Everyone is Intuitive! Learn how Spirit Guides communicate through Intuition. Self-explore and take the quiz to see if clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; claircognizance; or being empathic is your primary Intuitive language. Awareness is key to increasing the ability to understand the messages Spirits send us. Spirit communicates with us through the easiest and clearest channel so we get the message. Having that gut feeling; seeing colors; hearing messages; or just knowing things are indicators of which Intuitive Language is most prominent.

Do you know your primary Intuitive Language? This is important to find out so there is a direct line to Spirit. Knowing which “phone line” to dial is helpful so there can be a clear connection with Spirit. Sometimes we think that one way of receiving Spirit messages is the only way. This is not the case. We are all unique creatures and therefore have unique ways of communication with the unseen realm.

The primary intuitive languages are: Clairvoyance; Clairaudience; Clairsentience; and Claircognizance. Each individual has a natural inherent ability (sometimes two or more) that seem to stand out from the rest. One ability is not better than the other. Though we may have one or two primary intuitive languages, we can develop the others!

Clairvoyance. (Clear-seeing)

Clairvoyance is having the ability to see Spirit. Clairvoyant individuals are able to see Spirit with eyes closed or open. Often times, Spirit will communicate through clairvoyance by way of symbols, colors, or lights. A primary example is being able to see flashes or tiny colored lights, typically in a darkened room. These are called Spirit Lights. This is one of the easiest ways Spirits can show themselves.
While meditating, colors and symbols may be seen. Symbols are a way that Spirit reveals messages and information in a compact way. When receiving a symbol, just simply keep the Mind clear, and ask “What does this mean?” Spirit will answer.

Short Quiz. Do you see flashes of light, energy, or the outline of a figure in a darkened room? Have you seen auras? Are there colors while you meditate? After waking up from a dream, does the dream stay with you very vividly? When you imagine your future, do you see a clear picture in your mind?

Clairaudience. (Clear-hearing)

Clairaudience is having the ability to hear Spirit. This can be a tricky ability because the individual can receive a message from Spirit through what sounds like their inner reading voice. Then the question is, “How do we know if it is a message from Spirit?” One of the ways to discern a clairaudient message is to keep a clear Mind. When we receive messages from Spirit that sound like our inner reading voice, the voice comes in very fast. The message from Spirit is faster than the time it would take to produce a question or thought. This is because the energy / Mind is already composing the question, not the brain. Spirit answers swiftly. A spirit’s voice can also audibly be heard, rather than sounding like the inner reading voice.

Short Quiz: Have you heard talking, even while you are alone? When you think of a Loved One in Spirit, do you remember or hear their voice? Are you an “out loud talker” while thinking or processing information? Are you someone that listens to your inner voice? After you wake up from a dream, do you remember what people said?

Clairsentience. (Clear-feeling)

Those who are clairsentient are able to feel Spirit. Feeling the presence of Spirit can result in temperature fluctuations, tingle sensations, or feeling a touch on the skin. Spirit also impresses emotions through this ability. Those that are empathic are clairsentient. Medical intuitives can use this ability to feel the energy blockages of a client.
Short Quiz: Is the feeling of being watched or protected prevalent? Do you feel you aren’t alone, even though no one else is around? Are the emotions of others felt very strong in your energy? When you remember a Loved One, is there a warm and loved feeling? When making a decision, do you need time to “feel it out?”

Claircognizance (Clear-knowing)

Claircognizant individuals just intuitively know something. This is one of the most difficult abilities to understand. They do not feel, see, or hear the message from Spirit, so they sometimes are unable to understand that the knowing comes from Intuition.

An example of claircognizance would be knowing that someone is coming over to visit, and taking action on the knowing. A claircognizant may even start cleaning up their house as they prepare for this “surprise” guest. While tidying up, they may realize that no one ever called, emailed, or told them they were coming. They just know they will have a visitor at any moment.

Often times with claircognizance, the individual starts acting on the knowing, because it is such a strong truth within them.

Short Quiz. Do you know things about people even though no one told you? Have you ever acted out of your knowing? Do you jump to the conclusion of a situation because you have a strong knowing of the truth? When you visualize your future, is there a strong knowing where you will be? When you are faced with a decision, does the best option just present itself, without needing to think it through?

The more “yes” answers there are in the short quizzes, the more it is of an indication of having the ability. There are other abilities such as Clairalience (clear-smelling) and Clairgustance (clear-tasting.) These abilities are not often a primary way of receiving messages from Spirit. Smelling a Spirit’s perfume or the favorite meal they used to make would be an example of clairalience. Tasting the food they made would be an example of clairgustance.

After you have more awareness of the primary way you receive information from Spirit, bring the awareness into your daily life and routine. Ask your Spirit Helpers to communicate with you and pay attention to those subtle responses through your primary intuitive language!

Whitney McNeill is a Certified Medium, Mediumship & Metaphysical Teacher, and Mentor. She is the owner of Messenger of Spirit, LLC in Sedona, Arizona. She connects with clients world-wide. For readings & services or for more information about her Intuitive Development & Mediumship Classes visit www.MessengerofSpirit.com .

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Comment by Kathy Custren on February 18, 2017 at 6:42pm

That's fine; thank you very much! 

Comment by Whitney McNeill on February 18, 2017 at 4:13pm

I had some technical problems but the abstract / description is finally showing. 

Comment by Whitney McNeill on February 18, 2017 at 2:57pm

Hi Kathy - I posted an 80 word description at the top of the page. Let me know if this is or is not what you are looking for. Thanks

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 16, 2017 at 11:51pm

Much better Whitney - thank you. I'd like to forward this on to the publishers. There is one new thing they are asking members to include, and that is a brief (60 to 100) word abstract or description of your article. Could you let me know once you have added that, please? It can just be added near the top. Thank you ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Whitney McNeill on February 16, 2017 at 10:01pm

Hi Kathy - the new version is posted. I just edited from the original. Thanks

Comment by Whitney McNeill on February 16, 2017 at 9:25pm
Hi Kathy - Thanks for checking. I've been working on it, and have made some edits, but I can't quite get all of the "yous" out, without it changing the feel of the article. The intention was more of a self-help type article, to have readers really check in with themselves, similar to my article "Cleaning Out Your Energy Closet," which also has some "you" references: http://omtimes.com/2016/06/cleaning-out-energy-closet/. I will post my updated article soon, but may not be exactly what you are looking for with edits, but I definitely am trying :) Thanks.
Comment by Kathy Custren on February 14, 2017 at 9:27am

Whitney, have you had a chance to revise this yet? Just checking. Happy Valentine's Day ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 4, 2017 at 8:38pm

Hi, Whitney - the article offers some nice quizzes for people to try; however, I notice quite a number of "you" references throughout. Some could be amended to be more in line with our requested third-person point of reference, for example:

It’s important to find out so you have a direct line to Spirit. Knowing which “phone line” you are dialing is helpful so you have a clear connection with Spirit. 

Could be: It is important for us to find out if we have a direct line to spirit. Knowing which 'phone line' we are dialing is helpful so we have a clear connection.

Try not to use very many contractions, and one other big problem is the multiple use of the word "do" when asking questions. In the midst of revising, see if you can possible alter the phrasing or something so that there are not as many "do" questions one right after the other.

Let me know once you have finished revising so it may be reviewed once more. Thank you ~ Blessings! 

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