The phantom predator’s modus operandi cannot be defined more completely than in the dysfunctional behavior of the dreaded bully. Bullies exemplify the phantom’s sadistic side in the way they receive pleasure out of hurting and hating others. Between the ages of six and ten, my stepfather would use a willow tree switch or a two-by-four to “discipline” me. I never became a bully myself, but I did become a victim of bullying. My stepfather’s harsh discipline—what would today be considered child abuse—facilitated a conditioned, internal belief structure that said: “It’s normal to be on the receiving end of violence. I deserve to suffer. Inflicting pain onto others is a perfectly natural and acceptable behavior in this world.” Consequently, every school year, from the third grade until my sophomore year in high school, I was verbally harassed, picked on, and physically beaten by other boys in school. It also didn’t help that I was an average of two years younger than my fellow classmates and therefore always smaller.

The phantom pain parasite will keep the mind of its host in a state of rationalization, convincing the bully that his or her bullying is justified. Phantom bullies thrive on the excitement of abusing those with whom they view as inferior and weak. The phantom predator always requires a phantom prey to feed on. The predator and prey phantoms, therefore, become a seamless hand-in-glove fit for one another in the polarity energy exchange of each bully attack. Because the pain from my primal trauma remained firmly ingrained inside my pain-body, I unknowingly projected my anger and fear outwardly onto my classmates. That psychic energy imprint is what attracted the bullies to me, like a fox to a rabbit. Not only was my repressed anger unconsciously perceived as a threat to their egos, my small size amplified me as easy prey. The resonance of fear in me attracted a like resonance of fear in them. The only difference is that they were the predators and I, the prey. Both serve as unconscious hosts of the pain-body parasite.

Bullies also enjoy deriding others behind their backs. After all, as long as they’re pointing their fingers at others, all attention will be diverted away from their own unaddressed, unattended, and completely repressed fears of inferiority. They will incessantly criticize, condemn, and verbally abuse everyone around them while their cowardly phantom selves remain safely concealed. Bullies foster tension and hatred, and never learn to give it a rest. Their phantoms are so in control of their thoughts that the only thing that matters to them is to succeed at offending and embarrassing others in some way, over and over again. It’s all about diminishing the other so they can feel superior to them, feed on their pain, and take away their power. This need is so embedded and  unconscious that it’s inseparable from their very sense of survival.

In childhood, we learn the saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.” But nothing can be further from the truth. Names can be just as hurtful, and in many cases, more so. In the same way that a physical punch is energy released and received, a verbal punch is energy released and received. The verbal attacks from pain-body bullies can be just as violent as a physical attack because the victim will mentally repeat that verbal message a million times, over and over again, for months on end. This negative programming is what bolsters the pain-body and strengthens it. Over time, it may become too  unbearable for the victim to live inside of their own body, because they’re in pain all of the time. This chronic pain is why so many pain-bodies drive their hosts to suicide.

If you’re hosting a passive pain-body, you will probably be attracting bullies to you like moths to a flame. They will seek you out, come up to you out of nowhere, yell at you from across the street, send hate-mail to you, and this will all happen despite the fact that you do everything in your power to keep out of sight and “fly underneath their radar.”

The more abusive strangers you attract, the more you’ll wish that no one will notice you. You simply want the world to leave you alone. If you’ve noticed a pattern like this in your life, where people you don’t really know consistently make negative, derisive comments that hurt you deeply, then congratulations, you are truly ready to dissolve the pain-body and heal. By this point, your pain-body has no doubt been enduring chronic abuse over a very long period of time, dating back to your primal wound in early childhood. Becoming aware of this negative pattern of attraction is the first step toward dissolving it.

Again, the specific frequency of the phantom pain-body energy can only attract to it the same like frequency. This is a very important lesson to learn. If you are attracting these abusive people into your life then it’s certainly not by accident. The reason is your own frequency of fear. And so you may be asking by now, “How do I change this negative frequency in myself?” The solution is simple but not easy. It involves acknowledging the negative patterns of your own mind and the negative thoughts that repeat in your mind that are both silently and verbally directed toward other people. Once you can identify these thoughts as they surface, you’ll begin to become conscious of your own judgment toward others at its source. It is this consistent regurgitating of angry thoughts toward others that is the root cause of your abuse and the reason why you continue to attract phantom pain predators into your life.  

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Comment by Jason Lincoln Jeffers on July 31, 2013 at 12:49pm

thank you Lorri!

Comment by Lorri Amsden on July 31, 2013 at 12:47pm

Lovely article, Jason. 

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