3 Reasons Vedic Astrology Can Help Us Create a Better Reality


Quantum physics tells us that there isn’t an objective reality, and that the only reality is the mind. Let’s look at a tree, for example. When we fall asleep, there’s no tree.


The tree reappears promptly when we wake up. Where did it go when we were sleeping? It simply didn’t exist for us.


Like most of us, you have perhaps felt at times completely alone in the world. But yogic philosophy and Vedic astrology affirm that we’re all connected, a belief shared by Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist.


So we create our own reality. And if we don’t like our reality? We can perhaps give astrology a chance and try to change our life, turning it into something more to our liking.




Astronomical and Astrological Phenomena Cause Events on Earth


Vedic astrology, the traditional predictive system of India, is the only astrological system in the world to be considered a science in its country.


In 2004, in fact, the Supreme Court of India confirmed a Bombay High Court ruling that declared Vedic astrology is a science “as accurate as computer science.” The University Grants Commission followed suit and now anyone after the necessary studies can acquire a Ph.D. in Vedic astrology.


While this verdict was based on observable and repeatable results (which is our scientific method) in the case studies analyzed, it quickly aroused the indignation of some scientists deeply skeptical about the intangible aspects of the planets, including predictions, prayer, intuition, past lives, reincarnation, and other spiritual topics.


Yet we can’t deny Vedic astrology’s countless case studies collected over three thousand years showing how planets and life experiences are interconnected.


Moreover, we can’t help wondering why in India so many scientists, medical doctors, and other educated professionals use V... to make sense of their reality, predict market trends, identify ailments even before they appear as symptoms in the physical body, and much more.



An Astrologer Can Help You Speed Your Success


Vedic astrology is older than Babylonian, Greek, Mayan, Persian, and Western astrology.


But all the above predictive systems and wisdom traditions are based on the principle that what’s in the macrocosm (the sky and celestial bodies) is also in the microcosm (our body and mind). In other words, as above, so below.


Vedic astrology understands the planets to be in the constellations in the sky that you’d see if you were using a telescope. This completely sidesteps the modern controversy that all signs have moved due to the precession of the equinoxes.


And Vedic astrology is based on 27 fixed constellations that haven’t moved significantly for thousands of years. So it’s a more accurate system.


These fixed stars can speak volumes about your nature, likes, dislikes, tendencies and dreams, helping you solve stubborn problems, and manifest the life you really want.


Thanks to these stars, you can use astrological power times to achieve desirable results, based on another core principle: An action you begin during a positive astrological time is more likely to lead to your desired outcomes.


It’s believed, for example, that the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 15th waxing lunar phases are very auspicious and can be used for important activities from which we want long-term success: weddings, religious ceremonies, inaugurations of buildings, business launches, financial investments, spiritual initiations, healings, and even spiritual growth.


The entire 15th waxing moon is considered a full moon, a power time when we can transform our emotions into strongly positive beliefs to fulfill our wishes.


Also, the above lunar phases can:


  • Generate a more positive inner state and increased self-confidence


  • Attract help from a variety of individuals inclined to assist us in reaching our cherished goal


  • Bring us good luck and even miracles (or unforeseen circumstances leading to our desired achievements)



Astrology Can Help You Say Goodbye to Destructive Patterns


Planets are said to make our consciousness. In the Vedic or yogic tradition, there isn’t a thought that doesn’t originate in consciousness. Meaning that a thought comes to us when our level of consciousness allows it.


Even Ayurveda (India’s traditional medicine) is interconnected with Vedic astrology.


In fact, Ayurveda tells us that nothing happens in the body that hasn’t originated in the mind. And some thought patterns causing ailments can be traced in the horoscope of an individual.


So with the help of a qualified astrologer, we can identify the planets causing problems and end unhelpful emotional and psychological patterns or habits that cause stubborn relationship, financial or health issues.


In a simple mathematical equation of sorts, we could write:


Planets = Consciousness = Mind = Thoughts = Reality


Or in the words of Einstein: “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusionof his consciousness.”


Vedic astrology can help dispel the illusion of separation that is, according to the yogic tradition, a deep source of suffering.




About the author:


Italian-born Lalitha Donatella Riback is a life coach, spiritual mentor, and astrologer. She holds a B.A. in Vedic arts and science and is a yoga teacher, Reiki master and Ayurveda consultant. 

Her business ShreemLab helps women create their dream life through life coaching based on their horoscopes. 

After living in India, she wrote  Bliss Lab: How the Ancient Yogis Acquired Supernormal Powers and How You Can Too,#1 in Amazon New Releases in Eastern Astrology and #2 in Astrology.



Article description:


Astrological signs, planets and constellations influence our thoughts and inner states. Vedic astrology can help us create a better reality and the life we want.










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