Cultivating Individuality Using the Law of Gender

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Understanding Universal Law adds depth and meaning to our lives.  Today we explore the energies and principles associated with Gender.  In the Kybalion, it states of the Principle of Gender:  "Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes." 

Gender is quite a topic in society today.  The lines have blurred between masculine and feminine, where gender norms are a thing of the past.  There is a greater prevalence of same-sex marriages, crossover gender identity, and various vocations formerly considered as either masculine, such as the military or medicine, or feminine, such as teaching or stay-at-home parenting, being filled with both males and females.

Even within ourselves, there is more likelihood that we feel free to express both our masculine (projective energy, self-reliance, and logic) and feminine (nurturing, intuition, and receptive energy) characteristics in cultures that allow such diversity.  At times the gender tendencies are influenced by the situation, calling for either a softer, feminine approach, a more aggressive masculine approach, or a balance of the two.  The sex of the person displaying the characteristics is inconsequential, for males and females have all of the qualities of both masculine and feminine energies.  In relationships, it may come across as one being more dominant (masculine) than the other regardless of sex. 

In astrology, there are masculine (direct, projective, active, light) and feminine (sensitive, receptive, attractive, dark) energies with the signs.  Starting with Aries, every other sign around the chart wheel is masculine, balancing the sign that follows with its feminine energies, thereby creating harmony.  Even in reading a chart, it bodes well to look at the way signs create balance or imbalance for the native.
















The archetypes of masculine and feminine play out in the idea of mother and father, with the combined energies creating a third energy with characteristics of both from their interaction.  The concept of the aware, projective conscious mind is masculine, interacting with the more subtle, receptive subconscious of the feminine, is ultimately balanced by the superconscious of Spirit. 

The plant kingdom is ripe for finding masculine and feminine energies and using them accordingly.  For example, there is the white, grandmother sage for blessing and the blue, grandfather sage for clearing and purification.  Books on natural magick, as those written by Scott Cunningham, Ted Andrews, Richard Webster, and John Michael Greer, give specific characteristics of herbs, flowers, trees, and plants.  Stones also have masculine and feminine qualities.  Refer to the books by Melody and Simmons and Ahsian.

Awareness of these qualities and energies that area all around and within us allows us to practice and cultivate balance and harmony.  This is the essence of the Principle of Gender.  Throughout the day we encounter these Gender energies and sense them on both a subtle and overt level.  In some cases, those who display an extreme in one or the other direction may be overcompensating for an existing imbalance.  When we are able to use both the masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves without fear of judgment and with a clear sense of self and identity, concordance is more likely to be present in our lives.   Gender energies are expressed in our personal space, clothing, attitude, and overall appearance.  They are represented by vocational choice, the way we interact, and the form our relationships take. 

As society evolves, the way the masculine and feminine essences are expressed transform and change are reflected in creative expression, self-image, and willingness to be true to ourselves.  Each person has a unique balance of the gender energies, making that combination a trademark of that particular individual.  Deep self-exploration includes understanding ourselves in the percentages of masculine and feminine energies and the way the weighting changes depending on circumstances, job requirements, relationship status, and creative aspirations. 

We are all a blend resulting from unique combinations of cultural, familial, and experiential aspects, as well as the internal reaction to these external forces.  As we encounter all of the variations these assemblages create, look upon them with reverence at the myriad ways the Universe enables us to cultivate our individuality.  Honor personal uniqueness and the way one chooses to express these energies, as well as the courage to experiment with various combinations. 

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Diane Wing, M.A. wants to live in a world where people feel inspired, create their ideal future while being happy in the present, and experience a sense of wonder at everyday magick.  As an author and perspective-changer, she’s published six books, the most recent being The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently, all available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Comment by Diane Wing on November 15, 2016 at 11:22pm

Thanks, Regina!

Comment by Regina Chouza on November 15, 2016 at 10:23pm

Hi Diane,

Thank you for this submission. I'm having quick look through for grammar and syntax, and if nothing major comes up, I will send it through to the publishers for review.



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