CENTRE The Truth about—DEATH

An English Poet and philosopher (philos=friend; sophia=wisdom) became a researcher into the paranormal and the truth about Death after discovering a tiny luminous ‘portal’ in the centre of his body, uncharted on present-day chakra maps of the subtle body. Later he came to see that all beings have this shining Centre at the centre of their being and were, for the most part, unaware of its significance or even existence. He came to know that it was the ‘original Centre’ from which the other centres (chakras) had devolved and is the gateway to your real self, where you came in and where you go out.  And remarkably that it is also the Centre of the universe, the source of everything that has ever been or will be:

“Your centre and the Centre of the universe are not two things. If you consider that the centre and source of the universe has produced everything that exists and has ever existed; microbes, mammoths, mountains, stars, solar systems, black holes, flowers, machines, poetry, music and everything else, you will see the significance of this."

His explorations using the infinite potentiality of ‘the Centre’ cover over thirty years of experience in understanding the Centre, locating it, using it and entering it. This extraordinary discovery and way to transcend phenomena is presented as a matter-of-fact recording of the truth about sensational subjects: Development in the Womb, Birth, Death, Incarnation, Healing, Chakras, Staircase to Other Worlds, Astrals, Astral Travelling, Devas and Brahmas, Heaven Worlds, Kundalini, Remembering Past Lives, Rejuvenation, Creativity, Ethics... And is clearly the genuine work of an adept and self-realised one.

‘CENTRE’ is interwoven with intuitive Verse and cartoons to awaken the Imagination and is like being given the rare gift of a ‘straight stick’ whereby all one’s knowledge and experience lines up and develops into right understanding about things which we ought to know about because they are important for our well being and happiness.

The remarkable benefits of this deeply spiritual practice of ‘Centering’ include illumination about the universal experience —Death. The following excerpts are taken out of the context of the complete and pervasive understanding of Oneness that permeates ‘CENTRE':

 “Imagine a block of apartments with a Central staircase. The staircase links all the different floors and on each floor there are doors into the apartments on that floor. But behind these doors are not apartments, but complete levels of being, complete worlds.

       “Each level is a complete world with:
         a birth (in through a door)
         a death (out through a door)
         and, in between, a life in that world.”

“The Staircase extends above the floor on which we are currently living as humans beings in this world and also below.”

“Going through a door means being born in that world. Coming back out again is dying. All the various activities of life go on behind the door. The growing up. The learning. The relationships. The acquisition of possessions, the pleasures and pains, the joys and sorrows. The attachments.  When you die, you have to leave it all behind. Everything that you have acquired. Even your body. Because it is dead.”

 “It is not uncommon for a human being to leave this world by the door he came in (the human door) and come back by a different door...”

“Usually we go there (the Centre) when we sleep. We (our consciousness) sink down, which is why we talk about falling asleep... We have the same experience when we faint. We feel ourselves falling towards the Centre and then since our consciousness has withdrawn from the brain, our body falls to the ground. It is similar to when we die.  The difference is that in dying there is a withdrawal from the heart as well. So, although we still fall to the ground, the life force has completely withdrawn into the Centre and does not, normally return.  I say “normally” because, rarely, people do come back.”

 “In an out-of-body experience, the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his subtle or dream body or astral body into “higher realms”. It is therefore associated with near-death experiences and it is also frequently reported as spontaneously experienced in association with sleep and dreams, illness, surgical operations, drug experiences, paralysis and forms of meditation.”

“Astrals are found on the astral plane, when someone has temporarily left his body. They are also found when the body is dead and the astral remains and has not moved on to a new birth. In this case the astral is a type of ghost...”

“...in an old house, an astral can be born again into the same family that he previously died in: the grandfather can become the grandson, for example...”

“The physical human body functions as a living being only as long as it is inhabited by, and impregnated with, an astral body which can provide a non-physical link between it and the origin of life which is the Centre. It can function like a machine during temporary astral absence unless a major physical component (heart, brain etc.) breaks down. In that case the astral will return to find “its” body dead and perhaps already cremated...”

“Each and every life started with a birth that was painful and ended with a death that was usually painful and unwanted. Most people find a barrier when they remember back (past lives); the birth. They also realise very well that, if there was a past life before that birth, there was also a death.

“This sequence of birth and death of which you have been a part, and still are, and of which you will continue to be a part until you mange to escape, is called the Sangsāra, literally the “perpetual wandering”. In this unbroken sequence of cause and effect, we arise now here and now there in accordance with our deeds and their effects, our karma.”

Whether a newcomer or experienced meditator, ‘CENTRE’ opens a portal to understanding the truth about Death and is a significant step on the path back to the Highest Happiness. The book provides a method, a set of instructions and a map. The Author encouragingly inspires us, “...if you can use them, you will experience these things, or some of them, yourself.”

The use of quotes within this article and the cartoon drawing are used with the kind permission of Brian Taylor.   

CENTRE The Truth about Everything by Brian Taylor  

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Comment by Linden Brough on March 29, 2012 at 6:16pm

Hello!  Yes, this is my article. 

Could be described as a book review homing in on CENTRE'S truth about DEATH...  (Idea to write a series of such articles on different topics with true statements from CENTRE...)  

Yes, recent founder of Universal Octopus, a new independent publisher.

Comment by Omtimes Media on March 29, 2012 at 4:09pm

Hello there, is this your article? a book review? Are you a publisher?

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