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Having a midlifer – why it’s not a crisis

I couldn’t have ordered it better if I tried. Bang on my 50th year and I find myself deep into a 'midlifer' as I now call it. How did that happen? (LOL as I write this).

I have been aware of the term ‘midlife crisis’ for years and when I was younger thought ‘nah that’ll never happen to me’ and yet it has.…


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Your natural rhythm

We have been medicated by noise, distraction and a million opportunities to think about new things for so many years now, that we have forgotten when it all started. And then there is worrying about the future and being held back by thoughts of the past.

We have so little head space for listening to ourselves and stress, that…


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Yoga isn't Yoga when your mind is somewhere else

It’s easy to turn up to a Yoga class and do a bunch of Yoga postures and then tell everyone that you go to Yoga. But my question is ‘Do you?’

Having practised on and off for over 20 years and taught Yoga since 2008, for me there are 3 totally essential elements to making Yoga, Yoga, in its completeness.


Your body arrives on the mat to perform a whole routine of Yoga postures. Tick.


Your breath happens within the body so it is there of course!…


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Guilt free slowing down

I have wanted to write about this for ages. I live with it every moment of everyday these days and I notice it happening all around me. People are getting sick from it and yet it carries on getting faster and faster.

Our notion of time is speeding life up. And maybe it is imploding on itself and will disappear…


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Your body wins every time

Our body is always in charge, no matter how much mental persuasion we think we have, period.

Do you know just how PRECIOUS this amazing vehicle that carries us around the planet really is? It breathes us without effort, regulates our temperature, transforms the food we eat into life giving energy and nutrients. It heals every wound that opens and it’s bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments are perfectly designed to obey every movement signal we give it. And thats only the beginning. It…


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Tension in Yoga

Tension, we live with it like an annoying friend. It’s created by the mind but shows up in the body in the form of tightness in areas like neck and shoulders, chest and pelvis.

Where do you hold tension? Think of what normally creates it and where you hold that stress. Tension is another name for body stress and often a result…


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Retreat = the perfect answer for a life thats going way too fast

Retreating is the new buzz word to replace the traditional holiday. It’s SUCH an essential piece of time well spent, to maintain balance in a world which let’s face it on some levels, has gone a bit mental in terms of lifestyle and time deprivation.

Have you noticed just how many retreats are on offer online? Gazillions!

SO many people are realising…


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Bring your Mind to the Yoga Mat

You will often hear Yoga teachers saying that the body, breath and mind is the important combination for wholesome practise and it’s true for me too. I believe your breath is the energetic bridge that develops a relationship between your mind and your body and opens a strong life long dialogue that encourages happiness and true health.

But of the triangle of 3, the mind is the trickiest thing to stay with you on the mat during your practise. It is often embedded in your thoughts…


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Yoga the Ultimate Stretch

I have done a whole heap of exercise in my life time. I started with team sports at school (loathed it!) then into my 20s and 30s I was a gym bunny on and off and latterly it’s just Yoga, Yoga and more Yoga.

An intrinsic  part of exercise is stretching muscles effectively so you can keep your muscles long lean and knot free.

The mechanics of effective stretching for me is focused on the ligaments and tendons that join muscles to bones. I am not going to blind you with…


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Yoga and your joints

I am fierce advocate for doing Yoga with healthy joint alignment because I am a firm believer that Yoga can and will over stress your body if you don’t learn to understand how it works and do postures that feel right to you. And as Yoga is something you can do right up to when you pass into the next world, it’s worth being mindful of how you practice from day 1!

Our bodies are designed (well that is until we evolve further!) to move in certain directions and within a range…


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Reasons to do Yoga - part 3 - Live in Balance

I love the word balance. It seems after this many years on the planet that true happiness really does lie in a balanced life. In balance we can see and run our lives with ease and from that, comes abundant happiness.

Many people have said to me “it’s all about balance” when discussing food, exercise, relationships or whatever.

Balance is the common thread underpinning our lives.

