4 Reasons Why Inspired Student is an A-level Student

Talk about inspiration and study together seems like nonsense, right? You got to do what you got to do, and that is it.

I used to agree with it, for sure. But I have changed my mind about it since my university years.

Inspiration is the base of motivation – and maybe this is why these words are so alike. And without motivation, we don’t get anything done. We just procrastinate instead.

And yes, I know a great deal about procrastination. Actually, I thought I was going to get a degree in Procrastination at some stage, so good I was at doing it.

But something changed during my first university year.

I found some inspiration.

Finally, I was studying what I had chosen, not a bunch of unrelated subjects – sure, I understand that you need to know a bit of everything so to decide what you want to be in the future, and to be able to keep a decent conversation. But you know what I mean here.

Plus, I met some awesome people. Professors and lecturers that would love what they were doing and that would make the most of their classes. Classmates who were dreaming of a brighter future after university.

And this is all that I needed so to inspire myself and become an A student.

Do you still think that these things can’t be related? So I will give a few reasons that will prove you that an inspired student is an A student.

# 1 - You study hard and happy

We all know how hard is to go through university. Everything you went during your school years won’t prepare you for it, I am afraid. There are much more classes to attend, and the assignments are much more complex, for instance.

So it is no surprise if some students get frustrated to the point where they prefer to type “write a term paper” on Google Search and pay someone else to do it for them.

But when you are enjoying what you are studying and feel inspired by it, you work harder and happy. You don’t complain about the amount of work that you have to do, neither feel upset when you miss a party for that.

# 2 -  You are much more productive

You probably have noticed how fast you can type if you write about something that you are passionate. Your level of productivity goes sky-high, and you write like there isn’t anything else to do in the world.

You might even forget to eat or sleep, as the adrenaline keeps you on the speed.

In other words, if you are inspired, you will get your work done faster, which will give you plenty of extra time to review and perfect it. And this is one of the secrets of great marks.

# 3 - You do deeper research and stand out from the class

If you are feeling inspired by a subject, you will enjoy continuing researching about it even if there is no assignment to be done.

And more research you do, better ideas will come to your mind. You will be able to participate more intensely in class, and your professor will notice that you stand out from the rest of the class.

Have no doubt: teachers love to see their students committed to their studies, especially when it happens without the need of any pressure. And it will certainly guarantee that they will look at your assignments with much better eyes when the time comes.

# 4 -  You will come up with original ideas

This is particularly important for students of masters, doctorates, or any degree that requires a thesis to be completed.

Original ideas are the base of third-level studies, and those who can come up with them have a better chance of leaving the course with higher marks. And if they are doing a doctorate, there is no choice: no original idea, no degree.

And inspiration is the mother of original ideas, as you probably know. Even students of Maths and Physics will say that developing a formula has the same feeling as painting or writing.

In other words, it is all about letting your imagination and creativity run free, so your inspiration can bring some unique insights to you.

The takeaway

So now you know how inspiration can give you some A marks in university. It will help you to do your work faster, and allow you to work harder with a smile on your face.

It will also take your assignments and participation in class to the next level, as you will be doing deep research just because you love the subject.

And more you study and read about something, more original ideas related to it will come to you. Meaning that your papers will be great, and your teachers will be delighted to read them.

So try to find your inspiration while you are studying. Even if you aren’t much of a fan of some of the subjects, or that your professors aren’t that cool, you still can inspire yourself.

Just keep your dreams in mind and remember why you are attending that course in the first place. It will probably be enough to make inspiration fly its away to you and help you with your grades.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on October 1, 2016 at 11:43am

Hi, Kerry - a few things with your piece: First is that it is not written according to our submission standards as to voice. There are too many "I" and "You" statements being made here. Second item is the hidden link advertisements placed throughout. These do not get carried over to publication at all, so it is best to not even include them. These are not necessarily helpful references, per se; just open source business that I hope are paying you well to include their advertorial links in your work. This is going under your name within the community, please remember that. 

So, if you feel your message (focus on the message) is important to be considered for publication, kindly rewrite it to third-person (we/our) and let me know so it may be reviewed once more. If it's just here for advertising, you may as well remove it. 

Thanks for your consideration ~ Blessings! 

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