Choking Under Pressure? Pace Your Day with Music


By Kara Johnstad 


Music Can Often Make or Break Our Day.


Everything around has a pulse, a rhythm. Not only music. Our words have a rhythm and tone. The music we listen to has a rhythm and tone. Our heart has a rhythm and tone. The earth has a rhythm and tone, as do the weather patterns and the cycles of nature. Our circulatory system is pulsating with its surge and release. We are rhythmical beings.


Athletes know the effects of using the proper music to pace them in running long distances. They use music consciously in training. They use music to pace distances and in high-pressure situations.


Take, for example, the final three minutes of a soccer game: The score is tied. There is a foul, and the referee calls for a free shot. Studies have shown that recalling a positive, upbeat rhythmic melody line and mentally singing it, a song such as “always look at the bright side of life,” improves greatly the chance of staying calm and focused and making the shot.


Connect with a Positive, Rhythmical Melody


Can we learn from top professional athletes to use music as a tool? Music can help set the tone not only for giving a top performance but also throughout the entire day? 


Simply by connecting with a positive rhythmical melody line, relaxes us in pressure situations and can improve our overall performance. The next time we are slipping into overwhelm after a tiring rehearsal or meeting, standing in traffic, can we recall a positive upbeat tune we love and change our mood? Perhaps we prefer some slow drones and rhythmical mantras to take the tension out and put the love intention back into the room?


When we are under pressure, with the phone ringing off the hook and we are unsure how to get everything done in time, playing something as simple as the Bach Prelude in the background helps bring us back into the moment. It can slow us down enough to go from overwhelm and scattered to a clear focused mind. 


Choking Under Pressure? Pace Your Day with Music


Music can help us pace the day so that we can arrive in the evening at the finishing line having accomplished what we need to do in a healthy and balanced state of mind. How can we create a playlist that keeps us from choking under pressure and helps us to pace our day? 


Soothing music is known to decrease stress and decrease the level of the stress hormone cortisol. And yet upbeat music can also relieve fatigue and boost our energy. Although we do not become entirely synchronized by merely listening to music, it still has an influence on how we move throughout the day, how we talk, and how we communicate.


The Pulse or Pace of Music Affects Us


Very closely associated with the type of pulse of music is the pace. For example, why do we feel that time moves more slowly in the countryside? That we can relax more and “come down” a bit. Many things affect us. We cannot close off our ears easily. The music or pulsations and frequencies that we hear do influence us.


The reason that the feeling of time moves quicker in the big city has greatly to do with the pulsating rhythms of the metropolis. Take away the audible sounds and sirens and moving traffic and machinery and replace it with the sound of chirping crickets and time will seem like it is standing still.


While listening to other’s stories listen for the beat, words, and the melody. Listen in to the pace that is happening around you. We can challenge ourselves to create the pace we need by consciously pacing and spacing our words as we join in conversations. Use the music in our environment to stay fully in tune.


Using Music as a Tool for Balance


As the listener and creator of our lives, we determine the final impact that the music will have on our system. It is up to us how much we allow ourselves to participate consciously in the power of music to transform our days into perfectly balanced gems.


Our music library provides unprecedented control setting the pace and organizing the rhythm of our day. Most likely, the music played on a lazy Sunday morning is very different than the music used on a long run. The music we might listen to while cooking may be different than the music we listen to while packing and dashing out the door to catch a flight.


By paying close attention to our inner voice and the pulse, pace, and patterns of the music we are listening to, along with the spacing and tone of your words in a conversation, we can create a sonic diet plan. Those of us prone to anxiety and stress now have another tool to use for staying in balance. It is easy to pace our day and stay energized, refreshed, and always relaxed if we listen to our inner voice and allow the music within and without to pace our day.



About the Author
Kara Johnstad is an OM Times Expert, Transformational Catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. She is an acclaimed singer/songwriter, producer, sound healer and international voice expert.  Founder of Voice Your Essence, Kara has helped thousands with her “break-through”  Technique and shares with us the role the voice plays in fine tuning our body-mind-spirit systems and healing humanity.

Tune into Kara’s Livestream every Thursday at 12 pm Eastern Time on the Humanity Healing Facebook page as we co-create a more conscious world. Discover more at


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Comment by Kathy Custren on June 29, 2017 at 6:55am

Hi, Kara - In taking another look at this article, it might be best to move up the one section that starts with the title to the top. I can make this change easily in forwarding this along to the publishers. We will also be adding the link to your OMTimes Expert classes on LIL. Thank you very much ~ Blessings! :)

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