Awaken the Power of Personal Creation

Have you ever felt the unease of knowing you could do more, but you feel stuck? Feeling like something is limiting you? The mind is your ULTIMATE power and I promise you CAN awaken this GIANT. As soon as you are willing to see that your mindset controls everything, you can change anything. You can go from feeling lost and stuck to harnessing the power of your greatest of possibilities. And here’s how…. Pivot any ONE of these powers and the rest will follow!

The Power of VISION

If you are going to succeed at anything in life you MUST know your outcome, then you absolutely must get laser focused on that outcome. Having vision is determining with complete clarity where you want to be, your mission, and the steps it takes to get there. What’s your business? Your mission? What are the pain points that you have a solution for? Who do you serve? What is your zone of genius, that thing you do better than anyone else?

When practicing the power of Vision, you are developing the muscle of end result thinking, which is a mindset that encourages you to always keep your vision in mind as you move throughout life. Strengthening this muscle will, over time, make it faster and easier for you to identify the yes and no answers when you’re faced with choices. This happens because you will immediately begin to see what takes you either closer to, or further from, your desired end result.

The Power of FOCUS 

What you focus on grows. It’s all about what you are thinking about, what you are paying attention to in your life. Always focus on what you WANT, instead of what you DON'T want. Your focus is like your flashlight that you are illuminating and put your mental momentum towards. To begin to control your focus, consider the kinds of things you are currently shining your flashlight on.

Many times, people are focusing on what they don’t want so when you are constantly thinking and speaking about everything that is not going the way you want, you are essentially blocking your mind from creating. When you can control your focus, you direct the powerful places in your mind to come up with the ideas that will connect you with what you want. The bottom line is always focus on the solution more than the problem.

The Power of BELIEF

When you change your internal beliefs so they align with your VISION, you will 10x your POWER. The obstacles that were holding you back are true obstacles, but only because you believe them to be true. Your beliefs about yourself, and the stories that come along with them, are what determines how you feel about yourself. You are the only one who can change that in order to truly recover and thrive.

 What you repeatedly tell yourself becomes your programming, essentially your beliefs and your identity, which are often the obstacles that slow you down, weighing heavily on you physically, emotionally, and mentally. All this internal programming is with you every moment of every day; any “glitches” in your programming will effectively disconnect you from your desired outcome.

The Power of your BODY

YOUR body has the ultimate power to guide you through life. You absolutely must keep your vessel clean to tap into massive amounts of intuition to help you make better choices. This doesn’t only relate to eating well or exercising, keeping your vessel clean means being aware of as much of your body as you can be.

The emotions of your traumas stay in your body, especially when you don’t actively work to release them or when you have several decades of buildup in your tissues. Yoga is one way you can dislodge the stored emotions from your cells. In essence, yoga is the body telling the mind what to do (instead of the other way around) reciprocally completing the mind-body feedback loop. The better the body is running, the better you’ll hear the body’s messages.

The power of CHOICE

Harness unstoppable power when you learn to make choices that connect to your vision. Every choice you make gives you the freedom to create your reality. You have free will to make choices, and when you make choices based on whether or not they will connect you to your core desires, your life will get better and better. Each time you make a conscious choice, you move forward in a new direction, one that opens us up to an infinite number of different outcomes.

Choices affect every single moment of every single day. What determines your future are moment-to-moment choices that you make. These choices can change your life. And it is these choices, reinforced with emotional intensity, which builds your reality. You are the architect, and every decision closes some doors and opens others.

 The power of WORDS

The words you use when you talk to yourself and others have an enormous impact on your life. Inside your mind, you have this little committee that is constantly criticizing you, and each time you allow that committee to take control, you are actually making it stronger, reinforcing the neural pathways created by the belief system that gave us those thoughts in the first place.

What you have to do is be deliberate about the words you speak because you speak your reality into existence. Stop yourself from complaining midsentence if you have to and start saying instead the opposite or how you want it to be. Sometimes it’s too hard to actually say the words, so you can write them down instead. The more you do this, the more you will start making decisions that will make it true, decisions in direct alignment with what you.


Tapping into the truest part of yourself is like putting your inner SUPERHERO in charge. Authenticity is the practice of choosing moment-to-moment how you portray yourself in the world. We are all told that we need to live our life a certain way—believe this, believe that, get a job, buy a house, be a success, and so on, forever. But that way of life may be in conflict with who you really are.

Regardless of what the rest of the world tells you, the only way to be completely fulfilled on a daily basis is to allow the real you to live in this world. Welcome the real you; get to know yourself and your desires. When you learn to bring your personal beliefs and values to the core of everything you do, life will change rapidly. You will no longer care if what you are doing is completely opposite of everyone else and will let living authentically lead you.

The Power of MINDSET

Having a GROWTH mindset creates massive opportunity, even out of every MISTAKE. Using your personal power definitely includes understanding how much growth is achieved every time you break through your breakpoint. When you hit the wall of failure, mistake, or even a general “I can’t”, shut off the valve to that fixed mindset long enough for the greatest version of yourself to be in charge and plug into the most empowering thought you can think of. Your greatest manifestations are created outside of your comfort zone. 

 The power of ACTION

You are only as POWERFUL as the action you are willing to take. Put your DREAMS in charge and not your FEARS. It's fear that holds you back. I'm talking about when you absolutely want something, know it will work, know you can do it and can hold the vision but do NOTHING. That is fear in conflict with your dreams.

 If you can take action (even something small) you can break through your overwhelming self-doubt. You must take action and understand the fundamentals of execution and discipline. Don’t fall into the trap of having a game changing idea and doing nothing to manifest it. You must get 100% committed and you can do that by developing a detailed action plan and the willingness to do the work.

 The power of MASTERY

Learn a skill inside, outside, backwards and forwards until you can EXECUTE without effort! You are extremely fortunate to live in an era where you can educate yourself on literally anything you want. Believe you can achieve something more outrageous than you ever thought possible, unfold that inspiration to learn something new that will support your vision, allow this newly tapped source of education to find its way into your daily practices, and you will DO things you never thought possible. That my friends, is the moment LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

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Mary Shores is a Speaker, Teacher & Developmental Powerhouse. Her book Conscious Communications is currently available for pre-sale on amazon and can show you how to manifest a life that you love. You can follow her on or sign up for her weekly newsletter Fearless Ambition for her latest news and views.

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