4 Strategies for Generating High-Quality Leads Through Social Media and Blogging

When people talk about content marketing online, they make it sound so easy, don’t they? For many people, however, it is anything but. They work, they sweat, they plug away and yet the amount of time and money they put in rarely gives them enough leads to make it worth their while. So what’s going wrong?

Well, there could be a lot of things that are making it hard for you to succeed at content marketing and social media. Here I’m going to run through some of the biggest ones that might be sinking your ship.

How are your sales funnel?

The first thing that you’ve got to make sure of is that your website is actually set up correctly so that when traffic does arrive, it actually ends up getting steered in the right direction. For that to happen, you’ve got to make sure that your traffic is actually clicking on to the right pages.

That means making sure that your call to action is in the right place and asking them to do the right thing. Now, for those of you who’ve seen CTA splashed all over the internet but don’t really know what it means, it can mean different things in different places. For example, if they’re reading your blog posts that aren’t directly related to your product, then it can be a call for them to sign up to your newsletter, or for them to head towards some kind of content that’s more directly related to your product sales.

The CTA, in other words, is supposed to either catch them so that you can market to them later or lead them deeper into your website so that you can try to sell to them now.

With every page that you create, it’s important to think about where you’d like your audience to go next. Would you like them to read some more articles? Would you like them to go towards your product page? Would you like them to get in touch? From there, you can then design that page to actually accomplish that.

Not sure if your page is actually steering them correctly? Well, Google Analytics has a very useful ‘behavioral flow’ chart which will tell you how they move through your site. If you find a lot of people aren’t flowing the right way, then you need to tinker with that part of your process. Don’t know how they’re actually using your page? Then try using Crazy Egg and you can find out if they’re missing your CTA, end up distracted by something else or if you’ve got some other problem. 

Don’t get distracted by the wrong numbers

Yes, it’s easy to let yourself get distracted by your visitor numbers, how often you’re getting shared on social media and all that. The thing is, these numbers might not be that important for you. You see, just because you’re getting a lot of visitors doesn’t mean that you’ll have a lot of leads. They might not be the right visitors, for example.

For example, if I were to start a blog to attract writing clients and I get a huge amount of traffic from people learning how to write, then I’m probably not going to convert very much. After all, these people want to write for themselves.

This is actually a quite common problem. There are lawyer’s whose websites are directed towards other lawyers so that potential clients don’t understand a word of what is being said. Freelancers giving advice to other freelancers how not to take crap from clients and make more money (yeah, that’s going to inspire clients to hire you!) and so on.

Make sure you’re not one of these people by making sure that your content actually targets the people who will want to buy your product.

Remember the cacophony

The internet is full of people making a lot of noise. If you want to get noticed, then you’ve got to make sure that you offer something that all those other people don’t. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about quality and uniqueness.

Now, there are a few things to be said about quality.

Number 1: That word is ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’. Quite often people think that they have to put up so much content that they sacrifice the former at the shrine of the latter. It is much better to put up one great piece of content than two mediocre ones.

Number 2: You can’t beat the big boys at their own game. They’ve got a big marketing budget, a lot of experience in what works and what doesn’t and far more people to come up with ideas. So don’t even try. Instead, if you’re a small company, find a niche where the big boys haven’t yet gone and claimed it. Sure, you might be marketing to a smaller audience, but at least they’ll find out you’re out there – and that is ultimately what matters.

Number 3: You can’t do it alone. There are several levels to every piece of content and every website you put up. These include the layout, the pictures, the text, the links and the marketing – to name but a few examples. Don’t try to do all of it. It will cost you too much time and lead to an inferior product. Besides, getting help nowadays is easier. So, find somebody to do the pictures for you, employ writers, but first, check reviews about him at Writingservices.reviews, and do whatever it takes to make sure that your content stands out. Yes, it will cost you a bit, but sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money.  


Ranking well in Google is ultimately the way that you’re going to make real money. Yes, social media will get you on the map, but most customers still do most of their research through Google. And so, if you can draw in people organically, that will give you a major way to get leads.

The ticket? Long-tail keywords. These are longer search terms that people type in relation to your product. There are several reasons why they’re so important.

  1. If you find the right phrase, then there’s a good chance you’ll have very little competition. That means that it will be relatively easy for you to get up on the first page (or better yet position one) of the results. And that will get you a far bigger chunk of the traffic.
  2. Those people that use long-tail keywords are further along in the buying process. ‘What is a good car?’ is somebody just browsing. ‘Where can I buy a model T firebird in Louisiana?’ Is somebody who’s trying to actually buy something. And so, these people are far more valuable customers.

For these reasons, make sure that you’re always working towards these kinds of phrases. Only then, will you make sure that at least that stream of traffic converts correctly?

Last words

Above all, make sure that you give it time. These strategies won’t change the game overnight. It takes the time to build up your website, your blog and whatever else you’re doing. If you don’t allow for that, then you might well end up giving up on these efforts well before they’ve born fruit.

So, pursue these strategies. Work hard at them. But whatever you do, don’t immediately throw all your eggs in one basket. Pursue multiple strategies, so that when one isn’t working as quickly as you’d like, a different one can still generate sales for you.

In that way, you’ll have the time to tweak and improve on the strategies listed out above, until finally, you're converting more than you can possibly even sell!  

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