Circles, Cycles, and So Much More


By Kathy Custren


Circles: Opening our Minds to Dimension


Part of our awareness, down to each and every single person, includes how we relate to various images and pictures. We likely envision a personal space or comfort zone around us, perhaps as circles surrounding our dots of being. Considering the amount of time we spend seeking and searching our inner and outer selves, sometimes we get a little too involved in what we see. What’s more, we tend to get excited and interested in finding what exists “beyond” whatever our particular circle may be.


People process and render images in different ways, and the way we depict things can be even more different, depending on our artistic skill. For example, if you asked a handful of people to draw a picture of a person, their collective artwork could include everything from a stick figure, a clothed stick figure, possibly a body outline, and, if lucky, an almost picture-perfect pencil sketch with light, shading, and dimension.


Processing what we see and conveying it can vary widely, all the shadow and light that make up a basic image. Most easily, many of us will think and convey basic shapes; for example, a circle. Circles may actually mean anything that is round, since many of us do not have the ability or materials to render and convey much more than the basic idea. Basic shapes are rather one-dimensional and flat, until we add other nuances and think beyond the flat image to what it really means to have “more,” and bring flat circles together and create an orb.


Cycles: Higher Processing


Speaking of orbs, an easy example is to consider our solar system. Most images of the solar system that many of us may recognize from school books consist of the flat images of circles on larger orbits surrounding the sun. In recent years, with greater animation, we are able to take those flat, book images and make them into a movie that shows us how the planetary orbs move at different times throughout their cycles. These cycles and the circles that run on them look differently, too, depending on where we are and what is happening.


Consider the ‘retrograde’ times when the planets ‘appear’ to move in reverse. We assign meanings to these times when our ‘regular’ cycles change. We recognize when there is more existing ‘beyond’ the usual. Cycles may happen with regular occurrence, yet we take it a step higher when we see the next level in our thinking and how the ‘normal’ can be elevated a bit more.


Circles and Cycles, with Animation and Dimension


The instructional videos and movies many of us have seen over the years give us the impression of a static picture that comes to life with movement. Likewise, there are videos on the Internet today, largely attributed to Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Project, which raise this animation to another level. Using the same solar system example, we are asked to consider that the circles and cycles themselves move through universal space. This gives us an elongated and moving force that becomes much more dynamic over time. These circles and cycles, with animation and dimension, speed throughout the cosmos, reaching new space and touching new experiences as they travel.


We would do well to consider how our own humble humanity has progressed over time. Early man, went from drawing a circle into the dirt with a stick, to making the first wheel. In finding uses for that technology, civilization as been on the road of moving forward ever since, in more ways than one. We are at the time of another movement and another turn of the wheel. These concentric circles and cycles may be complex, yet the process of moving forward is quite simple.


Circles, Cycles, and Cylinders


In addition to the moving spiral idea of the animated cycle, is the idea that dimensional movement may operate on a bit of a closed loop. In quite the way a flat line circles around and meets up with itself, the same idea may follow for vortex energy, where the moving spiral may move in a cylindrical manner. The vortex energy resembles a large donut called a torus, with the zero point existing in the middle of all the movement around it, like the axle in the hub of a wheel.


There are many religious symbols, such as the ones for Buddhism, Wicca, and Baha’i, which use a round circular image or wheel to denote change, connection, and the way many aspects radiate from the central point. Today’s technologically advanced Dyson fans blow air through a circle. Toroidal energies are an excellent example to illustrate how the same energy flows with a central or zero point. This shows our ability to exist in the center of a storm or activity, where we may mindfully select our interactions and influences, choosing order from the chaos that surrounds us.


Thinking Beyond the Circles


Time, movement, and change come around to us all, as circles, cycles, and cylinders indicate. The orbits of varying size and duration lend a certain sense of coincidence, eventuality/fate, completion, and eternity. What lies beyond these circular images and the spirals of activity, beyond the boundary lines of the circular forms?


While we can suppose all this sounds so very neat and tidy, it also generates the recognition that, in spite of all this order, the opposite balance of unpredictability, randomness, birth, and brevity also exist. It is these co-existing levels of dimension that reach beyond each known form, which drive us on to be open to choose the experience of other possibilities. What is the newest edge of our awareness, and where does it bring us? What new opportunities might we see when space and time converge? We had best be conscious of the many circles flowing around us. ~ Blessings!


About the Author


Kathy Custren, OMTimes Senior Editor, is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include education, elements, nature, humanity's cosmic origins, philosophy, spirituality, and wellness. Connect with her community page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and tune in to “What is Going OM?” on OMTimes Radio.

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