Amenti: Balancing to Obtain the Hall Pass

Amenti: Balancing to Obtain the Hall Pass


By Kathy Custren


A recent post by an online friend had me revisiting time and words with Thoth, the Atlantean; an immortal, ancient sage whose wisdom on spiritual and metaphysical matters rings true for many who delve into the writings attributed to him, which are known as, “The Emerald Tablets.” The ancient writings of Thoth are also attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, founder of Hermeticism, and believed by many to be another incarnation of Thoth. Perhaps, you may best know the character, Thoth, as the recorder of deeds in Ancient Egypt: the scribe, and lawyer, which is where I first discovered him as part of my research and interest in The Conundrum and Balance.


The information contained on the tablets have long been the source of quite a few of the mystery schools, and even religions in various forms; shrouded in arcane teachings and symbols which relatively few people may even bother to discover, even in our so-called enlightened age. Why is such secrecy part of discovery? As a student of both “Balance” and “The Conundrum,” there are very good reasons for recording and presenting important information in this fashion.


Such is the way with knowledge; one has to truly seek it. One may be taught lessons, of course, as many of us learn in school. Basic knowledge, such as how to read and write, count and work magic with numbers, can be understood through practice. This is a key right there…to seek understanding of knowledge, one must practice. [This is where religion, in its forms, is helpful.]


One may even be ‘forced’ into learning things. Think of the classes you may have had, both in school and in the course of life, where you were “compelled” to learn, even though you felt neither the need nor desire to do so. Learning and understanding is achieved in its right time, often whether it is our choice to discover or not. It is up to us to discern the difference between what is negative and positive, and how these things affect our lives. With additional insight and through learned lessons, we may understand the balance and peace that is ours when we ‘do the right thing’ or ‘stay in the light.’


Many religions, at their core, teach us to hold to the light, to seek positive knowledge, and to avoid or shun darkness and difficulty as much as we can. We may recognize these aspects of life as healthy ways to be, and seek out strong advice that we can use to achieve wellness. There are ways, as Thoth himself advises, for us to find a number of key metaphysical and spiritual aspects: our balance, health, appreciation, and even views on eternal life, can all depend upon how we process our physical energies, thoughts, and heartfelt associations.


There are a few important messages that I was able to glean from the time spent reading the version of Thoth’s emerald tablets. It had been a while since I last ‘beheld their wisdom.’ So seeing the words with fresh eyes and under our current circumstances does lend itself to the timelessness of the advice they contain.


Amenti: Another Word for Eternity


Throughout the writings, Thoth refers to the “Halls of Amenti” as being a place-goal where he plans to spend some time in wait for a great and future change. After having had counsel of seven other ascended masters from the time he was living in Atlantis, Thoth reveals that there are a number of dimensions of being. He describes in rather good detail the seven master-beings, and their domains of responsibility. These also have a striking correspondence, as we may interpret, with areas of our chakras and the kundalini system of our energetic existence.


We may accept that as we work and deal with each vortex of chakra energy in our body system, we may learn to control or master it. In this way, various aspects of our physical lives come into balance, and we become the master of our own portion of the greater universe. Once we manage to achieve mastery of our body energies, placing them into balance with our physical being and world, may we begin to ascend the path toward the Halls of Amenti.


That there is a pathway to Amenti as a place-goal is made clear. This is seen as desirable, and not just because Thoth longs for it. If we consider it akin to our own desire for ‘world peace’ or longing to be in harmony with All, this makes rather good sense. To know Thoth found this as not only possible but achievable by any of us who are sincere in practice, is hopeful indeed.


Amenti: Beyond Our World


Thoth explains that Order and Balance are ‘Laws of the Cosmos.’ These states of being are seen as ideal conditions in which to discover what lies in the great beyond. In order to begin the more spiritual journey with intent, we must first have our physical lives balanced and in order. This makes sense, too. How might we truly devote any time to spiritual and/or metaphysical pursuits when we are kept too busy with work, too ill to be well, or too hungry or thirsty to look past the immediate and physical problems that weigh us down? And with these types of ‘darkness’ that invade our otherwise light-filled life, it is no wonder that many are unable to even think about pursuing balance, or discovering the words of Thoth, even in a language or form they might appreciate.



There are more cosmic attributes we can understand that Thoth tells us about, and these relate to the cosmic (or spiritual) order being greater than what we might recognize here on this physical plane of existence. There is a beautiful ‘music of harmonies’ that exists beyond all of our struggle and strife that has existed since the timeless beginning. Achieving this live and living level of free consciousness places us in this cosmic light, this harmony, this wellness; overcoming whatever physical limitations we may see or think we have.


So, Thoth is gracious enough to be our metaphysical champion. I consider him humanity’s cheerleader, in a way, because he was once like us and he underwent great change. The world, his land of Atlantis, as he knew it, changed during his time there. This is very much the same way we may consider our time here on Earth, in its present circumstances. He foretells of the way the numbers of man will likewise be cut through great world changes, brought on by great imbalance, greed, and ignorance.


Amenti: Strength to Practice, to Act


As we see our world changing, and us along with it in the midst of imbalance, we are reminded that it is within our power to find the darkness, find the imbalances, stare without fear into The Conundrum and not be ignorant of the problems we face. Those of us who are strong of mind and heart, who have ready access to our live, light consciousness and ability to manifest change, are charged by our higher cosmic energies to do what we can to regain balance. It is only through the strength of balance that we will be able to achieve peace and lead ourselves and others through the dark times and places.


It is up to us to practice our own method of releasing dark energies and blockages that keep us from feeling too tied to dis-ease, in whatever forms it crosses our path. True freedom comes when we have power over all the aspects of our lives; true mastery of the energies. May we use the word, “Amen” to remind us of the Halls of Amenti, so that our efforts ring true and in alignment with those of the Eternal harmony that exists. Amen! ~ Namaste ~ Blessings!


About the Author


Kathy Custren, OMTimes Senior Editor, is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with her community page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and tune in to “What is Going OM?” on OMTimes Radio.

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