7 Ways to let GO of little EGO

We all have little ego. It’s that negative self-talk that tries to tell us that we are not good enough. That little voice deep inside that makes a point to remind us of the last time we tried something it didn’t work out. Little ego can create paralyzing fear. It can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from believing in ourselves for fear of failing. If we embark on a new project that doesn’t provide the results we had hoped for, that same little voice says, “I told you so”. Over time we may find ourselves giving up before we even make the attempt. Tucking our wings inwards instead of spreading them wide.

We may find ourselves forfeiting hope in exchange for comfort and security. It’s safer to stay in a stagnant job then to embark on a new career. When we have bills to pay, mouths to feed and responsibilities to live up to, we can easily surrender the passions and dreams that once made us feel invincible. Little ego has a beautiful talent of breaking us down and forcing us into submission. A life of complacency. However, we are not designed to settle. Our path is not to walk aimlessly through this human existence to only reach the end with a bucket full of regrets. For each of us has the opportunity to honor our soul and personal potential. When we can redirect our little ego from a place of negative self-talk to positive outreach, we can begin to accomplish all of our goals, live the life we always imagined and find a level of happiness that touches our heart and satisfies our soul.

Here are 7 ways to let GO of little EGO

1.Give it a NAME. That’s right. It’s time to give our negative inner voice a name. Choose a name that is not that of a beloved friend, pet or relative. Pick a name that stands out. For instance, let’s go with Ginger. So now, when our little ego has an outbreak and flairs up, we can call it by name and address it directly. This helps to distinguish it from our own name and self.

2.Assign a TIME OUT. Now that we have a name for our little ego, we can set the rules. If our little ego doesn’t know how to play nice in the sand box, we take disciplinary action. We give it a time out. We call it by name, let it know that it is not behaving in a way that is reflective of our highest good and proceed to give it a time out. Calling our little ego by name separates it from us. Giving it a time out is an opportunity for us to subconsciously remove it from our active thoughts and feelings. This will then allow us to disassociate ourselves from the little ego. Once we put it aside, it can no longer consume our thoughts since have taken away it’s residency within our mind.

3.Uphold our BOUNDARIES. When little ego starts to attack and attempts to wreck havoc on our thoughts, we must uphold our boundaries and stay committed to the all knowing belief that we are capable of anything and everything and we will not allow little ego to detour our mission.

4.Practice Self-Love. Self-love and little ego cannot exist simultaneously. If our inner voice begins to take center stage, we can immediately shut it down by practicing self-love. Replacing the lower vibration of negative self-talk with the higher vibration of self-love instantly lifts our overall vibration. This creates a feeling of optimism while reconnecting us to the core of our being.

5.Remember Mindfulness. Little ego arises from the fear of the unknown. It could be the stress of not knowing how a particular situation will unfold, the impending work review or promotion, the worry of finances or well being of a loved one. We have an innate desire to control the outcome or at the very minimum have the play-by-play so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. This uncertainty is a feeding ground for little ego. It loves to get into the crevices of stress and worry and create internal stories of embellished failure. In these moments, practicing mindfulness pulls us into the present moment a place where the stress eases, the worry fades and the stories disappear. We cannot control our future, and when we surrender to the universe and allow ourselves to trust our internal compass, we discover a sense of peace, quiet and stillness.

6.Love Others. When we turn our attention to others, we release the focus on ourselves. This deflects little ego and it’s attempts to penetrate our thoughts. Extending our heart outwards not only makes the recipient feel good, it’s a wonderful way to thwart little ego’s attempt at sabotage!

7.Surrender. When all else fails, simply surrender. Trusting the universe and the knowingness that it’s working for our highest good reminds us that we are loved and protected in so many ways. Although an experience may feel like a setback in the moment, it may be the universe’s way of protecting us or guiding us in a direction that may just be more incredible and wonderful than we could have possibly imagined.

Although little ego may find ways to still creep in, we can minimize it’s stay and impact by practicing these 7 Ways to let GO of Little EGO. Letting GO of our little EGO will open the path of optimism, opportunity and allow us to take back ownership of our thoughts and feelings.

Colby is an Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, certified master Spiritual teacher, radio host, speaker and author of the best selling book Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business. Colby is a spotlight writer for Om Time Magazine and member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on October 22, 2016 at 3:30pm

Hi, Colby - thank you for letting me know this was submitted. It is a good reminder for folks who may not know how to find a good level of balance in their lives. Will forward this along to the publishers for a future edition. ~ Blessings! 

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