Yoga will bring balance into your life. When I hit my mat, especially if my day is…


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Reasons to do Yoga - part 2 - True Integrated Exercise

I totally believe, after 20 years of practicing, that Yoga gives you mental and emotional strength first which then translates into a healthy strong body and not the other way round. An unhealthy mind leads to an unhealthy body eventually. It’s that simple.

Many people focus on the aesthetic qualities of their bodies but their minds are left unobserved and very distracted. I was one of those people until I discovered Yoga.

The last time I went to the gym was only last…


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Reasons to do Yoga - part 1 - The Best Relationship of your Life

Yoga is becoming more and more main stream these days (music to my ears!) and even the medical profession are recommending Yoga to their patients beyond conventional treatments to rehabilitate and restore. But why take it up in the first place? In this 3 part blog I will give you my perspective on it all and why you may want to give it a go.

I stumbled across my first yoga class in 1994 when my marriage collapsed. I had gone for reasons of finding some inner peace through the…


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10 Top Yoga Tips

Hi lovely reader. If you are thinking of starting Yoga or have been practising for a long time, here are my precious experience morsels!

  1. BREATH IS EVERYTHING! - any good teacher will tell you that letting your breath lead your practise is the key. Your ability to connect deeply to yourself is through your breath. Your breath tells you everything about your bodily state from stress to peace. Learn breath work well!



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Guru'itis' A modern Yoga teachers ailment

I feel quite nauseous these days and quite uneasy about the way Yoga is portrayed in world  by people who act like small Gods. They have a huge following but at their heart, bless em, they pretend it’s about their students but really they love ‘Yoga posing’ and love to be adored. To me these people have “guruitis’ and need to take a rain check. Just saying.

Definition of a Guru : A person who some people regard as an expert or leader. …


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Its How Yoga Feels that Matters

Through our senses we communicate with the world around us and translate what we sense and see into action/reaction etc. I really feel our Western world is at saturation and overload even, from ‘eye candy’ in everything we do. Images of the next desired thing adorn our shop shelves and we often compare ourselves to what we see.

The Yoga community has in some part created ‘a look’ in the western world and a trend to a large extent, on how it looks to be in the best posture. It’s easy…


Added by Gina Hardy on August 26, 2014 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

Attachment to Love - Pain and Pain

Love, the greatest elixir, sent as the ultimate gift to every person on this planet. Everything stems from Love when you think about it. Lack of it however often breeds many a complicated emotion filled situation, but when we genuinely feel it, we are the best person to be around.

But one thing that appears common among us is that with loving someone, comes attachment and attachment causes pain more than pleasure.

This article is simply inviting you to inspire exploration of…


Added by Gina Hardy on February 28, 2012 at 12:55pm — 1 Comment

Celebrate V Day Don't Make it D Day!

This year, as every year, we choose days on which to celebrate the essence of life in its many forms. Valentine’s Day is no exception. But why stick to one day when love is the breath of life and can be celebrated every day?

What will you be doing this year to celebrate V Day? I want to approach this article with lots of humour and romance and felt compelled to offer you some ideas and advice. So whether single, on a first date,…


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Who Have I Become With You?

I was in a health food shop today chatting with the owner and as many conversations go we ended up talking about relationships! He had recently, but reluctantly, split up from a 12 year relationship. His description of his ex and the power behind his words spelt out a very raw man still in pain.

Many of us try to rationalise and logically put the past in a neat little box labelled “oh well they weren’t right for me anyway” but in reality that person, even though others tell you are…


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An Island Unto Yourself

Hedy Schliefer, a genius in the world of helping intimate relationships thrive, talks about each person being an “island.” This analogy works really well with clients, who say that thinking of themselves an island work really well when it comes to knowing how to understand themselves and their honey better.

Hedy says, for us to communicate effectively, we need to visit each other’s island, not shout from our island expecting the other person to have the same view. Or indeed make their…


Added by Gina Hardy on January 30, 2012 at 3:23pm — 1 Comment

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