Collectively We Can Change The World By Thinking It Through

Collectively We Can Change The World! 

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Ever Realized!

By Robin Coventry


Can you picture a world of peace? Can you visualize countries without borders where all people are treated with respect, dignity and love?


Our planet has been a battleground for far too long! Too many lives have been taken before their time or sacrificed for the gain of others.   Something happens when one focuses on the news that major media is offering or focus on the negative polarization of nations or humanity.  It all has to do with energy.


The outcry of humanity is growing as we tire of the atrocities being cast upon us by those who seek to control populations of people in a most negative way.


It is the birthright of every human being to be able to provide for themselves, their families, to have the necessities of life and their desires and dreams fulfilled, no matter the country in which they were born.  Each and every human being on this planet has the right to live in peace. Each and every person on this planet is worthy of happiness, joy, and love. Each and every human being has the right to learn what they choose to learn without controlling limitations. Each human being has the right to contribute to the community of earth. Each of us is a part of the earth family and all are worthy!


Scientific research such as The Global Consciousness Project have been done on the collective consciousness of humanity to show how it changes the energy of the world. When more of us begin to focus on peace and visualize peace in our minds as if it already exists, peace will come.  Those who wish to control the populations of our planet have fed us a lot of lies; all “civilized” countries have done this.   The word civilized should be used lightly because what we have been trained to think is a civilized country is far from it.  The Global Consciousness Project, created originally in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University, is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton. The Institute of Noetic Sciences provides a logistical home for the GCP.


Our human potential is far greater than you may realize.  We were given brains to utilize, not to have them shut down by drugs, chemicals or negative programming.  In your formidable years you were told, “We only use a small portion of our brains,”   this is clearly part of the negative programming of humanity.   Our brains and hearts are far more powerful than most people realize.  We have, in each of us, the energy to change the world without lifting a weapon or raising our voices in anger. The collective consciousness of humanity has the human born ability to make positive changes on the earth when in a united positive state.


When humanity can realize that all truly is energy, not from a woo woo state of mind, but truly understand the depth of what that means, that our thoughts, words, actions can alter the course of human history in a most profound and positive way. When we can get out of our own way, step aside from ego and greed (it can be done) or the idea of getting ahead at the cost of another's wellbeing, we will see positive changes on earth. By focusing compassionately onto each other, by walking the walk and talking the talk of love and peace we contribute to the process.


By continually focusing on the negative aspects of what is happening on earth, group consciousness creates more negative aspects.  When we think and dwell upon those negative aspects of current earthly conditions, our thoughts vibrate at the same level creating more of the same conditions.  Think about your memories, they are not stored as pieces of paper in your physical body in a filing cabinet. They are stored as energy in your physical and the energetic field of your body. Your memory energy can cause you to be triggered with powerful feelings when you are reminded of a negative experience in your life. Collectively humanity has been programmed with negative debris as a form of control to hold us back.


You may be asking in what ways?  The use of fear is the main way. Violence is infiltrating the lives of many on a daily basis through the media, television, literature, music, and games or in the countries, states, cities, towns or neighborhoods where people live.  Then comes anger, sadness, grief, sorrow, depression, all negative energy corrupting the vibration of our planet. Humanity is becoming desensitized by the subtle negative programming unknowingly being accepted as reality. This is something we do not have to accept.


Collectively when we start thinking in a positive way, our powerful brains and hearts will work together with other positive energy on earth in collaboration in a most positive way.  When you can visualize with the growing number of others positive changes on our planet, for the betterment of all, a great shift will happen.



We the people of Earth are waking up. We are sending a re-sounding voice across the planet that all are equal, worthy and have the right to live and provide for themselves and their families in peace.  There are so many facets to this, but it begins with the individual.  It begins with You.   You are the one that can really make a difference. You are the one that can assist in making the change.  You are the one who will see the world and live in a world of peace and love.  You are the one that must decide with your own free will to join the energetic lifting up of humanity.

Can you see it? Can you feel it happening?


Robin Coventry is a Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner. She has two MBA’s and teaches people how to clear their energetic fields of negative debris so they function in a clear positive way.  Her website is

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