An inner anger builds up after a decision that was associated with negative consequences. First the anger turns against the people involved and ultimately against yourself. They scold yourself for it. You really want this never to happen to you again.

Hence the wonderful idea of ​​taking an oath on yourself. Often the oath begins with the determination that something like this will not happen again. At this point, you may not know where you started. For many people, this oath is a resolution. A real effect is not seriously expected. But sometimes such an oath can have consequences that you did not expect.


Your own oath

When you take an oath, you are full of energy. Mostly it is a negatively charged force such as anger, feelings of revenge, sadness or disappointment. So there is a lot of power in you when you take such an oath on yourself. This energy is also the power for it, so that your oath is also perceived by the subconscious. Because there is tremendous willpower behind it when you shout that oath full of anger in the room. A strong will is like oil on the gears when it comes to manifesting things.

It's almost like a form of self-hypnosis when you make a promise to yourself with that concentrated energy. But the experience that was responsible for the subsequent oath also plays a role. If it was a dramatic or even life changing experience, the oath is given a lot of power. In contrast, an oath that is worded almost casually has much less substance.

Most of the time it is associated with experiences that we have been disappointed with. This negative feeling lasts for a while, but soon you will recover from the experience. As you scold yourself, this oath slips across your lips. So it also depends on the scope of the experience, your emotions and your inner strength whether your oath becomes a trap for you.


If the forgotten oath still works

There is no general formula for how one's oaths work. However, it is always advisable to think carefully about what you want to order or banish from life. Because these vows often work more than can be believed. This becomes noticeable when the banishment is requested again. But then it no longer falls to you. Classically, the phrase "I'll never fall in love again" serves as a prime example. The moment this vow was taken you were filled with anger, anger, and disappointment.

Such a phrase comes quickly from the lips, hoping to alleviate the pain associated with it and never experience it again. After a while, when the initial emotional wounds heal, you seem to be ready for a relationship again. But no matter what you do about it, it will be unsuccessful. You just don't fall in love. It is conceivable that your old oath is still working even though you have long forgotten it.


The oath was taken

Oaths are also brought to a person without his really wanting it. A classic example are the vows placed on the deathbed. “You have to swear that you will take care of my children,” the terminally ill man could say to his brother. Who dares to have a discussion on this subject at this hour of death? Instead, people are quick to join this business without knowing what to expect.

Because this vow binds him to his brother's children for decades. In some cases, this vow may seem desirable, expected, or less burdensome. However, it is also possible that you may not even like the children you should take care of. Perhaps one has other life plans, which have now become null and void with this oath.

Because this oath is not so easy to shake off. In comparison, a child's vow never to climb the garden fence again is almost banal. With crossed fingers behind the back, the oath is taken to the mother. And so the oath is canceled by giving up. In the end, the mother and child laugh at this oath. But whoever swears an oath to the dying person on his deathbed cannot do so with crossed fingers behind his back. This is where moral authority plays a role. The family sees something in this oath that cannot be reversed.

After all, it was given in an hour of death and thus has the power of a last will. You could almost call it a testamentary event. Anyone wishing to demand such an oath should consider carefully whether or not they want to impose such a burden on anyone.


Cancel old unwanted oaths

Anyone who has old vows, oaths, and promises should break them. This ensures that the oath can no longer work under any circumstances. Only when you lift the oath will this blockade be lifted. Those who cannot break their unwanted oaths on their own can find help using spiritual methods. Dissolution rituals, karma clearing and energy work can be possible variants here. But spiritual healers, shamans, or some spiritual medium could also be used to break the oath.

About the author

The author El Maya is a spiritual medium and has published few books on the soul, life plan, karma and life after death. This guide contains strategies to reduce your karma and find the soul center. Furthermore, she conducts workshops in mental training, future interpretation, clairvoyance a....


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