Nowadays, we see many spiritual buzz words banded about such as ascension, golden age and 5th Dimension, all pertaining to a charmed and more enlightened life for humanity. But what really is Enlightenment?

In the Oxford English dictionary enlightenment is defined as "The action or state of attaining or having attained spiritual knowledge or insight".

Spirit sometimes refer to themselves as "Masters in their own essence" where they use this spiritual energy as a means to guide others to that mastery for themselves. But how do we attain this? What if our access to this spiritual energy is not through our five senses but some other means that we are not yet consciously aware of? We are frequently told that we only know things which we perceive through our senses, however humanity often has blinkered eyes and information falls on deaf ears. So if there are further things that we could call senses, such as the purity of our hearts, perhaps it is only when our 'minds' calculate that there is something else that exists that it can then come into existence.

Consider fractals. Fractals are pieces of the same. Everything is the same unless you introduce something else - which in essence is a transfer of new information. Information transference allows your energy systems and synapses to be embodied with information that becomes thought, action and then materialisation. A cohesive consciousness whereby we harness this energy to become a myriad of processes.

Take for instance the world being spherical and not domed. Pythagoras and Plato planted the seed that the earth was round but it was not until the fourth century BC when Aristotle provided physical and observational arguments to support this idea that the acceleration of thought and action during that era escalated. It is the age of Greek philosophers, mathematicians, astrologers and writers and when sundials, irrigation systems, blast furnaces, botany, science and many other new ideas were born.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the hub of this acceleration relates to one small area of the world - in this instance the Greeks. Could it be that the communication and thus ideas, thoughts, actions and materialisation passing through a small, cohesive community allowed these thoughts to take shape in reality? This could also be true of the Roman Empire - albeit from a different time frame but just as forward thinking. What if information transference requires a close knit community where information is relayed from one person to another with instant feedback (so that you can create new thoughts)? Imagine then the effect on our world with the introduction of a global internet where we all have access to instantaneous information and feedback.

What if en mass information transference creates a rapid accelerated growth of consciousness? By introducing a new element then a new fractal can be created. Creating a new fractal is all well and good if it is positive energy from a divine source but what of the scaremongery which is currently surrounding our earth? If humans create fear then this will be the fractal that is replicated and amplified by the means of all our energies focusing on it - mass energies creating a collective consciousness. However, if we use a medium that allows pure information to filter through then this collective can be extremely awakening, creating new paradigms and shifting awareness to a new reality. It is for all of us to make sure that this is the reality that we wish to create by being discerning as to the information we choose to think about.

With practice and mindfulness we can train ourselves to regulate the type of data that our thoughts perceive and dismiss those negative issues that tend to dominate our current world. But what happens with the new ideas that we are not party to? We have many tools to hand such as the internet, instant forms of communication and media reporting. However many of the areas providing completely new information are closed to public knowledge. New revelations often occur behind closed doors with the general public only learning about them after the event. If we are provided with factual data after the event then has this already become reality - a reality that can sometimes alter our belief structure to our detriment? It is likened to reading a book but instead of starting with chapter one you are given chapter three. Starting with chapter three completely alters your belief in the book's characters and story line, for you do not have the background knowledge and experience to form a reasoning. You have missed out on a whole area of information. This results in part of our energy system accepting this belief as true - even if it is not a conscious decision.

One example of this is the introduction of pesticides used on food crops. We perceived these to be for our benefit at the time, accepted this as fact and took it on board. However current revelations have highlighted that these pesticides are extremely harmful to our health. Perhaps this is something that would have been recognised if we had been made aware of chapters one and two from the onset rather than being given chapter three as a starting point.

Again, mindfulness can assist with identifying which areas feel true to your heart and which do not resonate. Take yourself back to when you were a child; you had a pure energy system without any preconceived ideas, always questioning and asking "why?" As adults we sometimes forget the 'why' and just accept the fact. So when you link into information, whether this is from spirit or fellow mankind, ask yourself "does this feel pure and divine, does this resonate with my soul?" for you are one of the collective who will be creating a new fractal. By questioning the prior assumption and constantly monitoring our vibratory patterns that we are radiating out into the world, perhaps we can move closer to a truly enlightened embodiment.

About the Author:

Jeni Powell MCIPD, founder of The Crystal Balance Company is a specialist in crystals and energy healing. She is the creator of Crystal Balance energy sprays and provides certified training and workshops in crystals, energy healing and space clearing. Connect with Jeni at   or

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Comment by Jeni Powell on July 23, 2015 at 2:01pm

Thank you Shelly 

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