The 2012 non-event was a collective group climax of mass hysteria generated out of co-creative speculation surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar (as fun as it was).  The mania this speculation generated continues its ripple effect, as those still attached to the byline farm for sundry meaning and explanation.

The evolution of humanity* has always been, and will forever be ongoing.  We are just conscious of it now, conscious that we are co-Creators, and conscious that God is Creation Itself.  The notable outworking of 2012 was the celebration of The Grand Awakening of humanity to our divinity as we move toward critical mass.

In other words, ordinary people are awakening to the limitations of left- or right-brain-only thinking, and seeing there is so much more to be understood about who we are and why we are here.  This, in turn, manifests in the destruction and reconstruction of our social systems, how we treat each other, and how we treat this planet, our home.


There are those claiming this is the first time ever that humanity has collectively begun to stir to the fullness of a more balanced image of ourselves as Co-Creators, in partnership with Creation.  It’s simply not true.  Awareness of our inner power and authority as Source; the feminine pole of duality, has been recorded in history from Greek Mythology to the Bible, where some humans were seen as demi-gods.  In tales of Atlantis and Lemuria, humans very much reigned supreme, in command of the Earth’s elements.

In oral story-telling, passed down from generation to generation, societies were powered by matriarchal rule.  Women were the shamans, the medicine women and the high priestesses.  Whether the full truth, partial truth or allegorical in nature, these records all point toward periods of time when the balance of Creation swayed more heavily negative than positive in charge on a local planetary level.

The human species has swung between the dominance of the masculine pole (destructive, egoic outer world) over to the feminine pole (creative inner world), and all points in between.  This is largely due to Earth's axial precession, caused by the gravitational pull of the other planets in our solar system.  This is where the Earth's north and south poles seem to "wobble" in a circular motion; a "circle" completing roughly every 26,000 years.  As we swing toward the farthest edge of the circle, away from the center of the galaxy, in essence, moving away from our “heart center,” we "lose" consciousness.  As we lean back toward the galaxy's center, we "wake up" once again.

Losing touch with our inner reality, we become out of balance, relying more on our external senses to such a degree, we literally “forget” the “Big Picture” as the right hemisphere of the brain, which processes non-linear constructs, is underutilized.  We then turn to lore or scientific explanation to attempt to put the puzzle pieces of who we are, and why we are here, together.


Thankfully, as we swing past the farthest edge, we return on the loop, moving closer toward the gamma ray generating center of the galaxy.  Exposed to greater doses of gamma radiation, humans tend to evolve at a much faster pace, re-awakening the dormant (or near dormant) organs in the body such as the thymus and the pineal gland.  The re-activated pineal gland, regarded as the interface between the physical and non-physical worlds, sits between the two hemispheres of the brain, allowing the brain to come back online, fully.

In harmony, polarization decreases, we once again come into the fullness of who we are.  Humanity “discovers” the havoc we’ve been creating under too much yang power, i.e. competition, and seeks to right the ills of the world cooperatively.  Eventually, as the world swings toward yin, a vacuum is created, in that yang swoops in to fill the void, and so forth.  This is the primordial creative force, expressing as two—positive and negative charges at work.  There is never a moment the third dimension is out of balance, though it may appear to be so when viewed from a limited point of view.

On a local level, it is possible to view pockets of polarity, and everything in between, right here on Earth, and even in our personal lives.  Many continue to relate stories of ongoing personal challenges in their lives, ranging from health issues, poverty, lack of a sense of direction, to little material change at all.  Why do life challenges persist even after awakening to one’s true nature as part of the Divine?  This will be the topic of my next article.


*All of time exists as the eternal now.  It is the fractal organization of Creation that gives rise to the appearance of cause and effect and evolution.

Dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, Christine Horner is the founder of In the Garden Publishing, Bodhi UniversiTree and is the author of the ground-breaking and acclaimed What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil and newly released, The Gift. The host of the new radio show, From Mystery to Mastery, her web site is  This article may be reproduced with full attribution only.

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Comment by Christine Horner on October 23, 2013 at 10:10am

  Thank you so much, Trevor! Much appreciation for all you do!

Part II will be about the power of the subconscious mind continuing to trump conscious efforts to manifest a new reality.  How the schism between the subconscious and conscious is the source of health problems and how we can heal it all.  Hint: Awareness

Comment by Trevor Taylor on October 23, 2013 at 9:44am

Hi Christine - recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the December multi-media editions

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