9/11 - Getting Past H8 through Forgiveness & Love

Some Thoughts on 9/11

I have waited all day prior to posting my thoughts on  the 11 year  anniversary of 9/11.  No matter what side your represent or support - we can all see the short and long term impact of continued war.  The problem with 9/11 is that many of us are not convinced that it was not a staged act to justify a war in a country with an incredible resource of oil.  Alll we needed was something to unify us in anger / hate / fear and of course < those who shall not be named > know all about how to manipulate us.  We have seen it done (think think think) in other wars and throughout history all to well .  My heart goes out to ALL people at the bottom who are used as a pawn in the "business of WAR" and their families.  So much death!  So much destruction!  So much deceit!  Sadly, it does appear that there are crazy people out there in other countries who cut off the heads of women, who do not allow them to speak.  I would NEVER be able to believe / accept or worship a god who hated women so very much!  I thank my GOD that America, with all her faults, is still the country that everyone wants to legally and illegally become part of.  If we were so horrible – I can’t imagine so many people sneaking in each night.  Also, in other countries, if you snuck in, without a doubt you would be killed or tortured or imprisoned. 

Yet, that does not mean we are a perfect country and that our leadership is perfect either.  Far from it!  When you take God and all things spiritual out of all aspects of “life” the quality of life begins to deteriorate.  Although America is founded on the principles of the separation of state and church – how can you truly separate our creative life force from everything we do?  I do not want men or women in positions of leadership that do not have respect for people and planet – LIFE!  However, if you talk to a religious zealous, they can justify killing doctors and innocent bystanders if they are making a stand for protecting life and destroying an abortion clinic!  Can we say this is justified?  Do we agree with those who say one thing and do another?  

I cannot say with certainty that I believe my government.  They lie.  They have been caught in lies.  They cheat, steal and kill for profit.   We are led to believe we have a choice in matters through the process of election – but even that is rigged to the highest bidder (aka – corporations & lobbyist).  So what is right?  Who is right?  Where in the world is a space that is doing what is right?    Maybe it is not America?  Maybe we are as horrible as the world suggests?  In any dispute there are different sides and levels of truth.   No one truth may be all inclusive, but I dare say that America has done some horrendous things globally and locally – but I know of NO country or leadership or religious fanatic who has done otherwise!  Maybe what we need is to use 9/11 as the event that brought our voices together for change.  It unified us – and we have thus began to see, no government is without flaw.  Our men and women who serve to protect the country have spoke up and refused to fight.  Is it possible that we all REFUSE to fight with our neighbors?  Can we stand unified in a voice of peace that allows love to begin healing and creating change? 

9/11 was very similar to watching Challenger explode and know that our people were instantly killed live on National television.  The difference was, one was a malfunction … the other we are still investigating to see what the truth actually was.  I do NOT accept what I am told and I realize photos and videos can be doctored.  There is too much that does not make sense for me to accept the simple solution of WAR.  Hopefully this does not quantify me as a terrorist or national threat?  Me, a no one who seeks to connect and collaborate and create change!  But I prefer to speak my truth and accept those consequences than to keep my silence and allow hate to spread like the disease it is.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been impacted by the events leading up to and after 9/11 and I pray for the families who have lost loved ones on all sides. 

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Getting Past the H8 of 9/11 and not being led into war through fear or anger. It is time for change & WE are ready!

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