrong, ridiculed and not being good enough among many others. Worry is a form of protection to reduce the pain of what we may feel when something that we project may happen in the future. Worry is down payment for some events that you wish it will never happen.

How do you deal…


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Are You Seeking Freedom?

I was talking with my friend. I was telling her that I want to make lots of money to become free to buy whatever I want and not to worry about money. She asked me a simple question. Are you sure that is freedom? After a while, I realized the depth of her question. Freedom is not really about trying to meet all of our wants and desires. It is about understanding why we desire something. It is about understanding ourselves and our unconscious patterns and beliefs.

People have different…


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Facing Our Fear

Does growth and self-realization require that we transcend our life’s conditioning and fears?  We naturally do not want to deal with seeming unpleasant feelings such as fear of abandonment and emptiness. Yet, somehow, we face our fears and insecurities, willingly or unwillingly, throughout our lives.

My experience is that events (call it unlucky, subconscious, etc.) create situations such that our attachments to what defines us are cut or severely threatened. These events give us an…


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The Trouble With I don't Know!

I have misplaced my car keys many times. You most likely have done the same. I have realized when I say “I do not know where my keys are” almost all the times, someone else has to help me to find them or it takes me a long time to locate my car keys. However, if I just simply say, “I wonder where my keys are?” within seconds my attention goes to the location of my car keys. Have you ever wondered why?

“I do not know” is a phrase many of us use often. What message are you conveying to…


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Idiot! You Did it Again.

As technology advances, we may be able to increase our self-awareness. Let me explain. Imagine in a decade scientist can download our self-talk to appliance like GPS in our car or our phone. Can you imagine what it might be like replacing the voice of a polite woman with a British accent with your voice and self-talk? How long will you keep the GPS on?


Imagine your psyche takes over your car’s GPS

What will a…


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Why You Want To Live A Long Life?

I have met young people who do not seem to care how long they may live.  I have met older people who are enthusiastic about life, even in their wheel chairs.  I know people whose total focus in their life is to prolong their life by eating nutritious food while their life passes them by.  I know people who have a very unhappy life and choose to prolong that lifestyle.

Do you want to live a long time?  Your answer can indicate how you look at your life.  Maybe you believe your old age…


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Expressing the Taboo

When we participate in a group healing, usually several people experience and express collective feelings of the group. When one leads the way to express and experience something, it lets others know it is Ok to do so as well.


When you are in a group setting and you have experienced a feeling and are ready to express it, know that you may be a catalyst for many in the group. Also, there are times that another person can express what you were unable to verbalize or…


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Being Authentic

What does it mean to be authentic?

Some says it is about being yourself. Some say it is doing what makes you smile. Some say it is living your own life.  Some say it is focusing on the goodness in you. Some say it is expressing what you experience in the moment.

If authenticity is so good why are more people not authentic?

Authenticity is about honesty and the courage to express how/what we feel and long for. What is stopping us from this? Consider a toddler. Is he/she…


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Who are your masters? How many invisible leashes (cords) do you have?

Each invisible leash is representative of our priorities and loyalties. Loyalties are great as long as we choose them consciously and are aware of their impact on us. If you have more than one master, those masters may not agree with each other and will take you in many directions, resulting in unhappiness and confusion.

We adopt all kind of leashes, typically in the form of belief systems, which in most…


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"Negative Emotions"

What is the biggest issue about our “negative” emotions? Why do we call them negative? It is about what we believe about those emotions. Do you ever get angry and wished you did not get angry?

Our biggest issue with our emotions, anger being the most common feeling, is that we judge and try to get rid of them without first feeling and acknowledging them. For example, the reason we call anger negative, is in reality about our reaction rather than the feeling. How can a real emotion be…


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Our Emotions

There are times we a feel strong emotion and we are surprised at its intensity. Have you ever asked whose emotion it is when you are in that situation?

Typically we assume all the source of our emotions are from within. Our source of our emotions are generally based on our experiences and our thought patterns. Sometimes what we feel has not originated from us. The source of some feelings are from our ancestors (through DNA) seeking resolution of those emotions.

Next time you…


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Scare City

What would it be like if you had a recorder and would have recorded all the thoughts you had about your life for day or two? Would you want to play those recordings to a child? To a plant? To your pet?

For the majority of us I hope the answer is no! Do we realize what we put in our subconscious? Do you ever wonder why we become depressed and nothing is enjoyable? Where is your focus on? It is surprising what we repeat and say to ourselves knowing the impact on quality of our…


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Ancestral Healing

We are all healers. As healers we need to go through our own healing and growth as well as helping heal others.

Recently, I felt a need for a healing to be facilitated by Shannon, who lives in Houston, Texas. This was two days before I was teaching a class about eye patterns and the influence of our ancestors. I help my clients understand their ancestral emotional patterns reflected in their eyes.

Shannon, after a short meditation, told me that I needed to deal with my…


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Our Choices

Do you believe in astrology? Numerology? I do! Why? I have seen some information about me that has been very accurate. Does it mean that we are predestined for fixed events and do not have free will?

We all have free will. Perhaps we have signed up to experience certain things (being not wanted, ridiculed, emotional abuse, etc.) and experience events in our family and society. It is plausible that our birthdate or name creates some energy to support what we are supposed to…


Added by Shervin Hojat on August 3, 2014 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

End of Curiosity

When was the last time you were curious about your spouse, partner or friend? What makes one curious? If you think you know about something or someone, will you still be curious? If you know something will not change, will you be curious about that thing?

We lose our curiosity about ourselves, friends, spouse, and family when we think we “know” about them and believe they are not going to change. You will not look at a picture frame with curiosity because you know it will not change.…


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Many important things like the Creator, love, kindness and compassion cannot be seen by our eyes. They all can be seen and experienced through their reflections.  We even cannot see ourselves and can only see our reflection!

How many of the things that you see and experience are only reflections?



Many important things cannot be seen!

They are recognized through their reflections and foot…


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What we verbally state can be our consciousness that is speaking. What we do as a habit or reaction is more of a reflection of our unconscious self. We may label people as double faced, saying one thing and doing another. In reality, their subconscious most likely has the upper hand if their verbal expression is honest.  

Much internal pain and suffering arises when our emotional beliefs and what we verbalize or hear do not match. Most of our personal beliefs will unconsciously drive…


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In The Moment

We all have heard that being in the moment is a good thing. Is it really practical to be in the moment all the time? What are the side effects of being in the moment all the time?

Let’s look at a situation where people are in the moment, unconsciously.  People with Dementia/Alzheimer’s can experience being in the moment a lot.  If you have interacted with people with such symptoms, you may have experienced some of the benefits of being in the moment: forgetting about the past and…


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Daring to be Yourself!!!

Are you yourself? What happens if you decide to change and become your true self who feels free of “I should” and “I must” and thus is happier?

Becoming who you really are, expressing your heart’s desire and standing out in a crowd is an on-going challenge for most of us. The challenge is that we have had many years of fighting for our true self, as a child and teen-ager, and for the most part we have concluded that it is not worth the pain and suffering to continue the fight. At an…


Added by Shervin Hojat on May 25, 2014 at 6:18pm — 1 Comment

Adult Child

We all avoid feeling pain from our childhood! This may be shocking to you. Are you aware of painful childhood issues that as an adult you have avoided experiencing again? Most likely there is an issue within you that you may react to strongly inwardly or outwardly.

These childhood pains that we avoid as adults point to our personality type and our sensitivities as an adult. For example, if your childhood needs (being acknowledged, heard, taken care of) were not met, you probably…


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