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“Two True Stories - One of Love - One of Fear”

There was a man in his mid 40’s who had traveled the world, visiting just about every country on the earth. He was also an artist and did paintings and sculpture, and people loved his work. Yet in the background in his soul he was full of pain, suffering, anger, and sadness. For he had grown up in a household with a mother who was mentally ill. Yet his mother was never really diagnosed with mental illness, and his…


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“Spiritual Growth or that Numb Feeling”

There was a man watching a movie about a young boy having a hard time learning calculus in high school. No matter what the young boy did it was almost impossible for him to comprehend calculus. He would go home and study, dig through his books, and become frustrated that he did not understand calculus at all. Even his teacher was unable to help him, and so you became very sad. And the man watching the movie had the very…


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“The Three Power Centers of Man”

“By Focusing on These Three Power Centers

— We Will Heal the World”

There are many energy centers of the body, but there are also power aspects of man that should be used for creating heaven on earth. These three powerful…


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“Four Ways to Cleanse Negative Energy”

When we are around toxic people, when we are around toxic environments with lots of negative thinking. When we touch people who have negative energies, and when we interact in general with those who are angry, greedy, and full of hate, we pick up negative energy. Negative energy can make us drag, feel depressed, and can start mind altering changes in our persona… and even cause challenges with our electronic devices…


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“Wise, Loving, and Full of Spirit”

We have men with knowledge, 

But what we really need are men who are full of wisdom, 

Men who are loving, 

Men who are full of…


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“How to Grow as a Spiritual Student”

“The Student and Master Relationship”

To plant the seeds of spirituality, there first needs to be a strong desire to know God, the Universe, and the One and Only. There needs to be a burning deep down inside that drives a person forward wanting to know more. That is the seed spirituality, and students must crave…


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“What About Karma and Physical Health”

We come to this plane to learn lessons and some of those lessons concern living life with physical difficulties. Some are born with all kinds of physical and mental impairments. When we are on the other side of  the veil we soon decide that we need to go back to the physical plane and learn more, and thus we decide the lessons we need to learn. There is no thought to how much pain and suffering we will endure, that’s of…


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“Spiritual Peace = Controlling our Mind”

In order to have whatever we want, we must first control our mind. Think about Sir Edmond Hillary the mountain climber climbing Mount Everest. It's a long arduous journey and there are many obstacles in the way, such as crevasses, icy cliffs, lack of oxygen, and with great heights every step feels like a person is moving tons of concrete. A person of normal mind would never make it to the summit. But a person with…


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“How to Find the True Meaning of Life”

“The Advancements of Technology or the Call of Spirit”

We are exploring the deepest parts of the oceans, climbing the highest peaks of the world, going out into space to visit other planets, landing on asteroids, crossing the oceans with solar powered planes, colliding particles with giant magnetic chambers… and much…


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“Why We Should Meditate and Pray Now”

During times of hardship like we have now people have gone inward

praying and meditating on love, 

praying and meditating on their heart where God lives,…


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“A True Story of Love and Healing”

Once there was a young boy who went through life feeling alone. Feeling as though he did not belong, and that everyone was busy doing this and that, but he did not fit in. He went to school and had a hard time learning because he had a learning disability, which made it difficult for him to read, write, and do math. It was frustrating for his parents that didn’t know what to do… so their frustration eventually grew to…


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“The Many Aspects of Love”

“Love is More than Caring for Someone—It’s a Lot More”

When people think of Love they think of romantic Love. But there is much more to Love than meets the eye, in fact much more. Here are a few aspects of Love that most people take for granted.…


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“Listening to Divine Will”

“How to Get Back on Track with the Divine Plan”

Many times we have a calling, an inherent gift that’s God-given. We know this deep down inside and when are young we start to follow that God given nature and feel good about what we are doing. And we get get off to the great start. We are living the life we’ve always…


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“The Four Stages of Death”

“And Why We Should Rejoice about Death”

We are full of the life from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. All things on this plane are full of the essence of life. That is why our soul is so important, it’s the battery that spins the wheels of life so that our robotic flesh and blood can go about it’s duties. We…


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“The Power of Time, Space, and Consciousness”

We have the power to change everything,


Even science is saying this very same thing,

Everything is ONE, …


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“How to Build Spiritual Self Confidence”

To build spiritual self-confidence there needs to be a true connection to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Detachment from the Divine leads to a loss of purpose and thus a loss of power. How can anyone be powerful if they don’t know why they came to this plane? It’s not possible. Most people go about their daily lives thinking they have it all, but barely getting things done. That’s not so with people who have…


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“How Suffering Opens our Heart to Compassion”

Whenever we suffer we open our heart, because we want someone to help us. Thus we have the opportunity to find compassion. As with Buddha, Jesus, and many more… they all went through their own suffering and found great compassion to help others. How can a glutenous man have compassion for those who are hungry? When we have more than we need and are caught up on ego, how can we resonate with those who are…


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“Mastery Over Self Leads to Liberation”

To truly be Divine we must create mastery over self. To take control of our senses and see things are they really are. If man allows his senses to have complete control he is unable find the True Self. He becomes a servant to his senses and never breaks free. But if the Light of Love, the Light of God, the Light of the Universe, and the Light of the One and Only are able to find a crack in the armor of ego. Love…


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“A True Story of Destiny”

There is a man who has not taken care of himself his whole life. He ran from one relationship to another, never saved a dime, and what money he does have in the way of pension and social security he loses in one way or another. He has never taken care of his health, and he eat’s anything never thinking about getting sick. 



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“Being an Apple in a Sea of Oranges”

When we concentrate on Love (God), 

When we meditate on Love (God),

And when we do everything in our life with Love (God),…


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