Creating Fulfillment through Intuition.

Intuition is the most effective tool we have in our spiritual arsenal to create a fulfilling life. Each of us holds the gift of intuition. It usually comes in the form of a “gut” feeling.  Although most of have been told that Intuition is that primal instinct that serves as our personal compass, we forget to use it in our everyday life. Perhaps, that is because it’s the most rudimental of our senses and we almost dismiss the simplicity of it. In our desire to be perfect, we can overcomplicate such a basic tool.

Intuition can occur in many forms. It may be the hair that stands on the back of our neck warning us to changes lanes to avoid a traffic accident or we may get the feeling that a loved one is about to pass and then we receive the call notifying us of our worst fear. It may be that feeling in the pit of our stomach raising our awareness to an infidelity within a relationship or the mother’s instinct in knowing her child is in danger.

Sometimes it can show as a spontaneous feeling that springs itself on us in a flash of information or it can linger as a gnawing thought that we attempt to push away. Intuition is strong and relentless. How many times have we tried to push a feeling away, yet it stays ever present until we listen to it?

Intuition is that innate sense that we all have. It’s our natural survival instinct, our most primal sense, yet so many of us forget to use it and more importantly, trust it. When we surrender to intuition, it provides invaluable navigation within our lives.

We can use intuition as our compass in decision-making allowing us to continuously move in a direction that is in alignment with our soul. Decisions no longer need to be stressful, difficult or complex. When we find ourselves struggling with indeciveness we are being reminded that we are in our logical mind. We are not using our intuitive faculty. When we co-mingle our personal beliefs, fears or experiences with our intuition, we are merely manifesting a false reality. We then tend to create imaginary scenarios in which our decision could be wrong, so we refrain from committing.

How many times have we ignored a “hit” of information like the snooze on the morning alarm, only to realize later that it had been accurate? It’s time for us to wake up to our inner alarm system!

The good news is that our intuition is a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. By finding ways to strengthen our primal sense, we ultimately can create a more fulfilling life. A life that contains less regrets, mistakes and missed-opportunities. When we use our intuition and trust it unconditionally, we are guided under our soul’s narrative that will always be working for our highest good.

There are several simple exercises that we can practice to build our intuition. Here are FOUR exercises to help get the muscle growing!

  1. Telephone Telepathy:  When the phone rings, take a moment to tap in intuitively to see who the call is from prior to answering it.
  2. Elevator Exercise: If waiting for an elevator, stand in front of the one that feels will open first. It doesn’t matter if we are wrong, it’s building that muscle and the willingness to trust that is important. When standing in an elevator and it comes to a stop, tap in to feel if it will be a man or a woman entering the elevator, or if others are in the elevator, who is next to get off?
  3. Deciding with Breath:  If torn with a decision, take a moment to breath in and relax the logical mind. Release the rationale behind a decision and FEEL the decision. See if it comes easier by letting go of the mind chatter.
  4. Dream with Intention: Prior to going to sleep, we can set an intention for a symbol to come in our slumber. Then letting go and seeing if that symbol comes to us in a dream, or in a message. In our sub-conscience state, we are more relaxed which allows our intuition to flow more easily. Keeping a journal by the bedside is a great way to record our successes and messages!

There are so many ways our intuition can benefit us. It releases stress, anxiety and allows us to trust our paths without the second-guessing since we know our higher-selves are guiding us along our path. Taking time each day to integrate these exercises into our lives will not only strengthen our intuitive muscle, but it may just lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Colby is an Internationally recognized Psychic Medium, certified master Spiritual teacher, radio host, speaker and author of the best-selling book, Leap of Faith: How to Build Your Spiritual Business. Colby was recently featured on the cover and is a spotlight writer for OMTimes Magazine. She is also a member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.

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Comment by Colby Psychic Rebel on December 13, 2016 at 4:04am

Thanks Regina! I'm submitting a new one right now!

Comment by Regina Chouza on December 10, 2016 at 6:21pm

Hi Colby,

Thank you for this! I'll send it through to the publishers after doing a quick grammar check - if anything comes up I will let you know.



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