A Guide to finding an Authentic Psychic Experience, the Do’s and Don’ts

Times sure have changed for Psyhcics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Oracles whatever you call yourself these days, but there’s still so much stigmatisum with outing yourself Spiritually, yet still one fact that hasn’t when it comes to all things Psychic. There are as many bad readers as there are good, and how do you know if the person is Authentic?

First of all some of you may wonder why people ever decide to go to a reader not just from a skeptics perspective but let’s face it, there’s so many unsavoury imposters out there that it makes it difficult to know what’s what and who is who! So here’s my suggestion…

People seek readers out because they need answers, guidance or reassurance from a loved one passed on, so whatever your reasons are please consider this before you choose your next reader.

First and foremost what does your GUT say? You were born with a natural ability of discernment, and regardless if you work with energy or not, know the lingo, or clueless you were born with a sense of feeling what is good and what is bad.

NUMBER ONE rule is if their prices are higher than your budget, that’s not the right reader for you, why? Because you have to always respect your own limitations and finances need to be honoured and respected. So why do some readers have higher rates than others? It all comes down to this, if they are doing readings full time and this is the main source of income it may be based on overhead to rent space, their time and energy, and only speaking from my own reasons My Guides gave me the rates.

Many readers ask for payment at the time of booking…  why? Because it respects their time and energy they are preparing a space for you, honours your time and energy by also holding them accountable and can prevent unsavoury people from booking in and no shows.

Other than the initial payment, unless you are getting more services and or products from the reader at no point in time should they ever ask you for more money for spirit removal or a curse … Most reputable readers will do it right then and there or tell you how to get rid of it unless it’s bigger than their skill set.

*Readers, if you are not familiar or feel confident with providing a service of shifting energy or spirit removals don’t be afraid to say so and refer them on to someone who can help

which for the sitter may result in a fee, and  again that’s up to each Spiritual Practitioner to have a code of ethics that they adhere too! Also if there’s a more involved process like energy work there may be fees associated so this would fall under more services.

So pay attention on how their energy make you feel? Do you have resistance both physically and energetically?  Or are you excited and filled with peace knowing that is is the right reader for you because their eyes look kind, or you are calmer around them…

Next, can you find them online? Do they have a website and you can read some reviews about how other people find their services.

Word of mouth is so important, so if you have had an experience that changed your life, write a review as it helps others decide on what Reader is right for them. It’s also equally important when you have a terrible experience, and you should always let the reader know how you feel, it helps them do better and improve their skills.

Also so important to know and understand is that the Reader does not have control over what comes through and sometimes what you get stuck on hearing isn’t what you necessarily need to hear.so always keep an open mind, so how do you know if you are having a good experience other than how you feel?

The quality of the information that comes through needs to be Authentic, so don’t feed your Reader!

Meaning if they ask you if it makes sense reply with a yes or no answer, unless your Reader has a good foundation they will let you know.

There are a few points a good and experienced reader will hit, one identifying information, who they are, how they passed on, what their message is for you and a wrap up of everything that’s come through.

Again it’s not up to the Reader to help you understand all the metaphors or symbols that come through, and in the moment it may not make sense, that’s why it’s good for you to take notes so you can go back and think about the messages that came through and how it pertains to your life.

Remember the Reader doesn’t know you so if they tell you information that only you know, that’s a good sign of an Authentic Reading and areas of your life that could use some work. Readings can offer direction, mostly confirmation to what you already know and feel and encouragement to keep going, it should be validation and uplifting and often at times emotional, and it’s usually a good sign when there’s an emotional connection to the information coming through.

Some Readers will record for you, I personally don’t because I tend to mess up electronics or a spirit who is passing by takes the opportunity to have a voice and can be upsetting to those listening. Especially with Mediumship!

Some Readers use objects, cards or draw as a talisman to tune in, and some like myself use their Clairvoyant skills, and feel very deeply to get messages meaning when you sit down I get a download.

Spirits often talk in riddle, show signs or objects that only mean something to you, depending on the strength of the information can be a metaphor or literally so work with your Reader as you make sense of the information coming through  and for most Readers after the sitting unless it was profound the information also leaves and won’t remember what come through, this helps the reader not burn out, and sometimes Spirits stay true to their personality and you are so fixated on having that one word come through that you miss their entire beautiful message, so be open and if there was a code word it will come through if you were meant to hear it.

The other information you should be aware is that every Reader responds differently to the Skeptic, and it’s fine to question how it all works but it’s not up to the Reader to prove to you their Psychic Abilities, so Readers, focus on Service say what you see and keep going, we’ve all had at least one hostile sitter, stay true to your Guides and the information coming through.

Lastly, when Intuitive people get readings they can be some of the hardest to read because they are so busy trying to Read the Reader, so my advise is cut it out lol, Every Reader needs a Reader, Medium and Healer so respect one another

Next like any Reading , you have free will to change or alter your experience that’s why for myself personally I do not forecast as it deems you to one experience or the other, same is true for predicting death or medical readings. Unless you have to know, I rarely give this form of Reading.

Also people get stuck on wanting to know their Guides name and often you don’t know to avoid codependency, or having control over them it’s really for your protection and theirs.

and lastly, Responsible Readers will not read for you weekly, or daily unless it’s extremely important, this creates Psychic addiction and dependency … Do your homework, follow suggestions and do the life work you need to do in order to have a happy healthy life that’s balanced.

Maryne Hachey

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