Blank pages are frightening. Scary like unused canvases and most projects. And in spite of everything, or who knows, just for that reason, they are also exciting, irresistible. They are the definition of potentiality. And it is that infinite potential that makes them so attractive to many of us.

This is what is happening with Asgardia. For those of you who do not know, Asgardia is a space nation. I'm not kidding. It was born in 2016 at fathered by a Russian scientist and businessman, Dr. Igor Asurbeyly, and he is not alone in the task. Some of the world most relevant lawyers specializing in space law are behind Dr. Asurbeyly in the non-profit association NGO Asgardia, which is the engine and support behind the concept of Asgardia the Space Kingdom, a concept that attracted me irresistibly from the first moment, especially because of its potential.

In its year and a half of life the nation has gone from being an idea to having not only the relevant symbols, such as anthem, flag and coat of arms, but also a constitution approved by popular vote. Currently, in April 2018, the democratic process of electing its representatives in the parliament is coming to an end, followed by the nomination of  government officials. It is not bad for being a landless nation, and above all, a nation without history, without cultural, ethnic or linguistic homogeneity.

Asgardia is officially a nation because to be one, it only needs a sufficient number of citizens willing to be so and the corresponding legal instruments that regulate them. But will it ever be a country, a state? State definitions usually include the concept of territory, and Asgardia does not seek to have a territory on earth. On the one hand, it is possible for Asgardia to possess an object in orbit that, due to the fact of belonging to it, becomes Asgardian territory. I suppose that the laws that define a territory until now have not contemplated the assumption that said territory is not in our planet if it were not in orbit. From the moment that a citizen does not need to live in the territory of which he declares himself a citizen, it seems to me that we are facing the possibility of having "space" as legal territory. 

Being such a new and ambitious but new concept, to speak of Asgardia is like doing the Rorschach test; everybody completes the little information that is known with their own ideas, their fears, their anger, their vision of the world, of life and of the future. Many do not dare to approach "just in case". Of those who get attracted to it some enter fully with the illusion of discovering a new world to explore, and others instead enter taking each step as if walking through a minefield, wanting to reach the other side but fearing each movement.

At this moment there are just over 182,000 citizens, belonging to 200 countries. There are 12 official languages ​​that correspond to the most spoken languages in Asgardia by number of inhabitants. It is expected that there will be 150 parliamentarians and 12 ministries. And all this must be organized, created, developed and operated virtually. To me it seems a task of titans and as I love the difficult but juicy challenges, I confess that I entered jumping with both feet. Why? Because we are going to create it ourselves and each brushstroke counts. Regardless of its legal status, whether or not it will become a country with full rights, what matters to me is whether we are able to organize ourselves, to work together, to create a common project on a large scale with the sole purpose of benefiting all mankind.

At the moment in Asgardia there are those who entered out of curiosity. Others, trying to see if there is an opportunity to do business. Some signed up to make friends with similar minds, a few of them, the critics, to be able to gossip and citicise everyone. There are those who thought that in a couple of years they were going to go on vacation to the moon, those who expect miracles, the paranoids who see a conspiracy in everything, and the science fiction fanatics with transhumanist fantasies. All these are minority and of course they are welcome, like everybody else. However, what I can see more often than not when I take the time to meet a few Asgardians, is people with their hearts in their hand, with a common vision of the future, with hope. I see people working many hours, most of them without a pay, meeting each other, dreaming, trying to manifest a dream, a better world for our children. Many of them have stepped forward to take the helm of the nation and create the parliament and the government.

The Constitution of Asgardia says it very clearly. In the declaration of unity mention as objectives

"... • unite future humanity as trans-ethnic, transnational, trans-religious, ethical, just, peaceful, looking at the infinite universe, based on the equality and dignity of every human being;
• resolve differences, conflicts, inequalities and imperfections in human history, bring spiritual and scientific practices and achievements to a new level in their civilizational and cultural multitude, and launch a new era in the history of space humanity "

I believe that I am not mistaken when I say that the Constitution, and especially the Declaration of Unity, is what attracts us.

As for me, why am I here? Easy. Because I've always thought that a better world is possible. Because it is time to create the new earth. Because I am sick of borders, of slavery, of injustice, of separation, of struggles, of conflicts. Because I do not see an exit. I do not think it is possible to find a solution in the same framework in which all the problems have been created. I do not imagine such a radical change. The solution goes through the creation of a new, fresh, non-committed or dependent support, without religion, without borders, without politics, and Asgardia wants to be that place.

I do not know if it will be possible. I know it is very difficult and I confess that I have my doubts, but I do not see another alternative. We have to try. If enough people push in the right direction, there will reach their destination. It is the law. And if we do not get it, we will at least advance one or two steps further and the next brave souls that try to do it can start from a more advanced point. That is the way how progress is made. It is about failure as well as about the success of those that precede us. That's why I'm not afraid. Because in this particular task, trying is already succeeding, regardless of the immediate result.

As a healer, the most difficult lesson to learn was the detachment from the result. From here I would like to invite you to accompany Asgardia in its manifestation; especially those who know that similar energies attract each other and manifest matter. I want to call those who are aware that as it is above it is below. The battle is already won in other realms and it is waiting to manifest in this one. Let's be part of a nation that ensures freedom and equality for all. The bigger we make this nation, the more we can do for everyone, and for the planet that we want to protect above else. One Humanity, One Unity. 

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