With so much negative drama going on in the World today many people are asking, how can I truly make a positive difference. Whether it be as a parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, coworker, business owner, public personality or just simply living as one with humanity on this beautiful planet called Earth, the difference that you and I can make is by healing within!

You and the other 7 billion souls on this planet originated from ONE eternal source which we may individually identify and differ as God/Goddess, the Universe, Source, Spirit, Creator, Father/Mother, Lord and so on. Yet, at our core essence of Being we all are as one. 

Many people are so focused on what others are thinking, saying or doing that they begin to engage in selfish acts of degradation such as judgement, competition, manipulation, pointing fingers, entitlement, intentional sabotage with financial, physical, emotional and mental aggression, they engage in ignominy, slanderous gossip and falsely complain about everything and everyone who outperforms them or chooses to live a life with integrity, purpose and outstanding merit. This includes depleting Mother Earth of her natural resources primarily for profit which escalates into senseless acts of war on many levels; personally, professionally and globally solely based from fear, darkness and separation due to their own disconnection from Source.

When you’ve become the target of a fiend who delights in the lower vibrational acts of abasement, it’s can sometimes be difficult to maintain the high road or turn the other cheek. There will be moments when you’ll want to react and reflect the same lower vibrational energy towards them or you may feel the need to defend your honor. It may even cause emotional, physical and psychological issues that causes you to withdraw from others or cease participation in the space, activity or environment which always brought you joy prior to the incident. You’ll find yourself within, reflecting and questioning everything and everyone connected to the situation. You may even begin to question yourself and your faith especially, if you’re not accustomed to this level of hostility. More often then not, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. It’s just them reflecting their inner turmoil at your expense.

The Universe is always working for the highest-good of all involved even if you’re not privy to the Divine’s goal or end-result. When you notice yourself in an environment or situation that clearly is not a vibrational match to your own, know that it’s the Universes way to bring about the necessary change to create balance and order. For that to happen the Universe will work harmoniously through you to initiate those changes by raising the vibrational energy within and around that space. Since you emit a high vibrational energy, it’s that level of high energy that is illuminating the darkness for all the others involved. This in-turn is perceived by those vibrating at a much lower level and causes them to maliciously react from their depths of fear, darkness and separation due to their own disconnection from Source.

If you are given the opportunity over time to observe the Divine intended goal or ultimate outcome, you’ll see that what you initially perceived as a negative experience was really a blessing in disguise. You’ll feel celebratory, honored and blessed for this experience you may have previously even cursed and caused you so much pain, knowing it truly was for the highest-good of all involved.

Each one of us are an extension of God/Goddess created in the likeness of our Creator’s image yet, instead of educating, empowering and connecting in unity; many people are spending all of their time, energy, money and resources on conquering, depleting, creating separation, instilling fear and disempowering one another directly or indirectly the World over. When the only time you should ever be looking down on another person is when you are helping them to get up!

People who are genuinely happy don’t spend their time and energy creating disruption in other peoples lives or society.  They display peace, compassion, collaboration and empower one another into becoming the fullest expression of who they where Divinely created to be!  They come from a space of love and light and therefore dispel the darkness of fear, lack and limitations in their interactions with humanity and the World. They experience freedom with respects to love, health, prosperity, creativity, joy and harmonious right relationships regardless, of what’s going on around them.

True joy, peace and freedom only comes from love and that love is the selfless unconditional love that you hold for yourself and others within.  It is seeing everyone and everything else with a heartbeat on this planet as you.

This is our school of life and we are here to expand yet, to expand means to grow and to grow, we must heal.  To heal is the enlightenment to release all that no longer serves you through forgiveness. This is where you’ll discover unconditional love which is the purity of light and within that light is beautiful, magnificent YOU as your Higher-Self, Angels, Guides and God/Goddess.

Healing takes great integrity, courage, honor and character. It’s knowing that God personally called magnificent, beautiful YOU by name that gives you the freedom to make a positive difference in the world regardless of your current education, finances, title or position. When you honor you by remembering who you are, you’ll discover the Divine riches of the Universe, Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants as ultimately, we are all ONE!  Namaste’


Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger of Peace Love Wings® empowers others into becoming the fullest expression of who they were created to be by identifying their innate gifts and talents so they may get their message out to their intended audience of whom they were meant to serve and live the life of their dreams with purpose and passion!  Her website is www.PeaceLoveWings.com

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Comment by Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger on May 17, 2014 at 10:46pm

Whooo! Hooo!  Happy Dance!!!  Thank you so much!!!!

Comment by Kathy Custren on May 17, 2014 at 10:43pm

Thank you, Stacey! Your article will be recommended to the publishers. ~ Blessings!

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