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“Do We Have a Destiny”

I will talk about destiny.

Are we able to control our destiny?

Or is there no such thing as destiny?

Dr. Paul…


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“Spicy White Bean and Collard Green Soup”

Now that the big snow storm has hit the East Coast, a spicy and hearty soup is exactly what we need to give us enough get-up-and-go to shovel out the driveway. This soup is quick and simple to make, and it’s sure to delight everyone in the family. And this soup is full of healthy ingredients that will do the body good. …


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“How to Stay Enchanted with Life”

It’s so easy to become disenchanted with life, and start to feel down and unloved. Feeling that the world is against us, and that nothing good is happening. But in reality it’s just the opposite, if we look close there are lots of opportunities for being excited about life. Here are a few things that are uplifting and brighten the heart of every soul. …


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“How to See Divinity — How to See God”

At a certain point in time we as spiritual beings develop the ability to see divinity, the ability to see the avatars, see the saints, and the gurus and all the other manifestations of God. For most of us this does not happen overnight, it usually takes place over a long period of time… lets explore this a little more.  



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“Poria Mushroom - A Powerful Herbal Medicine”

Poria is a large truffle like mushroom that grows in China and in the US and has many powerful healing properties. Poria can help with cancer, inflammation, it’s a great diuretic, a wonderful antidepressant, great for good looking skin, a great antioxidant, and it boosts up our immune system. Poria also helps with insomnia, memory, soothes the GI tract, helps with stress, it’s a good antibacterial agent, plus it lowers…


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“Healing Fear and Disease”

Fear is a prevalent now with wars and refugees moving here and there, many people have lots of fear. And fear brings about disease including kidney disease, liver disease, and different types of cancer. But there are many ways to heal fear, which in the end heals disease, here are 5 amazing ways to heal fear and become healthy. …


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“Organic Camelina Oil—Better Than Flax or Fish Oil”

Camelina Oil or Camelina Sativa or sometimes known as False Flax, Wild Flax and Gold of Pleasure has been grown for over 3,000 years. It was researched during World War II but was dropped because of other crops being grown. But now there’s new interest in Camelina oil because it’s very healthy… containing lots of Omega 3 oil. And it makes a great cooking oil, plus it’s a good anti-inflammatory agent, it lowers…


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“How to Create a Spiritually Fulfilling Day”

Here are a few ways to start the day with a spiritual connection and have a spiritually fulfilling day. Remember it’s important to start the day with a smile, standing tall, with power in every cell… feeling good about life. Thus we can find peace, contentment, and love for everyone and everything. Thus stress is a thing of the past, and spiritual energy flows like water, percolating though every part of our body.…


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“21 Health Benefits of Organic Potatoes”

Organic potatoes go back thousands of years and have been raised in the high mountains of Peru and other South American countries for ages, in fact going back over 10,000 years. There are thousands of varieties of potatoes from red potatoes to purple, and everything in between. And now they are grown in just about every country around the world. In fact the lowly potato is the most widely grown root veggie in the…


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“Becoming a Self-Realized Master”

From emotional turmoil to introspect

To great inner peace,

The road to self-mastery is a powerful 

journey that leads to bliss, peace, and…


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“Seven Important Aspects of Being Happy”

There are 7 very important aspects to every human being. They are spiritual in nature and need our attention. These 7 areas are talked about in spiritual texts as vitally important. And if all 7 aspects are cared for… a person will be happy. 

Examine the Day - Many people never take the time to just be, they are always…


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“Astragalus - Great for Energy and Immune Support”

Astragalus root grows in China and East Asia and has been used for over 2,000 years. It’s great for having more energy, vitality, and for boosting up our immune system. And it also works as a great anti-inflammatory, for wound healing, cancer fighting agent, diabetes, old age fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, herpes, anemia, kidney disease, adrenal fatigue, heart disease, liver challenges, allergies, helps with…


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“4 High Protein Pastas for Weight Loss”

Here are some wonderful high protein pastas that will boost protein intake and keep the carbs down thus making it easy to lose weight. Thus these great noodles will keep a person lean, and they can still enjoy pasta. Who said pasta packs on the pounds, here are a few gluten free high protein pastas… that will make a person feel great and look good.…


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“How a Little Angel Healed a Boys Heart”

Once there was a little boy who was very shy, and all the little boy wanted was for his mother to hold him and keep him safe. He wanted his mothers attention, his mothers love and connection, thus he would feel good about being alive. Yet his mother was abused when she was a child, and didn’t have the capacity to hold her child. Here is the little boy’s story— a story of love, a story of peace. And a story about a tiny…


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“What Would Happen if the Words— I, Me, and My Disappeared”

It’s very interesting that in Native American societies there the words— “I, Me, and My” do not exist… there is only “WE”. And if all of a sudden those 3 little words just disappeared, what would happen? Perhaps the world would heal and great changes would take place… lets explore the possibilities. From a spiritual perspective in all the spiritual texts talk about “WE”. …


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“Gac Fruit—The Fruit of Longevity and Vitality”

Gac fruit comes from Asia and it’s a new super food. It’s medium size red melon with spines, and it’s full of healing goodness. And Gac Fruit contains 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes - Wow! And it’s also called “The Fruit from Heaven” because it’s so luscious and sweet. And Gac Fruit contains more healing compounds that all the other superfoods. …


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“How to Create Peace at All Times”

Here is a great Native American story and also a 

great way to create peace which is all powerful

and will change a persons life. 



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“Just Smile and Love”

It does no good to try to reason with someone who has a closed mind. Those who are full of anger, hatred, and greed are not willing to listen. And thus all the gurus and saints are saying… “Just Pray” for everyone has their mind made up and they will not listen. And so it is, that we are to pray for humanity. Pray for those who are suffering and also pray for those who are causing the…


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“Easy Dill Hash Brown Potatoes with Capers”

Here is a simple dish without the mess and fat of frying and all the goodness of hash browns and those delicious little capers. A great dish for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Full of tummy warming potatoes and those luscious little capers which add a little zing to the recipe. And this dish is full of great vitamins and minerals that will do the body good. …


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“Love is All Around Us… if We Look Close”

If we look at the natural world we see that the underlying quality that drives all life is love. Love is the key to everything that’s alive on the planet from the tiniest of living organisms to the elephant… everything thrives on love in one form or another. 

Take for instance a giant elephant who is ready to charge. In…


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