Are You An Empath? Signs & Tips For Safely Connecting With Others

The in’s and out’s of being an Empath are quite lengthy. To connect with the feelings of strangers, those you love, items you come across and even places can be exceptionally overpowering! I often smile and shake my head when people proclaim their desire to be an Empath. It’s a wonderful gift, don’t get me wrong. BUT it is one which brings with it a variety of challenges that must be dealt with accordingly. Empathic abilities are deeply moving but require certain precautions so they are used safely.

It is my belief that there are many more Empaths walking the Earth today than who realize it. This seems to be because many people have the unique ability to pick up on the emotions and feelings of others but often times chalk it up to being overly emotional, too sympathetic and many feel they are teetering on the edge of insanity as they run the gambit of one emotion to the next without warning or much space!

In truth there are a few signs that you could be Empathic and though this list is far from extensive, it gives you an idea of some of the most common attributes.

Do you:

~Get easily worked up when watching TV or movies? Whether funny or sad you feel a physical expression of the emotion you are watching on the screen.

~Find crowds and public events overwhelming? Like being in the middle of a 3-ring circus and having everyone throw their various emotions at you public places can be an emotional minefield for you.

~Do people naturally feel drawn to you for advice and insight because you have a keen ability to understand what they are going through on a soul level?

~Do you feel instantly whether someone is good people when you first meet them? Empaths have a keen ability to get accurate first impressions.

~Can you sense when there has been an emotional shift to a room or situation? Empaths often times can tell when something is lifting or changing. Even walking into an empty room can give an Empath an understanding of what took place before they entered.

~Do you find that you are a bit of a personality chameleon; capable of adjusting to whom you are around and never quite finding your “type”.


The list of signs is countless; however, this gives you an idea of whether or not you should further explore your own Empathic abilities. Furthermore you can see how many ride the line between blessing and curse when it comes to being able to so easily connect with the emotionality of people, places, and even items.

One of the biggest assets for an Empath is self-care. Because we have a strong tendency to attract “wounded birds” and have a hard time saying no, even when it’s in our best interest, we bend over backwards to accommodate those in our lives who we feel need us. This can leave us depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. If we do not take the time for self-care we will experience burn out which makes us susceptible to illness, lethargy and even depression.

Here are some tips for self-care that also will help protect you against overuse of your own Empathic abilities.

~Take time for YOU. Shut off the phone, turn off the computer and make YOUR needs a priority. Ask yourself what you are currently feeling and how you can fill your emotional, mental and physical banks.

~Meditate. This doesn’t have to resemble something you would see in a monastery and there is no right or wrong way. What is important is to set up a small amount of time when you will be undisturbed and can simply sit in silence and listen to your breath. Thoughts will come and they will go. Do not attempt to control or manipulate them as this tends to exacerbate their flow. Instead just take time to sit quietly which is therapeutic in and of itself. If you prefer more structure look into some guided meditations which will lead you deeper down the rabbit hole of relaxation and self-soothing.

~Cover your solar plexus. One of the places most activated when our Empathic abilities are triggered is our solar plexus. It’s the emotional gateway, essentially. By visualizing a protective shield around your solar plexus (the space located just 3 fingers width above your belly button) you can stop the flow of emotion for the time being. If you feel that you require more immediate blocking or are not yet adept at visualization than cover your hands over this area, or use a book. Any block, be it visual/energetic or physical will assist you in stopping the flow and having a chance to ground and center yourself.

~Which brings us to grounding and centering. A great way to remove unwanted emotions be them yours or another’s is by visualizing them spilling from our feet and into the ground. You can accompany this visualization with a simple statement that you “release all negative, unwanted or foreign emotion and energy into the ground to be cleansed and recycled for its highest good”. If you know the exact emotion that is presently causing you troubles then say aloud that you release it!  Then visualize a root stemming from your tailbone down deep into the Earth until you reach the core and then visualize this energy traveling back up through that root and into your body. Now consciously draw all of that energy into your center once again, nice and neatly contained.

~Lastly-cleanse! You can do this the old fashion way with some hot water, maybe some bubbles, candles and essential oils if you are feeling fancy (which is not a bad way to self sooth on its own!) or you can grab some sage from your local or online metaphysical store and safely burn and waft the smoke around your energetic body as well as your home if you feel so inclined. You can look up more intricate statements of intent or simply state aloud or internally that you are cleaning and removing all unwanted energy and emotions from your being and your space. Nothing fancy-the intent is enough.


The bottom line is that if you feel a particular resonance with some of the signs of being an Empath you should begin to explore the topic more and see how you can best strengthen your energetic and emotional body. When not properly protected there can be a very real downside to your Empathic skills. The ability to help someone, however, through your connection is a profound experience, unlike anything else. By learning to diagnose and nurture your skills while protecting yourself to safely use them you will find great benefit comes to you on an internal level as you are able to help those around you in intensely poignant ways. 

A wearer of phenomenal shoes, drinker of fabulous wine and diviner of cards, Laura Brown's mission is to guide and empower women on matters related to love and romance. With a decidedly blunt but down-to-Earth approach Laura hones in on the subtleties and helps women to understand the bigger picture within their love lives. Learn more about Laura through her site Modern Sibyl and stay up to date over at her Facebook page

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