The Top 6 Ayurvedic Astrology Tips to Increase Your Energy and Success in the Fall

Ever feel so frustrated thinking of your super long to-do list that you secretly wish to go into hiding on a deserted island?


Intense emotions like irritation and frustration are often caused by what Ayurveda (India’s ancient medicine) calls an excess of Pitta dosha, or the fire element that accumulates in the body-mind during the hot season and in the early Fall.


But as the days get cooler, drier and Vata dosha, or the air element present in nature increases in your physiology, and you may need to start a gentle detox and put more moisture into your skin.


The fluctuating and windy air of Vata can also cause lower energy levels, and lower drive to reach your goals.

Ayurvedic Astrology is a branch of Vedic astrology that reveals your unique body-mind type to help you achieve maximum well-being, happiness and success.

These six easy tips can help you restore a healthy balance between Pitta and Vata without aggravating the third main element, the Kapha dosha (or water element that’s abundant in the spring season), to help you maintain optimal energy and good health in this transitional season.


Tip 1.

Harness the Power of the Sun in Virgo


In Vedic astrology, the Sun is associated with self-confidence, vitality and good digestion.

(Please remember that Vedic or sidereal astrology is based on the exact position of the planets in the constellations, whereas in modern western astrology signs have moved about 23 degrees. Hence the current disparity between the two systems.)

As we approach the fall, the Sun has left its regal position in Leo  and moved into Virgo, a sign that can increase your intellectual power, but can also reduce the Sun’s gifts of confidence and healthy digestion.

One way to empower yourself on all levels with the help of the Sun is to chant the Sun’s traditional mantra.

You can chant this mantra every morning or on Sundays:




Recite these sound waves 108 or 27 times.

Remember that the purpose of reciting a mantra is to protect the mind from negative thoughts and rewire the brain for positivity.



Tip 2.

Take Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf


In the early autumn season, eating 1 tablespoon of organic aloe from a fresh leaf (easily found in health stores) can moisturize your body from the inside out, and improve the texture of your skin. You’ll notice that redness and dryness are greatly reduced after consuming aloe vera a few times.


In India, it’s believed that aloe vera can grant your the skin the luster of a young girl (or Kumari).


Aloe is also considered a mild blood purifier and a rejuvenative (or destroyer of old age), so if a gentle detox is on your mind, this is a great addition.



Tip 3.

Drink Warm Water (NOT Cold)


Warm water reduces Vata, internal dryness and the jittery feeling we often get in windy, colder days.


Also, Ayurveda recommends increasing your intake of plain, warm water during the Vata season, especially if you consume coffee and caffeinated teas (which can further dehydrate your body).


Tip 4.

Eat Oatmeal at Breakfast


Even modern science tells us about the positive effects of a healthy morning meal, which leads to sustained mental and physical energy throughout the day.


Porridge made from oatmeal has been considered a nutritious breakfast for centuries.

So if you want to swap your morning latte or power bar for something healthier, oatmeal cooked with a bit of ghee (clarified butter) or ground nuts and gentle spices (like cinnamon and cardamom) will give you the staying power you need. 


Tip 5.

Add Sweet Potatoes to Your Menu


Ayurveda praises this simple, easy-to-digest food for its strengthening and nourishing qualities.


And it’s great for your skin’s health as it’s both high in vitamin A and a powerful antioxidant.


It also reduces excess Vata, warming and calming your physiology.  


Add a little amount of ghee (clarified butter) and maple syrup or honey to taste to ground it for Vata and reduce Pitta. Enjoy!


Tip 6.

Go to Bed 1 Hour Earlier Than Usual


Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is so important for our performance, clarity and well-being.


Ayurveda’s take on good sleep is that being asleep between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. helps repair both the brain and body, and can rejuvenate you.


So many of us miss out on these refreshing qualities of sleep every time we go to bed late.


Also, going to sleep before 10 p.m. is believed to help you fall asleep sooner, and bring you a pleasant feeling of alertness in the morning.


In fact after 10 p.m.—Pitta increases in the body-mind, bringing you that annoying desire for late-night snacks and reduced sleepiness.


So going to bed just earlier can go a long way to help you feel refreshed and energized in the morning, and start your day with renewed enthusiasm for life.


Disclaimer: This article is meant as education on Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, and it’s not meant to prevent or cure disease. Please contact your physician or health care provider before changing your diet or taking supplements.


About the Author


Lalitha Donatella Riback is a life coach, Vedic astrologer, and author. She holds a B.A. in Vedic arts and science from the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, and certifications as a yoga teacher and Reiki master.


Lalitha is the creator of ShreemLab, which helps women entrepreneurs to create a successful life. A life filled with more love and spiritual transformation through life coaching based on their horoscopes.


In 2018, her book Bliss Lab: How the Ancient Yogis Acquired Supernormal Powers and How You Can Too debuted as #1 in Amazon New Releases in Eastern Astrology and #2 in Astrology categories.




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